Throwing Kagami's shirt on the ground as he himself undressed his, Aomine lied the redhead's back on the park bench, gripping him tightly so as to leave the other no escape.

- Are you fucking crazy? We're out in the open! This is a park for crying out loud!

Kagami did his best to try to grow them apart but he should know by now that his efforts were useless, Aomine could always get his way.

- Why do our walks always end up like this? You're the worst!

- So you say but don't you always end up loving it? Tough it up, you were the one who seduced me in the first place.

- Who did?! I just said I was cold— Ungh!

He flinched when Aomine bite down on his neck. Distracted by his lover's words, Kagami didn't even notice he was already butt naked.

Somewhere deep in his mind, Aomine could hear a manly voice asking him what do you two think you are doing?, but he couldn't care less. Trough his entire life he had ignored the monotonous voice other people called conscience and it certainly wasn't today, and definitely not now, he was going to take notice of it.

He leaned in to plant a trace of kisses along Kagami's neck, as he unbuttoned his own pants. After entering, he kept his rhythm for a while then he speed up, each thrust more vigorous than the previous. By this point, as usual, Kagami was more into moaning than complaining. Again he could hear that other voice saying what is going on over there?! But he couldn't possibly stop now.

Somewhere in his conscious mind a thought crossed his mind, which made him stop. Wait a sec, I know that voice, he realized.

Suddenly a different light surrounded the couple, and when he saw Kagami's shocked face as the redhead gazed over his shoulder, Aomine himself turned around.

- Shit. I think that's my supervisor.

He then understood the light was coming from a lantern the policeman ahead of them was holding.

Even though he acknowledged it the blue haired man didn't pull out, as if that situation didn't pose as much of a problem. Kagami on the other hand was quick to push his lover away.

- You asshole, it's all your fault, put your belt back on!

As Aomine saw himself being shoved away from the other, he had no other choice but to obey.

- Well, you should thank me I didn't strip your sneakers, because that guy can run a mile in a second.

- We don't have time for this, you asshole! He's coming this way!

Kagami grabbed the brunet's hand firmly.

- Hold on, we're still naked—. - But he didn't get to finish.

Like a bat out of hell, the two men ran as fast as they could, feeling the night wind on their naked bodies while being chased by a screaming, furious police officer.

- I don't like this, someone other than me seeing Kagami's ass. - Aomine muttered between pants while running as fast as his legs could take him.

- I'm going to murder you one day. - The redhead replied.