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Chapter 13

Minerva McGonagall allowed herself to feel marginally concerned as she followed her escort through the corridors of Gringotts.

Years of teaching, and having to deal with the wide variety of things her students could come up with, had helped to keep her more adaptable to the unexpected than the average witch her age, but she still preferred to have a bit more warning about changes to her routine than she had had for this.

Having Filius turn up at breakfast, when he wasn't due back from his holiday till the end of next week, and inform her that he had been asked to pass on the message that Ragnock, of all goblins, wished to meet with her this morning, was rather more of a surprise than she was used to handling during the school holidays.

Add the fact, that she had no idea what this meeting involved, other than it wasn't to do with the school, and it had her feeling ever so slightly off balance.

Still, she squared her shoulders as the door to the office was held open for her. Appearing indecisive or uncertain only made you look weak to the goblins, which was never a good idea. Taking a deep breath, she stepped into the office hoping this wasn't going to be bad news.

Ragnock was seated behind his desk as she walked in, and much to her surprise she saw Amelia Bones in the office as well.

'Just what is going on here that could involve these two?' she thought to herself.

'Good morning Professor McGonagall.' said Ragnock. 'Thanks you for coming on such short notice.'

'I could hardly fail to attend a meeting with yourself, Ragnock.' she replied. 'After all, I hear that Minister Fudge is still trying to arrange a meeting with you.' she added with a glance at Amelia.

'And unless he manages to suggest a realistic reason for such a meeting, he is unlikely to be successful.' Ragnock responded. 'But, please, take a seat. We have much to discuss.'

As she was sitting down, a goblin entered from a side door and handed a piece of parchment to Ragnock before leaving. After a glance at it, he passed it over to Amelia to read.

'As I was saying, we have much to discuss.' Ragnock started. 'Madame Bones is present as much of it concerns her Department at the Ministry as well as Gringotts and the Goblin Nation.

'But first, I must apologise to you Professor.

'On your way to this office, you were passively scanned for a number of magic's.'

Minerva stiffened in her seat. Insulted at the implications in that statement.

'While I apologise for having had this done without your consent. It was considered necessary in order to confirm, or refute, our suspicions.

'The results of the scan are on the parchment that Madame Bones is currently holding.'

Amelia held out the parchment to her.

'I'm sorry Minerva.' she said. 'But you need to read this.'

Still shocked at the breach in etiquette, she took the parchment and looked down at it.

Results of passive diagnostic scan on Minerva McGonagall (Witch)

Long-term Compulsion Charm – placed approx. 12 years ago

Long-term Compulsion Charm – placed approx. 12 years ago

Long-term Compulsion Charm – placed approx. 12 years ago

Long-term Compulsion Charm – placed approx. 2 years ago

Long-term Compulsion Charm – placed approx. 2 years ago

Long-term Compulsion Charm – placed approx. 2 years ago

Memory Charm – placed approx. 2 weeks ago

All Charms found carried the same Magical Signature, belonging to Albus Dumbledore.

Additional Compulsion or Memory Charms may be present but are not able to be detected using the passive diagnostic scans used. Full details of the Charms found will require a more extensive, active diagnostic scan to be carried out.

Medical confinement and treatment is recommended immediately.

She looked back across to Amelia, her face pale and her eyes wide.

'We can probably make a guess at what the Charms were for, based on what we found on Filius and Poppy when they were checked.' Amelia said.

'You've already checked Filius and Poppy?' Minerva asked weakly.

'Yes.' replied Amelia. 'We only found a couple of Compulsion Charms on Filius which were relatively simple to remove. And while he is not happy, he is handling the situation quite well.

'Poppy on the other hand...' Amelia paused before continuing. 'Poppy isn't doing too well I'm afraid Minerva.

'Between the Compulsion Charms and several Memory Charms, she came really close to breaking her Healer's Oaths, and she's taken it pretty hard now that she's free of them.

