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I'm startled awake from the same nightmare I've been having for the past three weeks that Gale and I have been married. I sit up, being careful not to wake him. It's Saturday, so he's home, thankfully. There's still morning's when I can't believe I got married. Not just to anyone though, to Gale. My best friend, my hunting partner. But now my 'soul mate' as he puts it. I never thought marriage and a relationship like this would ever be evident to my life. I never planned on getting married, and I'm sure if it wasn't for Gale I would have never had.

Marriage isn't easy though, I've already learned that and it's only been three weeks (today to be exact). But not just on Gale and myself, but our families. Our siblings the most. It took Prim several days to stop crying herself to sleep. Not because she's mad about Gale and I, but because I'm not there as much. I still walk her to school every morning, and she comes over to our house everyday. But it's still hard for her, which is understandable. Rory of course got immediately jealous, not talking to me for the first week and half. Vick took it surprisingly well. And Posy wasn't much better then Rory, although she didn't quit talking to me. And she doesn't quite understand that I'm her sister-in law not her actual sister. She calls me 'sis' now, but I don't mind it. It's sort of cute.

I look over to the small window to see the sun light just starting to peek through the curtains. Gale already told me we'd go hunting at dusk instead of dawn. I'm pretty sure so he could sleep in. The mines have him working harder then ever. He works, comes home, eats, sleep's and repeats. Since our marriage I've seen a side of him I've never, in my life seen before. It's not a bad one though, just different. The first time we went into The Hob as a married couple, everyone kept calling me 'Mrs. Hawthorn' but in more of a teasing way then acutely being serious… and I hated it. He practically brawled with half the vendors. I guess a more protective side. I can't complain, I've just never had anyone look after me like this. Everyone in The Hob, despite their teasing comment, were thrilled when they not just heard about being a couple, but about our marriage, too. Greasy Sae was the most excited, telling us both she knew it, she saw it coming. Everyone was excited, but she was in particular. Our mothers of course were excited. Giving us each their approval. Hazel's doing fine without Gale there to help out more then he does not being there, but my mother is still struggling. She's finally having to act like a mother to Prim again. I'm not there anymore to wake her up, make sure her clothes are laid out for school, do her hair, cook her breakfast. All the things I shouldn't have had to do. Not that I didn't want to do them, but that wasn't my job, it was hers. The realization hit her, and it hit hard. But the day she knocked on my front door crying, I slammed it in her face. The slight 'making up' we did before I got married, is already gone. Our relationship is at it's worst it's ever been. The only respect I have for her is she is finally being a mother to Prim.

"Hey, Catnip." Says Gale through my thoughts. His voice heavy from sleep. I hadn't realized he was awake, or that I woke him.

"Hey. Sorry, didn't mean to wake you." I reply.

"You didn't. Nightmare?" He asks. Knowing I've been having the same strange dream.

I nod my head in reply. I hadn't always had this particular nightmare. It started about three days after Gale and I married. It starts out the same every time, it's not long, it's quite short actually. It starts off with Gale, walking towards the mines with the other miners early in the morning, then it shows him descending the shaft down into the mines, then, once their out of sight, the whole picture explodes and the dream is over. I had the same exact nightmare after my fathers death, but of him of course and not Gale.

"It's just a dream, it's not real." He says while grabbing my hand closest to him. He intertwines out fingers together. Just this simple touch from him sends shivers down my spine.

"I know. But what if it means something, Gale?" I ask while meeting his gaze. His grey seam eyes heavy from sleep and work.

"Katniss…" He says brushing back a stay piece of hair away from my forehead with his other hand. "… it doesn't. They mean nothing. Ok?" He replies calmly.

"But why do I have them then?" I ask. Unconvinced by his previous answer.

"Because it scares you. Me, being down in those mines. Of course your going to have nightmares about things that frighten you." He replies still calmly while squeezing my hand lightly.

I look away from his gaze. Starring blankly at the wall. Is he right? Would my mind play tricks like that on me? But what if I am getting sent some kind of message? I refuse to be a widow at seventeen.

