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Upcoming Chapter Excerpt/Teaser:

Bella let a lazy smile spread across her face, keeping her eyes closed, her head resting against Jake's right shoulder. She was content, her body fully relaxed. Now this was vacation, pure bliss.

Jake placed a kiss to the left side of her wet head and left his lips to linger there. "Not too hot?"

She shook her head and opened her eyes to look up at him, smiling happily. "No, it's perfect." Jake grinned and leaned down to kiss her. His right hand stroked her midsection gently underneath the semi-soapy water. Bella soon attempted to break away for some air but he followed her, not allowing her to get away, once again covering her lips with his. Bella couldn't help but giggle into his mouth, pushing him away slightly.

Jake chuckled and trailed kisses to her left ear, making sure to move in a way to ensure tickling sensations. Bella laughed and tried to tuck her face down into her shoulder, forcing him to duck down further to nip her ear playfully. "Jacob," she squealed.

He laughed and wrapped his arms tighter around her, keeping her more securely against him. "I like this," Jake sighed contentedly. "Being here with you, holding you like this, just the two of us. It feels almost….."

When he didn't finish, Bella turned towards him and arched her brows questioningly. "Almost what?"

He shot her a lopsided smile. "Perfect." Bella smiled and lifted her left hand up, cradled it against his left cheek and pulled him down to meet her. She kissed him tenderly and he pecked her lips before sitting back. "So you like it here then?"

Bella smiled and laid her forehead against his neck. "I love it here," she sighed happily. "It's perfect, like you said. And so beautiful." She sat quietly, just enjoying this moment before a question popped out of her mouth, "What made you think of it?"

Jake shrugged and swirled his finger around her navel in lazy circles. "I wanted to find something around here to take you to and I found this. Just seemed like the right place for us, you know? It lets us….get away for a while."

Bella closed her eyes and melted into him. "Um-hmm. You definitely get a gold star for vacation planning." Jake laughed, remembering his own words from the previous night, and kissed her forehead.

After a few minutes, Jake laid his cheek against her wet hair. "Bells, can I ask you something?"

Bella's eyes snapped open. Oh no, he wasn't going to ask her about what she thought he was going to, was he? She fervently hoped he wasn't. Her body tensed in preparation just in case.

"Why is your shop named 'Belle's Books'?"

Bella heaved a quiet sigh of relief and chuckled. He chuckled, too, and shrugged, resuming the stroking of her stomach. "I just always wondered if they made a mistake on the sign or something."

She gave him a mock glare before resting against him again. "A spelling mistake? With me there? You are kidding right? Do you really think I'd let that one go?" She heard him chuckle again and smiled. "Good point," he whispered. "So, why the name then?"

Bella shrugged herself. "I don't know. You'd probably think it was ridiculous. Sometimes I do."

Jake pulled back to look down at her seriously, encouraging her, "Try me." She scrunched up her nose, not wanting to say it, and shook her head. "Come on," he playfully urged. He then placed his lips near her ear. "You can tell me," he breathed. His warm breath made her shiver slightly, making his smile melt into a smirk. Of course.

"Okay," she relented, rolling her eyes. "But don't you dare laugh." She pointed her finger at him in emphasis. His smirk just grew bigger. "Okay, so….you remember that Disney movie from a while back….Beauty and the Beast?"

Jake snickered. "Oh man, this is gonna be good."

Bella narrowed her eyes at him and gently elbowed him. "I said not to laugh."

He grinned before kissing her nose gently. "Okay, baby, sorry. I'm listening. Continue."

She could still see the amusement sparkling in his dark eyes and she pointed a finger in warning. He simulated zipping his mouth shut and throwing it away before turning back to her expectantly. Bella couldn't help but roll her eyes again followed by a small smile.

"Okay, so there's this one scene in the movie where the Beast shows Belle his library, hoping to impress her, right?"

Her eyes lifted to his and he shrugged again. "I vaguely remember the twins having some princess flicks. There might have been something about a beast but I didn't really pay attention."

Bella's smile expanded and she kissed his cheek in adoration. "Typical guy."

He snorted. "Continue."

"So, she sees that there's row upon row of books, almost all the way to the ceiling and she's just in awe, looking around." Jake nodded. "Well….okay, you're gonna laugh but I guess it is kind of weird but anyway, I kind of always wanted a library like that. Huge, organized, hundreds of my favorite books all over the room. There'd be a few seats so you could get comfortable and read, a ladder if you needed to get to a top shelf, a desk if you needed to do research or felt like writing." Bella was staring off into space as she described it. "I would put in a ton of leather bound books with golden embossed pages, however many I could find." She but her lip, smiling. "But I'd also have paperbacks in some small section to make for easier reading; I love my paperbacks. Sometimes the hardcovers can be too aggravating and uncomfortable to read. Oh, and if I had the money, I would get as many first editions of the classics as I could. And on the walls, if there was enough room, I would have pictures of literary London. That's always been my dream, you know? To travel to London someday and see where all of my favorite writers lived and where they wrote my favorite books." She sighed dreamily. "I hope I get to do that someday, that would definitely be some of the best few days of my life." She laughed. "Oh, and I would also have a stereo system somewhere in there to play classical music whenever I felt like it. Sometimes, it makes for good reading music. Sometimes I just like the quiet but I'd want the option, you know? Almost like they do in Barnes and Noble but it would only be my absolute favorites, some light classical and nothing from the baroque period." She laughed again. "It would be like my own little sanctuary, my own little world that's just for me." She finished with a small smile directed towards him that quickly melted into horror when she saw how intently he was staring at her. Bella knew then she had gotten carried away, describing everything. She blushed and bit her lip nervously, resting her head back against his shoulder, clearing her throat quietly. "Um, yeah, so that's where the idea came from. I knew I'd never really have a library like that, it was just a pipe dream and the shop would be the closest thing to it I'd ever have so, I just named it Belle's Books. Almost like a play on words. I thought it was a good name," she finished timidly.

When he didn't say anything or move, Bella's cheeks flamed redder and she bit her lip harder. "Sorry," she said quietly. "I got kind of carried away there for a minute."

She expected him to laugh at her, tease her or just tell her it was fine. But when he responded, it was not anything she had been expecting. "I don't think I've ever met anyone quite like you." She blushed again and meekly glanced up at him. He smiled softly at her and leaned in, gently rubbing his nose along hers. "While this certainly hasn't been a stellar year," Bella winced slightly, knowing he was referring to everything that had happened with Ness. "It's also been one of the best." Bella's eyes focused on his to see his gentle smile directed at her. "I met you," he finished in a husky whisper before pressing his lips to hers.

She dropped her forehead to his and stared into his eyes, smiling tenderly at him. "I wouldn't say this year has been the best for me," She saw Jake's face fall and she cupped his cheek, stroking his skin with her wet fingers. "But, this is the happiest I've been…..in a long time. " She kissed his nose and smiled wider. "I never thought I'd be happy ever again." She saw his eyebrows furrow in confusion. "But then…..you came along." His eyes softened as did his features. "And somehow….I'm happy again."

He kissed her and she turned in his arms so she could face him to kiss him deeper. He helped her to straddle him. She moaned into Jake's mouth when she felt him up against her. When they broke apart, Jake took her bottom lip in his teeth and tugged it as he moved away before releasing it. "I know I don't deserve you," he whispered. "But, I'd sure like to try."