the blanket scenario - a heavy blizzard underway, everyone trapped in a cabin, with only one blanket. idea taken from a RK fanfic site that made me laugh my head off a long time ago.

Blanket Scenario: A Director's Cut

SOUJIROU (ME) : ok, guys, ready? TAKE ONE!

(hanabishi recca and sakoshita yanagi)

RECCA : hime, here, have the blanket.
YANAGI : oh no, recca-kun, you can have it.
RECCA : but you are freezing!
YANAGI : recca-kun, but you'll be cold too if I take it.
RECCA : don't worry about me, you take the blanket. I have my flames to keep me warm.
YANAGI : but they won't last you all night. recca-kun, I'll feel really bad if I take the blanket.
RECCA : come on, hime, I don't mind freezing a little.
YANAGI : no, I insist that you take the blanket!
RECCA : no, I insist that YOU take the blanket!

SOUJIROU : ......... o... k.... *cough* TAKE TWO!!

(ishijima domon and kirisawa fuuko)

DOMON : guess what! fuuko-sama! there's only one blanket here!!! *.* wanna share???

SOUJIROU : ......... never mind... NEXT!!! TAKE THREE!!!

(mikagami tokiya)

TOKIYA : (look around) hey! what is this! everybody else is paired up except for me??? hello??? what are you thinking?? I don't need your stupid blanket! you can take it back, monkey! now being a master of the hyoumon ken, you are very resist......
SOUJIROU : monkey? (flame burning in eyes) monkey?? (glowing red aura) MONKEY??? *WHAM* (cough) now... much better...... TAKE FOUR!!!

(koganei kaoru and saicho)

KAORU : you know, saicho? you have very quick hands. I always wanted to compete with you. accept my challenge?
SAICHO : alright, what do we do?
KAORU (look around) : well, there's nothing here accept a blanket... let's each get half and see who can chop it up faster and into smaller pieces!
SAICHO : ok! (take out fuyou no ken, kaoru takes out kougon anki)
SOUJIROU (jump in) : NOOOOOOOOOOO... (take the blanket away) my poor blanket T.T. ok, you two who tried to destroy my dear blanket gets stuck here to freeze for the rest of the night, meanwhile... NEXT!!!!! *cough* TAKE FIVE!!!

(kurei and neon)

SOUJIROU : ah, kurei-san, I was just wondering, given this stuck in a blizzard with one blanket situation, would you care enough to give neon-san the blanket?
KUREI : well, yeah, of course... I did swear that she was one of the people I was fighting to protect... (take the blanket... about to hand it to neon) I mean I really do care for her...... (suddenly, POOF, kurenai jumps out and toasts the blanket)
SOUJIROU : ..............
KUREI : uh... eh... um... I think errr... kurenai's jealous... ^.^;;; (sweatdrop)