A Wiggles-n-stuff Review of

Spidey's Life is a Game, Part 2

by Rebuke X7

You know what Deadpool, I think it's time we gave Rebuke another review of his Spidey's Life is a Game. "That's not a half bad idea Wiggy. I mean he has completed the second third of his story." Yeah, and I know he's been asking if I could do another to fill out the second portion of it. So what do you say? Shall we get this mother rolling? "Roll her like she was 300 pounds, and down a steep hill." Great, glad you are on board. "You know the fans need more of me." Well I hope you don't mind, but I called in a second guest. I think this review could use a woman's touch. "Wait...WHAT!?" You can come in now. *Door opens* "Sup guys?", "SQUIRREL GIRL! You called in my teammate!?" Yep I did. Hey Doreen, have a seat anywhere. We're about to start Part 2 of the review. "Thanks Wiggles, glad to be a part of...", "You know what, no." *DP pulls a lever next to his chair.* BOING-OING-OING-oing-ing. THE HELL WADE! Why'd you just spring board Doreen through the roof?! She was he... *Aims gun at my temple* "I'm not sharing the spot light. Now shall we?" Fine, but just a warning Deadpool. You did just springboard Squirrel Girl out of the studio. "So? What's she gonna do about it?" Ohhh, you're really gonna wish you hadn't said that. "Riiiggghhhttt..." *Shakes my head*

PART 1: Pleasantries

So here we are again. Another review of RebukeX7's work Spidey's Life is a Game. Rebuke, again, proves how much he needs to go into professional writing for Marvel. Or is that Marvel/Disney? "Yep we got bought out by the mouse. Hey want a hat? I totally stole them from Eisner." Err maybe another time Wade. Rebuke has taken the story completely out of the cannon and gone totally AU. "He's gone mad! Mad I tell you!" Actually, and there was never a doubt in my mind about this, this change only improves the story. With complete freedom to make the story to his whims... "Our whims." What? "Our whims Wiggs. If he didn't have me there to whisper sweet nothings into his ears, he'd still be staring at his screen drooling." You sure about that Wade? Cause I'm pretty sure he knows what he's doing. After all he's written so many other stories that didn't have you in *BANG!* GAH! *Leaps up into my chair* "Wiggy, Wiggy, Wiggy, you just don't learn. He needs me, and always will." Geeze calm down. Let's just get through this section with my body extra hole-less okay. "Sounds like a great idea. Proceed." Kay, so the total AU transformation proves, without a doubt, that Rebuke's talents expand well beyond just altering cannon. Pretty much all of us reviewers agree that his works are A++ material. We highly anticipate each new chapter, and were oh so joyous with his latest surprise for us. "Three chapters in one go baby. That's three times the Wade Wilson to wet your whistle. Gotta love it. Oh and Spidey and the gals were in it too." Yep. He continues to astound us with his writing. Well I think we are about ready to continue on to the nitty gritty, what do you think? "..." Wade? "Shhhh. There's a disturbance in the force." Heh, another Disney buyout people. MUPPET TWI-LEKS! "Would you shut up Wiggles! I can'" *Hands exploded from the floor under DP, and rip him down through the floor* "GAHHHH!" WADE! Oh shi... "Wait stop... it was a joke, a joke!" *Crack, Squelch* "AHHH! Those aren't supposed to bend that..." *Crack* "OWWWW!" Wade? "It hurts...soooo much *BAM*" Ummm, well while that's happening... *RIIIPPPP* "MY COCCYX!" *Silence* ...ewww. MOVING ON!

