Seven Sins ~ Pride

The name God has given me is "worthless".

A young girl crawled out the filthy alley, the rags over her body were torn and undistinguishable. She moved silently through the people and piles of filth, foot steps light and weightless from starvation, but her hands clutched tightly at her chest. She was holding three silver coins; it was not a fortune but the most she could have gotten when she sold herself for the first time to a fat man in the alley. Three silver coins, that was the most precious wealth she had ever possessed.

This was the core of Shamayim - Fourth Dimension, the darkest corner in all of the three heavens, forsaken even by God. There was no law, no master; in an anarchy of fallen angels, wanted rogues and Improper Children, only power and wealth became authority. With no fear and no care, nothing was impossible on these streets.

Is this the only way you can express your cynicism towards God's existence?

She slipped past the men who tried to stop her on the streets quickly and skillfully, and finally stood before the last shop on the boulevard, hidden unnoticed in the shadows of the night. She looked up hesitantly at the sign hanging over the door that was half falling off.

Free Your Mind... Break Your Soul

I will not walk the path ordained by God.

I will not allow my life to wither away here. God has long ago abandoned us, our father has forgotten us. The only thing he has ever given me was a name, and I will make myself worthy of it.

"One day I will stand up there, and everyone will fall at my feet."

Angels are such pathetic creatures.

In a filthy mud puddle in the sewers, a caterpillar's cocoon began to hatch and tear. A pair of beautiful wings appeared through the opening and it soon struggled free from all the bondage. Crimson markings like blood were printed on the black wings; they spread, and leaving all the past lying behind with the abandoned shell in the mud, it flew away and vanished in the gray sky.

The girl watched the glimpse of beauty disappear above her and stepped into the dimly lit shop without another moment of doubt.

It disgusts me to become a woman.

I will become the most dazzling and poisonous butterfly that will captivate all of heaven.

Yes, my body will be the most beautiful of all...