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- xxxx before and after italicised passages indicates the start and end of a flashback.

- GUSEL is short for Gero Underground Science and Engineering Lab.

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- This Kakarot is nothing like my other Kakarot in The Unmaking of Reality.

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Last time on Legendary Evolution: Bulma calls out Vegeta's name in her sleep, triggering more than just a simple twitch in Prince's head. Meanwhile, after sending Prince back to the underground lab, Kakarot meets a woman in the southern region and scares her. She faints and then wakes up after several hours thinking that it was all just a dream. But is it?

"But I made soup… I swear," she murmured softly under her breath, sounding lost and unsure, with a tinge of fear in her voice.

This time, the old man noticed the sudden bone-chilling change in her demeanour and looked at her with measured wary. He wasn't sure what the cause of her distress was but nevertheless decided to lift things up with a little jest. Besides, she had been working so hard, never taking much time off, doing things she used to love, or meeting new friends; all these ever since Goku passed on.

"Don't be uptight, it's just soup. Maybe the ghost drank it all up and even cleaned the place while you were resting. It's a good ghost, then, I wouldn't mind having it around."

Chi Chi had never been more spooked out than she was now. She nearly whimpered and the more her grandfather spoke, the more petrified she became. The urge to tell him what, or rather, who she saw beckoned, but what would her grandfather think of her? He'd most definitely deem her crazy and send her off to bed. And in the rarest case, if he did decide to believe her, he'd take her to a series of therapy, visiting endless rounds of temples and mediums until the bad, supernatural vibes were all driven out.

"Please don't joke about such things, Grandpa."

No… she wouldn't tell him. She did not see Goku. It was just her imagination.

Telling night from day and vice versa in the underground lab was not an easy feat, which was why punctuality held great importance to the hidden race and, whether they liked it or not, every Saiyan labelled were made to adhere to this little peeve of the infamous Dr. Gero.

Eighteen was a rigid woman by personality, a creature of extreme habit but not without the ability to improvise if needed. Saying so, being late for an appointment, work, or an event would throw her off and her day would be spoiled.

This particular day was important. It wasn't special but it was important nonetheless. Dressed in a sleeveless grey top and black pants, the blonde haired hybrid gave her mirrored image a last look before shrugging on her lab coat. With a good thirty-minute window to spare, she would be wise to use it to put her estranged spouse, Prince, on the right track for the day. However, last night's unfortunate discovery with the man had her on the edge ever since, stripping her not only of proper sleep but also her normally perfected stoic mask. Pride or not, she knew she was attractive despite the reasons why Prince rejected her advances. It wasn't like it mattered to her in the first place but it seemed rather sad that one's supposedly own husband would push his wife away.

Eighteen frowned as she ran her fingers through her sunlight hair, feet already taking her out of the room and into the main hall to once again pursue the man in question.

"Are you ready?" Eighteen's monotonous greeting filled the apartment.

Prince was seen lounging on the three-seater couch, head resting on the backrest, face skyward, and throat exposed. He raised a brow but his eyes remained close, sighing tiredly at the sound of Eighteen's voice while he tried recalling his calendar.

"Ready for what?" He finally asked, voice low and scruffy.

"Did you forget?" Eighteen asked lazily as she stepped into her shoes, not at all sounding surprised. "It's that time of the year again."

Prince gave a heavy frowned and opened his eyes, allowing his gaze to fall on the stranger-wife who seemed exceptionally cold today. Mindlessly, and contemplating hard, he watched her slip into her heels.

"I'm not going," he said after a long pause, and then returned to his earlier lazy position.

"Doctor's orders," replied Eighteen firmly.

Prince's eyes flew open and he glared at her. Within a split second, he bolted up from his comfortable position and strode towards her. Eighteen's defence mechanism kicked in in response to his alarming reaction, the fingers on her left hand skilfully coiling around a freshly charged energy sphere. She was poised to attack but Prince's own hand shot out and gripped her wrist, causing her to wince and extinguish her attack.

"Are you scared?" He teased wickedly with a smirk, recalling her shock from the night before.

Eighteen chuckled, not about to be undermined, and yanked her hand away, "I'm not afraid of anything."

"Not even the doctor?"

The slight shift in her expression and the minute twitch on her right eye were all Prince needed to confirm his speculation. He was now doubly sure that she and Gero had spoken to one another prior to last night's incident, but what about, he wasn't certain.

"Not even the doctor," she affirmed but even she wouldn't be convinced by the tone of her voice. The fact that she was unsure made her squirm internally and question her own insecurities.


Prince's firm and gruff voice snapped her back to attention. He added, "Remember that. When the time comes, I would expect you to hold true to your words."

Horrified and confused but not showing it, Eighteen replied, "What the hell are you talking about?"

Prince cornered her by the main door, trapping her in between his thick arms as he glared down at her. He wanted to hold her attention, to make sure that everything he was about to say sank into her head. Estranged spouse or not, Eighteen would make a good, strong ally. But first, after last night's spectacle with her and the revelation with Bulma, trust must be earned. And he would start small.