PART 2: Review

So let's get the outline of how my Points Reviews work done. This is basically for those who haven't read one of my Points Reviews. There are four categories to these reviews: Characters, Story, Spelling/Grammar, and General. The former three categories are score on a slide down scale from 10/10 . Points are reduced based on things found wrong, and stuff like that. "Li...like tha...owww...gonna hap..happen...guh." *Peers down the hole in the floor, and immediately covers my mouth gagging.* Ohhh...that's so wrong. Poor Wade. *Shakes head* Um, continuing on. The last category General, is scored on an ascending scale of 1/10. This category is basically all the extras included in the story. I'll explain more when we get there. *Squirrel Girl jump up out of the hole, and takes a seat next to me.* "So what'd I miss?" Oh hey Doreen. Um not much we were actually just getting to the first category. "Sweet." Is he gonna be okay? "Oh yeah, but he might not be around for a while. Hope you're okay with me being his replacement." I have absolutely no problem with that. Welcome to the review Doreen. "Thanks Wiggles."

Characters 10/10 (DP-"...nuuuuuu..." Wns- Wade shush we're starting. SG - *Chuckles sweetly*): "I have a question Wiggles." *Shaking her hand in the air.* Of course Doreen, go ahead. "In your last review you ran down Team Amazing, and gave everyone a good feel of Rebuke's interpretation. You're not gunna do the same again, are you?" Actually I wasn't. My character descriptions last time were pretty concise, and to do it all over again would be kinda redundant. So I'm gonna do this instead. Ehem. Rebuke's cast of characters only continues to grow. Sometimes it's hard to keep up, but he does a very good job of keeping us in the know of their background, and part in the story. "When he's not being cryptic, and foreshadowy." True. Thanks to the AU taking over, the main cast of dozens get to be thrust into many character building, heh, and personality changing situations. They however do not stray away off into a path that isn't believable. Rebuke keeps their personalities well rooted to canon, and growing from there. One actually gets to caring about their feelings and situations. "It's true. Poor girl." I know Doreen. *Pats shoulder* But we can't spoil to much for the readers. " *Sniff* I know, still..." Trust me, I sympathize Dory. Let's continue. I won't redo Team Amazing, but I will add a few of the more prevalent characters this time around. Dory is it okay that you aren't in here? "It's fine Wiggy. I know I spend most my time off screen doing the whole universe saving thing." Alrighty then.

Chrissy Chen a.k.a. Alpha. Chrissy is a young teenage girl who ended up gaining powers that made her the first Alpha level threat in Rebuke's universe. She is actually probably the biggest AU in the original canon coinciding story. Alpha, in canon, is actually supposed to be Chrissy's friend Andy Maguire. However Rebuke changed the canon of this character for a greater purpose. Chrissy is just a normal girl with a bit of hero worship, who, thanks to Peter, gains powers beyond belief. She, unlike the rest of the Marvel characters introduced so far, didn't really have a lot to go off of personality wise. So Rebs molded her into a spunky and happy young woman, who had to learn to control world shattering powers. She's easily likeable, and loveable to the readers. Rebuke did a great job creating her character. "He really did. I hope to meet her some day."

Carol Danvers a.k.a. Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel. She is kinda my personal pic, because I ship her canon relationship with Peter. "Ha! You totally sound like a Brony Wiggy." Yeah yeah I know, but I really do like those two together. Carol's strong personality is tested, and pushed to the limits in Spidey's LIAG. Her relationship with Peter blossoms into something much greater than teammates and best friends. Rebuke keeps her very close to canon, but with the growth you'd expect in the story. She along with five other women become very important to the second arc of Rebs story. "No kidding. Dang I really wish I was there for that." But you woulda stole the show Doreen. "Flatterer." Truth.

Jubilation Lee a.k.a. Jubilee. Jubilee, as you might know, is a mutant and former team member of the X-Men. What you might not know, depending on how much of a comic buff you are... "Is she's now a vampire!" Uh, yeah. Jubilee's part in the story is more revolved around Laura, however she is just as important as the previous two. She and Laura begin a relationship that goes beyond many conventional boundaries, and let me tell you it's tested heavily. In the story Jubilee's dark nature is further explored and expanded upon. She learns to cope with her new role as a vampire and mutant. "To keep up with Talon she really has to." No kidding.