'Right now, I'm not sure if she'll make it back to Hogwarts.'

'But surely there must be some sort of mistake.' Minerva gasped out. 'Albus... Albus wouldn't do something like this.'

'I am afraid there is no mistake.' Ragnock spoke up.

'Dumbledore most certainly did do this. This and much more besides.'

She sat in the chair beside the fireplace in the small suite of rooms Ragnock had arranged for her here within Gringotts.

She really hadn't wanted to believe that Albus had done the things she now knew he had. Not even with it being Amelia Bones and Ragnock telling her about them.

But now, with half of the compulsions removed, she could feel the difference within her own mind, in the way that she thought, and she knew they had been telling her the truth.

An even dozen Compulsion Charms, covering everything from not arguing about young Harry Potter being left on a doorstep in the middle of the night, through to not objecting to Severus Snape's behaviour as a teacher and Head of Slytherin House, to not noticing that young Harry was far too small for his age and other than his school uniform, was dressed in not much better than rags.

She was now both dreading finding out what the Memory Charms were hiding, while at the same time looking forward to having them removed.

So she was sitting here now, waiting for the Healer to come and let her know that she could go and visit Poppy, while she practiced the basic Occlumency that she was capable of, looking for the smallest of hints that a memory had been tampered with. Any that she could spot for herself would make it easier for the Healers to remove the overlaid memory and allow the suppressed one to be viewed. She had already found three possibilities for the Mind Healer to check, all within the last two years.

Of course, the fact that they had Albus available to question about when and what memories he had Obliviated was going to make things a lot easier. And would also mean they could be sure of getting all of the replaced memories and wouldn't be left wondering if they had missed any. But it would still be a time consuming task. Poor Poppy had had almost a dozen memories replaced. She could only hope that she hadn't had that much damage done to herself.

Hearing a knock at the door, she got to her feet. That should be the Healer, come to escort her to Poppy, to see if talking with her old friend and colleague could help her find some solace and begin the healing process.

Walking into the Healers Ward here in Gringotts felt strange. It was both similar and very different to the Hospital Wing at Hogwarts.

Hogwarts Ward was a simple long room, with beds down each side, a Potions cabinet against one wall and a door to Poppy's office.

This Ward, while still a long room with beds down each side, had multiple Potions cabinets spaced out along the walls, and a series of doors, once beside each cabinet. The biggest difference however, that it had a Healers Station against the far wall. From where a Healer sitting could see every bed in the room.

As she started to make her way towards the Station, she was looking at the only occupied bed in the ward. From this distance she didn't recognise who it was, although she was almost certain it was a child. The young woman sitting next to the bed reading, also appeared to be vaguely familiar.

As she got closer she finally recognised the pair of them. She had not seen Miss Granger not wearing her school robes for almost two years now, and the difference was, dramatic.

And now, without the compulsions forcing her to see the Harry Potter that Albus had wanted her to see, she was finally looking at Harry Potter as he really was. And without his glasses the resemblance to James was greatly reduced, while the touch of Lily in his features was much easier to see.

Coming to a stop at the end of his bed she faced them and they looked up at her.

'Mr. Potter, Miss Granger.' she said. 'And just what have you done today that has you in a hospital bed Mr. Potter?'

'Professor McGonagall?' asked Harry, squinting at her. 'Sorry, need my glasses to see properly.'

Hermione quickly picked them up from the bedside table and handed them to him.

'Hello Professor.' Hermione said. 'Healer Rand told us you were here, and that we might see you today.'

'Well, while Madame Bones had mentioned that you were on the premises Mr. Potter, she did not say anything about you being in here today. Nor did she mention your presence Miss Granger.' Minerva stated.

'Oh.' Harry said, obviously realising he hadn't answered her initial question. 'I'm having my femur re-grown. And Hermione offered to keep me company.'

Seeing her questioning look, he continued.

