A Wiggles-n-stuff Review of

Spidey's Life is a Game

by RebukeX7

Welcome, one and all, to another Wiggles review! *Deadpool hits the cheering button on the soundboard* Now today we are taking on the feat of breaking down, to the best of my current reviewing skills, a story written by my friend RebukeX7. Take a bow Rebuke *Soundboard cheering again*. A bit of history on RebukeX7, all of which is from his profile page *Soundboard laughing*. Rebuke has written no less than 15 stories that have been posted to this site. At least 13 of which are all part of a much larger story aptly titled the LIAG series or Life is a Game Series, both being written as each story progresses, and made into individual stories themselves. These range from the comic book hero Spider-Man and Batman, to book magician Harry Potter, game heroes from Super Smash Bros and Saints Row, and into the anime-verse with titles like Bleach and High School of the Dead.

Now, I haven't had a chance to read these others yet. I have many regularly updated fics, and his constant updating of this particular LIAG keep me busy. You write to fast Rebuke *Ba-dum-ch*. Thank you Deadpool Corps. band drummer. Moving on, *Ba-dum-ch*, um yeah, so the particular story I'm gonna be reviewing *Ba-dum-ch*...my review *Ba-dum-BANG!*. Ehem, thank you Deadpool. "No prob Wiggy." So I'll be reviewing Spidey's Life is a Game. The LIAG installment involving Everyone's Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. This is actually a crossover universe of sorts, or based in the Marvel Vs Capcom universe, still haven't totally figured that out yet *Ba-du-BANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANG!*. Thank you again Deadpool. "My pleasure." I guess I should introduce my cohort for this review. Stolen all the way from Spidey's Life is Game, and the mind of Rebuke himself, Deadpool! *Soundboard cheers* "Ahh, thank you Wiggy. It's good to be here for this. Just remember the deal, if there isn't enough mention of me in here, your left pinkie toe is my new necklace adornment. Enjoy our review everyone!" Ehehhehheh...I'll remember that Deadpool. So this is a special review as I'm not posting it on the review section of Rebuke's story. This review will be way to long, and sometimes, confusing, to do such a thing. So Rebuke I give you permission to post this if you'd like, and I promise I won't sue. Anywhosit, and without further gilding of the lily, onto the review I promised!

This is a scored review. The scoring system is 1 to10 out of 10 for the first three categories Characters, Story, and Spelling/Gram/etc. Points will be docked down..not that I will be doing that. Just, you know, regulations. The last category will be 1 to10 out of 10, but counting up, as it is the General category, and I base that around the extras, and stuff like that. "You know it's already a ten just cause of me Wiggy. You don't need to lead the folks on." Shhhh! Deadpool. "Hey this isn't a library and you aren't a libraria...oh crap you were for a while, nevermind." That's right...anyway onto the review.

Characters 10/10 (DP: "DUH! It's me after all." W-N-S: Come on Deadpool! We haven't even got to th...grrr. DP: "Ha!" W-N-S: *Grumble*): Alright, now I'm gonna post you challenge first thing. I challenge you all to find a more accurately portrayed, and hugely diverse cast of characters, that isn't from another of Rebuke's stories. Cause I sure as hell haven't found one yet that matches them. For the sake of length and sanity I will focus on Team Amazing's crew Spider-Man, X-23/Talon/Laura, and Chun-li. Don't look at me like that I told you it was a Marvel Vs Capcom crossover. "YOU LITTLE SHIT! What about me, I'm the real st*muffled speech*." Domo Spidey. "Gladly Wiggles. I'll keep him tied up for a bit, so you can finish this part." Right, let's keep trucking. Rebuke uses a huge cast of characters that would make both the Marvel and Capcom universe's proud. The cast is no less than, in my opinion, perfect portrayals of their canon counterparts. Mannerisms, humor, fighting styles, and backgrounds, all done after hours bloody teared research, and well thought out dialog. Speaking of backgrounds, each character has theirs which follow the canon as well. The characters grow with one another as events unfold, and you get actual feeling of familiarity to the real deals, and their potential growths.

Spider-Man aka Peter Parker, for those who don't know that by now, and shame on you if you don't. Is luckless, chatterbox hero, in red and blue spandex. You know with spider powers. As a fan of the spider, since I first leaned about him as a child, is my most knowledgeable when it comes to canon. To this end, I feel like I'm reading a book by the actual Marvel writers. Spidey is so similar to the canon, you almost think Rebuke ripped him right off the pages of the comics. History, speech, powers, luck, emotions, and even love life. I can find no fault in Rebukes presentation of this AU Spidey. Maybe he's a little bolder, but hey if the events in this story didn't make anyone a bit bolder, I would be down right floored.