"There's something going on and Gero isn't telling."

"He isn't obliged to tell us anything."

"Is that what your naïve little head thinks?" He snapped condescendingly, earning him a scowl. "He's up to something that is bigger than us Level 2 hybrids, and definitely bigger than this entire underground hell. Now tell me that you have never suspected a thing, never had a question to feed your curiosity."

Eighteen shoved him away and moved to the side, crossing her arms and giving him an angry glare. "Have you been spying on him?"

Prince scoffed. "Really, Andrea. Your intelligence astounds me. I'd thought you were as sharp as the metal in your voice."

"Spare me the compliment. It's very unlike you. Now tell me truth," she asserted, but Prince wasn't about to lay all his cards down on the table.

"Mock me all you want. This underground life, shunned away by society, terrorising cities, awakening Saiyans by batches, injecting us with mutation serum year after year, they're all bullshit. Each is a means to get Gero somewhere or something."

"You have been snooping around and spying on him," Eighteen reconfirmed and turned to walk away, but his next words stopped her.

"You don't work with him like I do, Number Eighteen," he murmured her label, sending chills down her spine. "Whatever sweet words he's fed you, whatever promises he's made you, you should be wise to know what's real and what's not. You're a Level 2 hybrid, the best breed in this Saiyan-infested lair. Your intellect far surpasses those Level 1 fools."

Prince walked up behind her and Eighteen turned around to face him. Their blue eyes met and with every passing second, the tension between them continued to rise. He began, "Gero has every Saiyan labelled from the time they were awakened."

"For registration and addressing purposes," she replied coldly.

"I can never recall anything further than the last three years."

At this, her voice softened, "You had a really bad accident in the lab," she hugged herself and rubbed her arms, feeling more awkward than empathetic, "The chance of regaining full memory of your past has always been slim."

"You seem to have an answer for everything," Prince sneered.

Eighteen gave a small smirked and stated wistfully, "My intellect far surpasses those Level 1 fools, right?"

Prince returned her smirk and laid the bomb, "That's right. So humour me when I say this – you don't know how your brother died."

The smirk on her face dropped immediately, electric blue eyes widening with surprise. It was a low blow, right in the gut. Prince's brow raised at her lack of a comeback, but then his glare deepened. Meanwhile, Eighteen's eyes lowered to the floor and she zipped away, headed for the door. "We should get going."

Prince witnessed her shaken resolve for the first time as he watched her retreating back. He called to her, "Don't ever forget what you told me, Andrea."

She stopped in her tracks, turning her head to the side to regard him with the corner of her eye.

"You're not afraid of him," Prince reminded her. She turned around fully to face him, her face devoid of any expression.

"The truth is out there, and the lies are in here," he added with a firm glare, "It's hard to be alone. With no one to believe in. No one to trust."

If that statement managed to instil a response in her, it would be the slight narrowing of her eyes. Suspicion of his actions was high but the suspense in his words was greater. She wondered if he was asking her to trust him. And if there was something more than anything that she wanted, it would be to unearth the truth behind her brother's death – at best, a closure that could provide her with the least pain. Could she trust him enough to dig out the truth and believe that he would present her with it, no matter how devastating the truth would be?

"What do you plan to do?"

A smirk played on Prince's lips and his eyes gleamed as though he had spotted his target, right where he wanted it. "The laboratory is Gero's playhouse. I'm privy to many things that the average Saiyans aren't. For years, I've tried making sense of his creations and experiments but he is a clever, careful old bastard," said Prince as he turned towards the direction of the bedroom. "However, like rules are meant to be broken, secrets are meant to be shared. So mark my words, I will find out what Gero is hiding."

By now, Eighteen realised that there was nothing more she could say or do to change his mind. Prince, her estranged husband, was going to dip himself into hot water to dig out the condiments buried at the bottom. For as long as she knew the man, no water was hot enough to scald him. If he was burned, he would only return with a thicker layer of skin before he plunged into the boiling pits of hell once more. And when that time came, would she go after him or would she save her own skin? For now, she would relent and let nature take its course.

She took in a deep breath and let out an inaudible sigh. "Just... don't go too far."

Prince stopped by the doorframe and threw over his shoulder with a smirk, mind set on getting this day over and done with before it even started.

"On the contrary, I plan to get nearer."

On the other side of the GUSEL…


Raditz exhaled lightly through his nose, purring softly in the back of his throat and sleeping soundly as he relished in tasteful dreams.

"Raa-aditz," Kakarot whispered.

"Nghn..." the long-haired behemoth shifted, hugging his pillow closer.

"I'm heading out, but I don't know what time I'll be back. Can you fill in for me?"

"... scallops."

"Nah. You can have my portion," Kakarot suggested, oblivious that his brother was merely talking in his sleep. "If anyone asks where I am, give them the diarrhoea story?"

"... Hn."

"Say yes."

"... Ye."

"If the boss wants me, say that I'm conducting intensive outdoor training. Yes?"

Raditz shifted in his sleep again, this time turning away from Kakarot. But the young Saiyan was persistent and desperate and smacked the large man on the arm. "Say yes!"