When I don't reply for his answer, he leans in, giving me a kiss on the forehead and starts to work kisses across my face and toward my neck. He releases his hand from mine and starts tugging the hem of my loosely fitted pajama shirt. I know what his intentions are this morning, something I've already figured out. Being intimate is something I never that I'd enjoy, or even get the chance to experience. It took me a while to stop being… 'shy'. I felt bad for Gale (and still do) when it took me several days from me to finally open up more to new things. I was fine with the simple stuff, but slowly I started to relax and enjoy myself. At first I was thankful when we could only do it so often with my cycle. But my mother gave me pills that I take once ever three months. She said she kept these away, and that their actually cheap in District 12 but extremely hard to come by. When ever she found them, she would 'stock up' on them for her patients. But over the years she hardly has given any away, resulting in a surprisingly large stock. Gale of course was thrilled to hear about them, I on the other hand was not. But now I am. We don't talk about it outside our bedroom, we don't 'do it' but in the confinements of this room. It's almost as though it doesn't exist between us, but when were in here, like now, we see sides of each other only meant for this room.

He starts to work his hand up my shirt while he nibbles at my ear. I moan, but I know we can't do this this morning. We both have places to be.

"Gale?" I say, hoping he'll quit before we both get to aroused and be late to the places were supposed to be.

"Hmm?" He replies against the skin around my ear, and swinging his leg over my legs.

"We need to get going soon." I reply a bit breathlessly already.

"I'll make it quick, promise." He mumbles against my skin still. This side of Gale is one I never thought I'd see, but I can't say I don't like it.

"Gale, we can't. Not right now. Tonight." I reply while gently pushing him off of me. He sighs and sits up beside me.

"What time are you supposed to be at the school?" He asks a bit disappointingly.

Today I have my first meeting with Mrs. Mildred about the new school music program I somehow agreed to head up. Making me the official music teacher since it's a slightly paid position. I passed my test I needed to graduate early. It took me weeks of boring studying, but I got only three of the one hundred and thirty questions wrong. So I now no longer have school, but instead I teach it. Being a teacher is something I never envisioned me doing, but it's better then the mines. I snap back to a waiting Gale-

"In an hour." I reply. "What will you be doing today again?" I ask, forgetting what he told me over dinner last night.

"Help Thom, Lane and a few other guys rebuild those few businesses the bomb took out." I replies with a yawn.

Three weeks ago District 12, as well as the others, including the Capitol got bombed from our neighboring country Airgusta. They've been sending us threats since the dark days. But now they've finally stopped 'saying' and started 'doing'. The bomb killed three people here in twelve and took out a few businesses it town. But thankfully no homes. Even though the bomb didn't hit near the seam, we still felt it's power all the way from town. Amazingly it didn't do more damage then it did. No one that Gale or I know knew the three people who died. But as Greasy Sae put it, 'It could have been worse, much worse.', and I couldn't agree more. But now Panem is ready for a full out war against them…

"Oh ok." I reply. Gale agreed to help rebuild the few businesses today that got damaged.

I quickly yank the covers off of my side of the bed and head to my dresser in the room. Mrs. Mildred suggested I wear professional clothes. A dress? I don't particularly have a full wardrobe. But once my mother and hazel heard, they both gave me some of their old 'nicer' clothes they both claim they never wear. I hate handouts, but I didn't have much of an option. My only other one would be wearing the same two dresses over and over. I pull out a pair of dark jeans that actually doesn't have any rips or patches and simple, black, mid sleeve v-neck shirt. It acutely hugs my body, differing from my usual baggy clothing. I walk over and set the clothes on the bed, which Gale is still sitting up on against the headboard, giving me a devilish grin as he knows I'm about to change my clothes in front of him. Before, or even a few days ago, this would have upset me, resulting in me storming out of the room, but now I find myself returning the same devilish grin he still has plastered across his face. I slowly, realizing how mad this is going to make him, take off my bottoms and top. Leaving me in nothing but my bra and underwear. I let his eyes scan over my barely dressed body for several seconds before I start to dress.

"Like what you see, huh?" I ask teasingly as I pull my jeans on. He nods, swallowing loudly.

