Honshin Chapter 4: Uruha, Forever

So No Yon -- Uruha, Eien Ni
Chapter 4 -- Uruha, Forever

Raiha quietly closed the doors to Kai's room. There was no one in the hall, yet he smiled and said, "Konnichi-wa, Meguri-san."
A man emerged from the shadows though he still refused to step into the light. "Your senses have improved even more. Impressive, Raiha."
A goofy smile completely masked Raiha's thoughts. "You don't have to put it that way, Meguri-san. Though..." He paused, "Are you sure it's alright for him to be here? That Kai..."
The man in the shadows replied, "He is none of my concerns anymore..."
Raiha could feel his presence disappear. Finally Raiha is alone again. A smile surfaced slowly as he murmured to himself, "Then why did you even bother to come here?"

"Where is Jisho?" Kurei asked as Raiha entered his room.
"I believe he should be in the middle of a duel right now." Raiha smiled.
Kurei looked up from his desk slightly, "Hn? A duel? How foolish of him to be involved in such meaningless things. He should be at the North Camp overseeing the excavation processes."
"But I'm afraid this time it's different. The challenger is a very interesting guy."
"Oh? Do you think he actually have a chance?" Kurei asked.
"Yes, I believe he will win... If he wants to." Raiha added after a pause.
"Then I want to meet him." Kurei said as he stood up. "What is his name?"

Joker and Jisho both collapsed on the ground and breathed heavily after a tough battle.
"You're pretty good." Jisho said.
"Yeah, you're not bad either." Joker smiled, though half of his face was covered by the giant mask he wore along with his "trump-card" armor.
"Then would you like to join us?" Kurei suddenly appeared before them.
Jisho bowed immediately and was a little nervous, "Kurei-sama!"
Joker seemed to be very surprised to hear that name used on the man in black robes before him. "Kurei? Then you are THE Kurei?"
"Yes." Kurei said. "Your skills impress me, not anyone can equal Jisho. Would you like to join us?"
Joker smiled.

They returned to Kurei's mansion at the North Camp not far away. When Jisho returned to his overseer job and Kurei and Joker sat alone in the study, Joker took off his mask for the first time, out of respect for Kurei.
"You fought pretty well back there." Kurei said.
Joker laughed, "You know that's not all of what I can do. I was playing with him."
"Then are you interested in joining us?" Kurei asked.
"Is this a job offer?" Joker smiled. "I fought that guy because I wanted to talk to you. If you want me to join the Uruha, you'll have to agree to two conditions."
"Oh? You are an amusing guy, for asking to negotiate with me. Then I'll listen to your conditions."
"One, I want to have my freedom. I want to be able to do whatever I want without problems. Two, I want to be exempted from calling anyone any respective titles. Kurei-san."
"I expected you to ask for more impossible tasks." Kurei said. "Welcome to the Uruha."
Suddenly, Jisho pounded loudly on the door. "Kurei-sama, it seems like we found the madougu we were looking for at the site. Only something seems to have gone wrong..."
The door opened and Kurei and Joker stepped out. "It must be something if you can't handle it, Jisho-san." Joker said.
"The madougu is alive."

When the three of them arrived at the excavation site, it was the remnants of a great massacre. Only one man in a workers uniform was still left standing. However there was a strange, faceless mask on his face. "Bakuju." Kurei suddenly said. "The mask animated with the will of a dead soul that steals living bodies so it may continue to live."
The man and the mask turned and looked at them. Joker smiled and said, "Wouldn't it be nice to own this madougu, even if he is alive. Kurei-san, to represent the day we met and I joined the Uruha, I'll make you an offering. Allow me to acquire that madougu for you."
Kurei motioned for Jisho to step back and Joker walked toward Bakuju with simple ease. When he confronted the mask, there was no tension exhibited from him. "I've come to make you an offer, Bakuju-san."
"Who are you?" A voice within the mask echoed.
"You may call me Joker." Joker said. "I came upon the request of my boss to make you an offer. At least you should listen to us, for the sake of digging you up from the ground." Bakuju remained silent. "We are an organization of assassins and underground dealers in an alien world a few hundred years after the time that you can remember. We want you to join us."
Bakuju was just about to reject such a absurd request straight out when it noticed a strange looking trident that Joker has been carrying with an open eye at the center. "That... that staff is...!"
Joker smiled, "This is an offer you can't refuse, plus you won't be working for nothing. You use corpses to host you, but dead bodies will eventually rot and decay. If you work for my employer who has undeniable influence in this world, we can easily supply you with well developed and satisfying hosts. What do you think about that, Bakuju-san?"
"Noroi. My name is Noroi, just like my cursed existence."

