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Second Meeting:

Bella knew this was wrong.

There could be no doubt left that if she went through with this that she would be the scum of the earth, the very bane of existence.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath to steady herself. She opened them and moved her trembling fingers to smooth her skirt. She swallowed, her breaths becoming a bit louder as her heart rate started to pick up.

She glanced once more at the clock. The second hand ticked into place, teasing her.

Any minute now.

She could still make it, get up and run the hell out of there, never looking back. Truthfully, she wanted to. The voice of reason in her head was screaming at her in full force to.

She cleared her throat as if she could clear away the guilt nagging at her. Her hand made its way onto the table, gently drumming in anxiety. She forced herself to tune out the warning bells in her brain and focused on the cool, smooth surface. But the familiar temperature underneath her fingertips didn't bring the comfort she sought. Instead, shame flooded her senses, making her heart beat triple.

Her eyes once again flashed up nervously to the clock. The second hand had not moved from its original spot. She swallowed tightly once more. She shouldn't be doing this. This was wrong.

And right on cue, he walked in.

The heart that had been thumping out of control seconds earlier now came to a dead stop and leapt into her throat, cutting off her air supply. Frozen. That's what she was and somewhere inside, the word made her cringe.

His eyes scanned the room, searching, until they came to rest on her. His smile was so wide that she was certain it had to hurt.

And hurt it did. The hole that was a permanent part of her anatomy tore open and began to consume her, making her feel dizzy with the remorse that was sure to come.

He sauntered over to her, his eyes never leaving her face.

Her heart started beating again, picking up its rapid pace with no trouble at all. Her breaths, now flowing once again through her free throat, were fast and shallow. She could feel her shirt tighten as her chest heaved to match the rhythm.

He reached the table and slowly pulled out the chair opposite her, exaggerating the movement to match the motion of her lips parting , allowing her breaths to move faster now. He sunk into the chair, his impish grin never wavering, his eyes boring into hers with abysmal intensity.

She felt a tinge of annoyance at his nonchalant reaction. It seemed she bore the brunt of both their consciences, for the tangled intricate web they had woven themselves into. She tried to settle her heart and did her best to furrow her brows and level her gaze at him.

His eyes shined brightly with amusement.

Her frown intensified.

His smirk grew wider.

Her heart stuttered uncontrollably.

He inched forward slowly, placing both hands on the table.

She moved away slightly.

He covered her right hand with his left.

She pulled hers back.

His hand clamped down on hers, ceasing her movement.

Her breath hitched as he pulled her hand towards him, his eyes darkening.

Her frown faltered along with her heart as her eyes met his. "This has to stop." She couldn't do more than whisper it as his thumb had started massaging small circles onto her palm, creating a fire within her.

He shook his head, the smile never leaving his face. His eyes lowered to their joint hands. His other fingers began caressing her skin.

She followed his gaze. "I want this to stop."

He turned her hand over, and brought the index finger of his right hand to trail lightly from her palm, down her wrist to the crook of her arm. She drew in jagged breaths, making his eyes travel back up to her face. His grin grew wider at her half-lidded expression. "No. You don't."

Her eyes slowly met his. "Y-Yes." She opened her eyes fully to look at him, forcing herself to ignore the feelings he was stirring within her. "Yes. I do."

His fingers stopped their teasing of her skin and his smile melted away. He brought his hand up to her cheek, letting the tips of his fingers gently graze across the soft smooth planes. She shivered at the contact, her breath hitching once more. He brought his thumb to brush across her lips. Once. Twice. Her lips parted of their own accord, allowing her to taste his skin as it passed. His eyes darkened even further as he slowly pushed the top of his thumb into her mouth to rest against her tongue. Her teeth grazed the sides of the digit softly. She heard his sharp intake of breath. "No. You don't." His whisper clawed at her heart.

He released her hand and retracted his own. He withdrew his thumb from between her lips and removed his other hand from her face, pulling his arm back with him as he sat upright, and then leaning back into the chair, farther away from her. His eyes bore into hers, watching for her reaction. He had a restrained amused smirk on his face as he waited patiently.

She hated him. She hated herself. And she hated that he was right.

Because as her gaze fell to the golden band adorned by a stunningly, beautifully cut diamond on her left hand, she knew. She couldn't stop. She wouldn't. She would always choose him.

And as her eyes traveled slowly upwards to find his grin wider and his eyes lit up with the fire she loved, she knew. He knew that she would always choose him, too.