This time last week you would have never caught me saying something like that, but now that I'm more comfortable with it, I do. But only when were in the bedroom like this, I'd never say this to him downstairs or anywhere else. There's still that voice of 'I shouldn't have said that.', but I reply 'Yes, he's now my husband'. He is, believe it or not.

I stand there for a second, in nothing but my jeans and bra. I contemplate just for a second, but then I make a decision. I walk over to his side of the bed and straddle him. I know I shouldn't be doing this, but it's only to mess with him. Just like he did last night, when I thought we were going to, we were completely ready (bare skinned and all) when he whispered in my ear he was to tired. I told him 'pay backs a bitch'.

And now he's about to learn that….

I put all my body weight on his groin, I can already feel he's hard, but two can play at this game that he started last night, I lean in, resting my hands on his chest, and give him one, quick, deep kiss before I bring my lips to his ear-

"Do you want me?" I whisper. Having no clue where the words are coming from, I've only talked like this once, several nights ago. He nods his head in reply. I feel his breathing begin to get heavier then it was before. "How bad? Tell me how bad, Gale?" I whisper again in his ear. I know this

"Bad. So bad." He replies breathlessly through gritted teeth. I grin and bite his ear, knowing how much he likes that.

"Well…" I say, kissing his ear this time, knowing how he likes that. I give a good long pause before I finish my sentence. "… pay backs a bitch." I repeat those words to him and then I immediately get up and finish dressing.

He's mad, but now he knows how I felt last night. I start silently laughing at what I just did to him.

"Katniss!" He shouts. He's trying to be stern, but I can see the smile he's desperately trying to hold back. "You can't do that!" He adds. I start grinning.

"Oh really, Gale? Because I'm quite sure you did the same thing to me last night!" I reply teasingly, still grinning like a bobcat.

He gets up and stands in front of me while I pull down my shirt.

"That's not the same, Catnip." He replies, finally releasing his grin he was trying to hold back.

"Uh, I'm pretty sure it is, Gale." I reply, making him sound dumb.

He takes picks me up just under my butt and pins me to the wall, he starts to lean in to kiss me but I dart out under his arm before he does.

"Late Hon. I promise." I say with a wink.

I grab my hunting boots and head downstairs. I know I shouldn't have done that to him, but he deserved that. He did do that same thing to me, it only made sense to do it back to him. I find myself still grinning while I take a seat at the table and start lacing my boots. A minute later while I'm side braiding my hair, Gale comes down to join me. Dressed in old hunting clothes. He looks at me and smiles. We both act like that never just happened because of course, were not in the bedroom anymore. We act as though we don't have an intimate relationship when were anywhere else.

"Hungry?" He asks as he looks over the game we have. I shake my head no.

It's a little bit harder now, but not much since we got married. Were still of course responsible for providing for our mother's and siblings. We still have to hunt for food, and we will still have to, even though Gale works and I'm about to. Any paid position in District 12 isn't much. It's something though. You can't complain.

Gale grabs his jacket and tosses mine to me just as I'm standing. We put them on in silence and head out the door and into town. I contemplate quickly seeing Prim, but I'm already late and she knows where I'm supposed to be this morning. We walk hand in hand until we reach the center of the town, where I'll have to go one way, and Gale another. He turns toward me-

"You'll do great in the meeting, Katniss. You know how nice Mrs. Mildred is, and the Principle." He says, wrapping his arms around my waist.

I place my hands on his arms and nod my head. Knowing he's right, he's always right. He leans in and kisses my on the cheek then moves his lips to my ears-

"I'll see you later. And remember, your in for it tonight." He says devilishly.

This is the first time either one of us has spoken like this in public. But I assume it's another milestone were slowly crossing. He stands back up straighter and unwrapping his arms from me.

"Love you." He says while starting to walk the opposite direction.

"I love you, too." I reply.

I turn my heels and head to the school. It's just up ahead, less then a minute walk. The meeting will consist of the 'rules' so to speak. What I'm acutely supposed to do. How I'm to act. How I'm supposed to act around the children. And their also give me my grade assignments. What class comes first and so on. I start Monday and I can already feel pressure. But I know this is what father wants. Nothing would make him happier.

I take a deep breath as I open to front doors to the school…