In two years, Kurei successfully organized his Uruha. During that time, he adopted a little boy named Koganei Kaoru, took in a girl who has an obsession with puppets, and finally on a trip to China, he brought back an old man with a despicable hatred. Mori Koran continued his inhumane experiments and this time with Genjuro's help. In these years, he completed his own faction of assassins to counter Kurei's growing power. Finally with the two organizations expanding at amazing speed, ten people emerged from the two sides who were known only for their strength. Genjuro, Jisho, Neon, Noroi, Kai, Mikoto, Joker, Rasen, Meguri Kyouza and Raiha came to be known as the Uruha Jyushinshuu.
However, just when the Uruha was completed and its powers nearly invincible, an old enemy appeared to bring back an ancient scar... The memories of the past...


On this dark and starless night, Kurei stood in the garden of Tsuki no Miya with Raiha beside him. Without his mask, his face is still in a smooth and unreadable expression.
Kurei looked at the night sky, a strange light in his eyes, "Four hundred years, Raiha. I've waited so long for this day. Finally I will end the curse that started four hundred years ago. The Ura butou Satsujin will begin tomorrow. But while I plan my revenge and the death of Hanabishi Recca, Koran must have something up his sleeves or else he wouldn't have agreed to host this tournament that easily." He paused and a chilling smirk surfaced, "I know that Mikoto and Genjuro works for him. Team Hokage will just help me get rid of them. But you... do you know why I didn't want you to be on Team Uruha Kurenai? Don't disappoint me!"
Raiha smiled slightly and answered, "I swear my eternal loyalty to Kurei-sama as your shinobi. And I promise that I will guard Tsuki no Miya no matter what happens, as your friend. Yakusoku desu."


Day Six of Ura Butou Satsujin
Final Round, Match Five
Uruha (Kurenai) - Kurei vs. Hokage - Hanabishi Recca
Match Time: 47min 53sec (still in progress)

Mokuren hid himself well in the crowd of excited spectators rushing outside as the whole Ura Butou arena began to collapse from the colliding forces of the two flame masters inside. His attention was completely focused on the giant dome as if just with his glare he can draw out the action inside.
Raiha's eyes narrowed slightly for an unnoticeable instant as he watched the mischievous grin on Mokuren's face widen. He let out a little sigh and said to Neon, "Oh well. Neon. Take care of Kurei-sama from now on! Bai bai!!" And he turned around and ran.
Neon screamed after him, "Hey!! Asshole!! Where do you think you're going?"
Raiha turned around and put on a cute, innocent smile, "I'm going to the bathroom ^.^ Wanna come?"
Neon blushed furiously, "OBAKA!! Come back soon!!" But when she thought of Kurei again she turned around and stared at the tournament dome sadly.
I really wish... I can be at your side a little more. Raiha closed his eyes and spoke silently. ...there is no time... His shadow quickly disappeared into the depth of forest beyond.
Best of luck...... Kurei-sama--
A kind-hearted woman sitting alone somewhere in a nameless town on top of a nameless mountain, awaiting for him.
Tsuki no Miya.

End of Part 4

End notes : this story use to suppose to be a fanfic about Raiha, then Kurei got in there too... finally I just turned it into a whole story about how the Uruha is formed, though Raiha and Kurei are still the main characters. It did take me very long to write... didn't it ^^;;;;
most of the jyushinshuu part was made up by me... except for Joker (the part with Noroi was...), Neon and Genjuro who did not even appear... Raiha's story was just totally made up, and now that we know what REALLY happened will be revealed soon... there goes that T.T
I'm sorry if I never explained Jisho too well. I made him like someone who's been assisting Kurei in his underground businesses for a while already. As for Rasen, I believe he is suppose to be working for Mori, but someone who admires Kurei's strength... though that part didn't really come out... at all... he barely appeared... gomen... and Kirin has been with him even then... they were always together...
Mikoto was designed to be working for Mori too and then sent to Kurei as... a spy maybe when he decided to organize the Uruha. Kai was found and taken care of by Kurei, that part you read, but I was thinking that time, he was abandoned by his master, that's why he was all injured etc...
and Kurei simply made a deal with Noroi... I mean it is most likely that they had all kinds of operations to dig up lost madougu... so this is an example... as for Meguri Kyouza... he really isn't in this story... well, barely, cuz I didn't want to spoil too much... and as for Joker's conditions, #1, note when he stabbed the wrong person, namely, Saicho, Kurei didn't blame him... and also, he calls Kurei "san" or... "han" if you like, with a Kansai accent ^.^ also, all of a sudden, he sounded like the godfather... *ashamed* "an offer you can't refuse..." but I can't translate what I want to say any better... T.T
all in all, stuff happened either too quickly or too slowly, which is why it didn't really work out too well, especially I ended up having so much to tell in 4 little chapters T.T
oh, chotto, one more thing... when I was writing some of the dialogues, I was imagining what they would say... in japanese of course, so the english may sound a little weird... because I can only tell what they would sound like in japanese... you can definitely tell this is my first fanfic... to have such a long end note ^^;;