Susan Storm a.k.a. The Invisible Woman. Sue is in here because, damn you Rebuke, that's why. "Hahahahahahaa!" *SG falls out of her chair* Sue's role is greatly expanded upon in the second part of the story. She, like the rest of the Fantastic Four, see Peter as an unofficial member of their family. Just as much as he sees them as a second family. Peter had a crush on Sue from way back, not kidding either. However nothing came of it. Peter usually turns to her for a level headed response to his troubles, as well as visit her kids Valeria and Franklin, whom see him as a father figure. "You know in one continuity I actually tried out for the FF?" Actually, yeah I saw that episode. Sorry you didn't make the cut. "Eh no worries, I like where I'm at now." She and Peter have great scenes in the second half, and you can see an old spark igniting there.

Finally, Robyn Hood. You probably didn't catch this side character in the Avenging Spider-Man comic series, as she only appeared in two issues. Robyn... "There is no Y in freedom! I love that saying." You know it took me a second read thru to actually get that saying. "Really?" No joke, for some reason it just didn't stick the first time I read it. "Hee hee." So Robyn is an A.I. implanted into a robotic body. While her part in the canon was brief, as of yet, Rebuke ran with her like a child with a puppy. She is probably the second biggest AU in the canon storyline. She becomes so very integral to the story, if she wasn't there things probably would have been ten times worse for the main cast. She's a chipper, happy-go-lucky, version of Laura as Peter states. Who only wants to explore life outside of her programming. You'd actually get along with her great Doreen. "I know I can't wait till her new body is built."

So that'll finish off the Character section. If I was to continue we'd be here forever. "He's not kidding folks, we would."

Story 10/10: "I'll take the lead here Wiggy." Be my guest Dory. "Okay, so the second half of the story starts in Chapter 19 and runs through 29." Or basically my review ended at 18, and we are picking up at 19. "Semantics schmantics. Anyways, from chapter 19 on, the AU really takes over in the story. Rebs takes the story in his own direction. He still keeps introducing us Marvel characters based on canon, and fits them into the story excellently." In these chapters we have plenty of relationship development, twists and turns, sibling and parental bonding, and... "A shit ton of me moving the story along. Don't forget how if it wasn't for me Web Head would be dead or worse." Wade? How is he still awake? "Dunno, but he's still good and 'tied' up down there. *Spying down the hole in the floor*" Well good to have you back DP. Heh. " *Giggles*" "HEY! Say that to my face down here Wiggles! I'll bite your kneecaps off!" HA! "Honestly, I think that's about all he really could do." Doreen you really didn't leave him in a good way. Props. "Thanks Wiggy." "I hate you both!" We love you too, Wade. "Lots and lots, promise." Okay, so back to what we were doing. Yes, Deadpool does play his parts in the story well, both in and out. His fourth wall powers prove very helpful. Really the only canon arc in these chapters is from the Superior Spider-Man story arc. "And thank you Rebuke for changing that whole thing." Yeah, so many people disagree with the way Marvel went into this arc. Rebuke's change is quickly noticeable, and thankfully he ends it spectacularly. We want a Peter, not an imposter. Rebuke's AU story is well imagined, woven together tight, and loose ends of the past arc, and this, are mostly concluded. You will find that he has a plan for everything, and it is a treat when those plans come to their ends. Rebuke is truly a writer I could see going professional. "Don't you dare think you can leave me behind Rebuke! You need me!" C'mon Wade, every chick must leave the nest eventually. "Yeah, you're like the mother bird. Helping him along, and when he's finally ready, you can take pride in knowing it was through your help he succeeded." , "... *Sniff*" Wade? "It's...snif...nothing, just a sudden cold. Hurry and get on to the next Category." , "Awww... I think we touched him." I think you're right. Okay moving on.

