Chapter 14 ~ Forever

Ten Years Later

Andrea Tavington lead the aged palomino mare back into the barn. Over the years, Beauty had yielded many fine foals, all sired by Beast. The two were inseparable ever since the British had rejected the ugly gray stallion from their ranks. Andrea gave the mare pat and turned her loose to amble over to her mate. Time had quelled Beast's hate towards men and the once violent horse had mellowed out considerably. Andrea walked slowly back to her house. Opening the door, she was bombarded by her many children.

There was the eldest child, Diana (nine year old daughter), then Will (seven year old son), followed by the six year old twins, Marcus and Mary, then little Stephen (four year old son), and final the youngest, Grace (two year old daughter). Her children were just bundles of energy and almost knocked Andrea over. "Children!" a cold tinged voice called, "Be gentle with your mother." William Tavington said, ushering their children off.

"They mean well." Andrea said, cradling her swollen stomach, heavy with child.

"I know, but you can deliver any moment now and I want both of you safe." Tavington said, placing his hands over her hands.

"William, I have brought many, many children into this world, along with my own." Andrea reassured, giggling at her husband's worry.

"That may be true, but that doesn't stop me from worrying." Tavington said, planting a small kiss on her forehead.

Diana walked into the room and asked, "Mama, can I take Pretty out for a ride?"

Pretty was Beauty's second foal after Sky. The mare was the spitting image of her mother in every way, save her attitude. She had inherited her sire's take on people, though not to that extreme. The filly had been born almost a week after Diana had been born and the pair bonded immediately. Tavington had broken the filly to ride and the saucy palomino only let Diana ride, once the girl was old enough. "Of course dear, but only if your father rides with you." Andrea said, turning to face her child.

"Papa, would you ride with me?" the girl asked.

"Yes dear." Tavington said, looking at his child.

Much like her horse, Diana was the spitting image of her mother, save her eyes. They were Tavington's eyes. It seemed to be the fate of the Tavington's to have daughters looking like their mother and sons looking like their father. Save their eyes. Their eyes were all different shades of blue.

Tavington gave his wife a kiss before leading his daughter out to the barn. While she groomed and tacked Pretty, Tavington turned to his own mount, Beauty's first son. The colt was a bright cherry bay with a small star between his eyes and a large snip over his nose from nostril to nostril. Andrea had yielded the naming of the colt to Tavington who named the strapping foal Dragoon. He helped Diana mount Pretty before mounting Dragoon. He had recently had to put Vinci down. The old gelding had gotten lost in a storm and Tavington had found him in a gully, his foreleg snapped in half. It had been a hard haul after he had to shoot his best friend but Dragoon had helped him move on.

Tavington let his daughter lead the way. Diana was very feisty but knew when to be independent and when not to be. She led the way passed the Martin plantation. Benjamin Martin noticed his neighbors and waved to them. Diana returned the wave as did Tavington. Ever since the two men had gone out looking for Andrea in that storm, they had become relatively good friends. They tended to stay away from politics when having a conversation and they rarely spoke about the war anyways since both of them wanted to forget the war.

Diana rode to her Grandfather's small plantation. Dr. Dalton still lived on the property that he had first bought after the war, but not alone. He had remarried. His wife was Madam Patience Burn. Diana rode out almost every day to their plantation to tend to the chickens and to visit old Richard. The good old horse was still going strong but just beginning to show his years. "Hello Diana!" Dalton shouted from his porch chair.

"Grandpa!" Diana replied, hoping off Pretty.

Tavington slowly dismounted Dragoon and saw his child run and embrace her grandfather. They spent a good portion of the day out at Grandfather Dalton's plantation. Diana tended the chickens and kept Madam Dalton company while Tavington worked the land for Dalton. Night began to set and Diana asked "Grandpa, Grandma, do you want to come to dinner tonight?"

"Why sure honey." Madam Dalton said.

Tavington hitched Richard to the small buggy and mounted Dragoon after Diana was on Pretty. The Dalton's followed their son-in-law and granddaughter back to the Tavington plantation. Andrea was thrilled to have her parents in her house for dinner. She set two extra places at their table and rounded up her children for dinner. After serving everyone, Andrea took her place next to Tavington and observed her family. She left complete, especially when she felt her yet to be born child move in her stomach. Andrea had her final certainty: she had a full, happy family. Oh, and she was madly in love with her husband and he was madly in love with her. Andrea Tavington was happy.

The End

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