Laura Kinney aka X-23 aka Talon. She is the young female clone of Wolverine. Laura was one of those characters I mostly only knew in passing, or random wiki searches. After reading this story, I have grown to know and love the female feral. This story prompted me to look up a lot on Laura on the internet. I can tell you this, she has, by far, the most growth of any character in the story. She is taken under Spidey's wing as the weapon everyone knows as X-23. Through him she becomes the hero we all see in her, Talon. Having a rock, an anchor, like the Web-Head, even with all the lame jokes and puns, could bring out the best in any quote unquote lost cause. Laura develops in a way that is natural for her canon character if she was put in this situation. She retains and grows from her past canon problems. She becomes the woman known as Talon, and every bit a part of our hearts that her canon should be.

Chun-li, the high kicking femme fatal from the Street Fighter game franchise, rounds out Team Amazing. She is the other world addition for the team to compete in the tournament. I'll explain it later. Anyway, Chun-li has had many different incarnations in comics, cartoons, and movies, so she is the hardest to peg for a canon similarity. I will say this however, Rebuke took her, and made her the loveable big sister of this band of misfits. Well written into the universe, even from her first appearance trying to kick off Spidey's head. She has chemistry that binds the team together. Despite being flung into a world of extraordinary powers and feats, she grows, albeit grudgingly, to accept things. She is determined, serious when the need calls, and can even give Spidey a run for his money on quips. She has the ability to put the fear of god in our team, never mind anyone else. Chun-li fights how you would imagine her to, and she even adapts to survive in this world of heroes. While not the greatest elaborated on of the team, she brings a perspective we as normal folks desperately need.

Okay onto..."WIGGLES!" Huh...*Cold sharp steel against my jugular*...*Gulp*. "Nice try bringing the Wall Crawler, but you shoulda known better. Now say something nice about me." Heh heh...um right I almost forgot the most important character. The Loveable Psychopath, the Merc With a Mouth, my friend and yours Deadpool. "Keep going." *Gulp* Deadpool, or DP as I will call him here, is Rebuke's partner both in story and out. DP as you can imaging thrives in the chaos he can bring to the story, but in his own way he helps it along. Dropping hints and plot points, like a good fourth wall breaker would. He has single handely helped, on numerous occasions, to lead our Team to victory in and out of the Tournament. Without DP, the story just wouldn't be a proper Marvel fanfic. Thank you DP, for your large contribution to Rebuke and his story. *Sword slides away from throat* "Well said Wiggy. Now you may continue." Thanks, I'm glad you liked that DP. "I did, it was very nice." Heh. "What?" Nothing! Moving on!

Story 10/10: Ah the story. Now here is the best part of the whole idea. I cannot stress how much this story gives you the sense that you are reading a novelized comic. Rebuke starts our story off a month or so just before the events of Avengers Vs. X-men, in the Marvel 616 canon, but after the event of Spidey's One More Day. From there Rebuke follows the major story arcs involving our Spider and the Avengers pretty damn close. Of course this wouldn't be an AU story without the story within the story. At the start we find an enigmatic character Rebuff, preparing to start a tournament for the Marvel Universe. Blending the Capcom Universe into Marvel, we get the start and rules for the tournament. The tournament is a 3 on 3 match consisting of tiers, all to gain the hand in marriage of the lovely Scarlet Witch, and gain the powers of the Power Cosmic. Secretly this is to create the strongest hero to help Rebuke (Character, not Author) in his quest.

Each team consists of two Marvel Universe members and one Alternate Universe (Capcom) member. Some of the teams formed are both frightening and hilarious as the game continues. But of course this is just one more worry for Team Amazing, as the events of the Marvel universe continue along with the tournament. Aside from the arcs, we get what happens in their down time, love lives, future events, past problems resurfacing, and hilarious parodies of other fanfics. I'm looking at you BlueInferno. "Don't forget to tell them I'm helping Blue Burner too." Right, and DP is in that one too...*giggles*. "What the hell is so funny Wiggs?" Sorry, inside joke...BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! "Something's wrong with your head man." Heh hehehhe...heh...phew. Okay.

Again, this is an AU story, so changes do occur. Mostly it's characters being in places and events they normally weren't. Rubuke writes them in so splendidly you could have easily seen them there. Heck, Deadpool makes the random appearance even when he normally wasn't. This only adds to the genius of the story telling. So well written is the story, I have personally suggested that Rebuke talk with Marvel. He has the good, and they should deliver. There was one incident, concerning a guest reviewer, that made a good bunch of us want to go on a Guest hunt. I myself had a very sharp and many pointed blade ready to do my part, but sadly it sits in my closet. "Trust me folks, that thing freaks me out by just off handedly looking at it. You don't want it anywhere near your body area." That's right, it scares Deadpool. Be afraid. Anyways this reviewer obviously didn't realize what an AU was, and it hurt our beloved Rebuke. "May crabs infest that person's pubic area for a thousand painful years." Anyways, I'm getting off track. Rebuke spins a tale that is intricate and amazingly well thought out. "I helped!" That you did DP, but let's not short credit where it is due. "I guess." So in summary great story Rebuke, and we are only half way into it.