Spell/Gram 9/10 (SG-"Whoa?! You went down a half point.", DP-"What gives Wiggula!?", Wns- It'll be explained in the section.): Okay before my reasoning I wanna say there won't be much in this category. My last review said everything I needed to about this, so we'll just get into the half point drop. "So why? You love this story." I know Doreen. However I do have to be objective in this section at least. I wouldn't be a good reviewer if I wasn't. "Oh." Yeah, so... "Hey Wiggles you know I'm gonna tell Rebuke on you. You'll officially be on his..." Unmentionable Blade. "..." That's right. Let me get to the explanation. Rebuke's work is genius, and grammatically its grand, however I have noticed more spelling errors in this second part. Now I have talked to Rebuke about this. He had explained that with the increase in chapter size, and speed at which he produces them, he's finding it harder to do a better final read through. I totally understand this, as I am a writer now too. "You are Wiggy?" Yeah, but this isn't about me. DO NOT let this deter you from reading it you nit pickers. His story will easily suck you in enough that you'll mostly bypass these errors. And with that said we'll be moving on. "Wait...Buke's got that creepy weapon now doesn't he!" Yep, I lent it to him for the rest of the story. " *Gulp*" Just so you know not to get full of yourself Wade. "Jerk." "Unmentionable Blade?" Oh, right you haven't seen it. The Unmentionable Blade is a deterrent of sorts for idiotic Guest reviews, and fictional manifestations of characters. "Should I be worried?" No Dory you are perfectly safe, just don't turn to the dark side. "Gotcha."

General 20/10: "Wow...20 out of 10. Is that possible?" Yes it is, but he totally deserves it. Okay, so the General category is basically the extras added to the story. Some examples are Chapter Size, Music Choice, Author Notes, Review Replies, etc. Stuff like that. "Which Rebs has a lot of." That is putting it mildly, but yes. Again this category will basically be the same as my last review. So we won't spend to much time here. Wade, wanna explain what the LIAG's are? "DAMN SKIPPY I DO! So these things my man Rebuke puts into the story called LIAG Facts, *Cough* myyellowboxes *Cough*, are facts about characters, abilities, cannon info, and explanations of the crazy shit that happens in the story. These allow many of the weirder happenings to have light shed on them." Wow Wade, that was surprisingly to the point for you. "I'm scared Wiggy." It's okay Dory, he does sometimes have a rational mind. "YES! Marvel at my brilliant serious side! BWAHAHAHA." Annyyywayyyy, LIAGs are the greatest of the extras, and I wanted them mentioned again. Aside from that Rebuke supplies us with so many more extras per chapter. He truly knows how to keep his fans happy.

PART 3: Summary

So now we come to the end of my review. "Already...bummer. I was just starting to have fun." I know Dory, but all good things must come to an end. "Except me. I'm immortal bitches!" Scary thing is, he actually pretty much is. "Well at least he'll be around to always make our lives interesting." , "Is that C4 in my belt?" Deadpool don't you even think about it. "Oh I am." Doreen I hate to ask. "On it." *Jumps down the hole* "You're no fun WIGGLES!" *BAM* So, to the summary. RebukeX7 is an all around great author. Wonderfully enthralling story telling, a huge and diverse cast with both depth and character, great Writing class skills, and extras out the wazoo. I'm glad to have been able to get to know Rebuke, on a personal and professional level. I hope you like this review man, cause you deserve every word and probably more. *SG jumps out of the hole, with a dazed DP under her arm* So until the climactic conclusion, and final full story review we'll see you all later. "Bye everybody! *Waves enthusiastically*" , "Errghh...bye..." Doreen, thank you for being here today. "We'll have to do it again Wiggy. *Kisses my cheek*" Wow, thanks Dory. We'll be happy to have you back for the finale. "Sounds like a date. *Giggle*" , "Gag me with a spoon." Wade thanks for doing this again. Next time? "Yeah yeah. Cause you know you are nothing without me here." Sounds good bud. See Ya Folks. Wiggles out!