'It got broken a few years ago and wasn't set properly before it healed. It wasn't hurting me or anything, but the Healers said it left a weak point in the bone, so they wanted to fix it.

'They did three of my ribs on Monday, and we'll do my Fibula on Saturday if everything goes alright today.'

Minerva sighed as she absorbed Harry's words.

'Would I be correct that these injuries occurred before you started at Hogwarts?' she asked.

Harry's eyes clouded over briefly and he looked away before answering.

'Mostly,' he said. 'A couple of the ribs were last summer.'

Minerva could feel the tears gathering behind her eyes.

'Mr. Potter,' she began then paused before continuing. 'Harry, I am so sorry.

'I should never have let Albus leave you with those people.

'I should have looked after you better when you came to school.'

Harry interrupted her.

'It's ok Professor.' he said. 'You didn't have any choice.'

The surprise must have been visible of her face.

'Ragnock, Amelia and Remus have been telling me what Dumbledore has been doing to me, and to other people.' Harry said.

'And Healer Rand told us that you had a whole load of Compulsion and Memory Charms done to you. Same as Hermione and me had.'

'The two of you had those Charms on you?' Minerva asked.

'Yeah, although Hermione here had pretty much broken through the Compulsions on her.' Harry grinned across at Hermione.

'And they haven't done anything about the Memory Charms as yet.' he continued. 'Healer Rand said something about young minds being easier to damage, so they want to take their time with removing them.

'They'll start work on mine once they are happy I'm fully Healed physically.'

'And they'll start on mine once I get back from my holiday in France.' said Hermione.

'I wanted them to get rid of them right away and told them I'd stay here in the meantime. But my parents said no. They want me to go with them and get it done when we get back.'

'And you should listen to your parents Miss Granger.' Minerva stated. 'They get to see very little of you during the year. You should not miss the opportunity to spend time with them for something which can easily be done when you get back.'

Hermione sighed heavily.

'That's what Remus and Madame Bones said as well.' she said.

'Harry too.' she scowled at him and he grinned back at her, obviously used to being on the receiving end of her scowls.

Then perhaps you might consider that, since so many people are saying the same thing. Perhaps, it might be good advice Miss Granger.' Minerva said.

'However, as much as I would enjoy staying to talk to the two of you. I have a limited amount of time in which to visit my friend, and I still have to speak to the Healer at the Healers Station before I can go in and see her.'

'Oh, you must mean Madame Pomfrey.' said Harry.

'Remus told me that Amelia had persuaded her to come in a couple of days ago.'

At Minerva's nod he continued on.

'I don't think she's doing so well.' he said. 'Remus said she had insisted on having all the Compulsion and Memory Charms removed in one go, and that she's struggling to deal with things now.

'That's one of the reasons they want to take their time with Hermione and me. They don't want us to break down the way Madame Pomfrey has.

'They won't even let me go and visit her yet. Not even to tell her I don't blame her for anything.'

'You are an amazing young man Harry.' Minerva said. 'Always so quick to think of others and wanting to help them.

'I will tell Madame Pomfrey that you don't blame her. And I promise that you will get your chance to tell her for yourself just as soon as the Healers allow it.'

Walking into the private room, just off the Healers Ward, and seeing her friend curled up on the bed as if in pain, was hard.

Poppy Pomfrey was a tough woman. Being tough was a pre-requisite of being a Healer, and specialising in Healing children simply raised the bar.

To be able to remain dispassionate and professional, while still caring for those who were hurt and in pain, took a mental toughness which was only found in a few. But Poppy Pomfrey had it in spades. Which was why seeing her like this was so hard.

Minerva crossed the room and sat down in the chair beside the bed. Reaching over to take her friends hand, she resolved to set her own problems aside for the next hour. Right now, her friend came first.

'Hello Poppy.' she made certain to keep her voice level and dry. Exactly as she spoke to her students when they had misbehaved. 'I understand you did something fairly silly yesterday.'