Spelling / Grammar / Etc. 9.98/10 (DP: "Whoa there Wiggula!" W-N-S: Wiggula? DP: "You can't score like that." W-N-S: Why not? You would. DP: "Good point. Proceed." : Let me explain myself first and foremost. This score is only for the nit-pickers out there who focus only on spelling, punctuation, etc. Yes there are some spelling mistakes "Rarely."...yeah rarely, and sometimes there are some punctuation mistakes. BUT THIS SHOULDN'T EFFECT READING IT! Seriously the story is so captivating I miss most of them. Sure my grammar nazi senses kick in once in a while and I see them, but it never deters me from this story. "You're a grammar nazi?" Librarian. "Oh yeah." The dialog is split up correctly, and punctuated accurately. Emotions are portrayed with imagery that you can visualize, and fight scenes are detailed enough that you can watch the movie in your head. All in all if you base your story on minor and very infrequent mistakes like this, you can go suck a railroad spike, cause you shouldn't be reading this work of art you selfish, over analyzing, waste of human "WIGGY!" Whoa...where was I, damn all I remember was red. "Damn kid that scared me a bit. I was reaching for my gun." Sorry Deadpool, just yeah...I'm better now thanks. "No prob." Okay what was I saying, oh yeah. Ignore the minor mistakes cause more than likely you'll just insta-substitute like I usually do. Nuff said here. Onto Generals.

Generals 15/10: So here's a part I was personally waiting for. Generals is the category that is based on the extras of the story. Chapter length, music choice, author notes, all that kind of stuff. And boy do we have a bunch of generals. "No kidding, but there is never enough of me." You're in the story, in the author notes, even in explanations, and in this review, I think you have a big enough presence as is. *Gun pointed and hammer cocked back* But it never hurts to put DP in more stuff...*Giggles* "Da Faq is with you and your girly giggling Wiggima?!" Nothing...nothing I swear. Let's just continue. "I'm watching you." I know.

Anyways, a quick run down on what is included in almost each and every chapter. First and most important: LIAG Facts. LIAG facts, and sometimes LIAG Fun Facts, are little out of story comments that expand on the story and characters. For instance it is mostly used in explaining otherwise out of nowhere happenings in the story. Most of which are actually canon. These have given me so many trips to Marvel Wiki, I almost live there as I'm reading a chapter. "Did you know that was all my idea? Those are actually my Yellow Boxes in story form." Really? Huh, that would make sense, now that I think about it. "Just don't go telling Rebuke about it." DP you just said it, and by the transitive property, is forever written down now. "WHA! Backspace you fool!" Can't sorry I never look back on past mistakes. "NOOOOOOO..." *closes the door* Okay next.

Rebuke regularly provides us with background music suggestions. Usually during fights or events that would benefit from them. His choices are prime cut, and always fit the situation. Rebuke gives us previews of upcoming chapters. Little snippets to keep us looking forward to the next chapter...yeah like we really needed those to do that. There is the occasional Omake, or small stories, added to the chapters. These usually have something to do with the story that can be from the greater LIAG universe, or the story that wasn't quite needed in the main part, or a view from another character.

Rebuke takes the time to read his reviews. *Door blows open and Deadpool steps in* "He makes me read them to him. Cause he's *Air quotes* to busy working on the story. Lazy bum." I have trouble believing that DP. Heh. Rebuke takes the time to respond to the pertinent reviews. He's a man of the reviewers. "Suuuurrreee. Take his side. I never get any kudos." Here *Hands over a Kudos candy bar* you can have mine. "Yipee skippy!" *Munches away* Where was I...oh yeah. He speaks with us and gives us hints or just banter. I personally thank him for taking the time to chat with us. Finally...because I can't think of to much more to add, is the chapter length. Rebuke gives us long chapters, sometimes long ass chapters. His latest was 200K words. That is enough to sate us more than enough for the next chapter.

Overview: So to recap. Amazing characters, both original and canon. Spectacular story and universe tie ins. Superio...Scuze me we hate that arc. Sensational spelling and grammar and stuff. Finally, Untouchable extras that give us more to the story. All together you get RebukeX7's story Spidey's Life is a Game. Thanks for everything you have given us Rebuke. "Yeah thanks kid." This is Wiggles, web "I finally get it! You little bastard! DP, oh your gonna get it!" *Wide eyed* Crap! See ya later Rebuke! *Runs for life* *EXPLOSIONS*