Raditz snarled and bolted upright, "The fu- YES!"

"Cool. I'll see you," Kakarot bid goodbye with a sheepish grin and eagerly trotted out of the room, and eventually, out of sight.

Raditz blinked as he sat in the middle of his bed. Kakarot had just left his room. He frowned and, plopping back down on the pillow and continuing his slumber, thought groggily, 'What the hell did the moron want? Why was he in my room?'

Two odd hours later, Raditz was seen queuing up for the General Biannual DNA Enhancement Programme, where all Saiyans generated and labelled were required to get their shots of serum to sustain their powers, if not increase them.

"I said NO!" Raditz growled at the attendant, a fellow Level 1 Saiyan who was assigned to usher the others and keep them in order. "I don't know where the hell he is, so stop asking. He could be taking a shit in the woods as we speak!"

"I don't need to remind you both of the importance of this programme. He is your brother and attendance is mandatory."

Raditz folded his arms, pissed as hell as he glared at the usher. The man was persistent but Raditz was just as adamant. "Well unlucky you because your date's not here. You'll just have to rendezvous and get some mutated load without him. But trust me, when I see him, I'll make sure that he gets a happy ending, fisted right on the face. Satisfied?"

The usher glared back, seemingly unwilling to back down. But after a moment's thought and recalling that this was the 'Riotous Brothers' he was dealing with, the man sneered and walked away. The effort wasn't worth it.

As the man retreated, Raditz heaved a silent sigh and agitatedly moved down the queue. He grumbled and vowed to himself that Kakarot would not get away with this.

The queue was made up of four columns, with each column categorised by different levels of 1 and 2 respectively, with Level 1 Saiyans holding up three lines for being the most in number. There were only a handful of selected and specially bred Level 2's, and that included Prince and Eighteen who were both at the end of the line, assigned to carry out Gero's task and ensure that everything was in order.

Prince, who was inwardly griping his shift away but was otherwise stoic on the outside, unceremoniously shoved an underclassman into the seat of a chair that resembled a dental engine, a machine equipped with a multitude of wires, a heart rate monitor, and an IV drip attached on the side for serum transfusion processes. The brutish attitude of the golden-haired Saiyan earned him glares but no one dared voice out, and especially since the big boss was not present, Prince was regarded with the highest authority and his word throughout entire programme was law, bar none.

Even Eighteen could do nothing but perform her duties in silent, injecting serum after serum into each Saiyan without so much of a squeak at her infamous estranged spouse. Every few minutes she'd throw a sideward glance at Prince, taking note of his actions and subtle movements but so far nothing seemed out of the ordinary. He simply looked like an angry grouch who hated every second of his job. Ever since their conversation this morning, and how he had hooked her into playing his game of seeking truths and condemning lies, she couldn't help but wonder what his plans and motives were henceforth.

Sure, Gero was hiding something. Many things in fact. The old man may possess an astounding level of intellect but he wasn't the most clever, careful old bastard as Prince had put it. In fact, Prince could be right. She was sure there would be trails and traces of secrets of which Gero would leave for those who actually seek them. One just had to know where and what to look for.

Eighteen looked down wistfully as she inserted another vial of serum into the IV slot. She returned her focus to the task and little did she know that a pair of vigilant teal eyes glanced her way to ensure that her attention had been diverted. The hand of which belonged to those teal eyes then picked up a vial of serum and, like a stealthy feline landing on its paws, slipped it into the nearest pants pocket. Feeling eyes on her, Eighteen looked up at Prince and swore that he had been watching her just a second ago but all she saw was the rowdy man brutishly shoving another Saiyan into the chair.

This morning was bright and nearly perfect – clouds drifted apart to make way for the sun to shine upon the land while the latter's powerful rays touched cities, kissed oceans, and forced themselves through dense tree canopies. There were only slivers of sunlight that managed to reach the ground and at this, Kakarot was grateful because it allowed him to hide in the shadows by the thick and large bough on which he was currently perching.

He landed in the southern forest fifteen minutes ago, searching for the little wooden cottage that caught his eye the afternoon before. When he finally found it, he made a dash for it and was going to make his presence known through the front door, but a noisy ruffling and croaky voice and musty old people smell stopped him. Kakarot back-pedalled and pounced skyward without thinking, seeking refuge on the nearest tree and made it his hideout while he watched the scene below him unfurl.

Kakarot had cut it really close because the moment he stepped onto the bough, he only had another second to blend in with the shadows before an old man made an appearance at the front door. He held his breath and, from his covert vantage point, observed the old man. The first deduction he had was something that was not unfamiliar, but the Saiyan didn't even have the chance to dwell on that thought when the old man bid a cheerful goodbye to someone inside the house and turned to walk away. Still, Kakarot kept a close watch on his back.

But the old man stopped in his tracks, a foot pressing down the soft soil and snapping a twig. Kakarot froze, not moving a limb, not taking a breath. The old man's shoulders suddenly tensed and, very slowly, turned towards the direction in which Kakarot was hiding. The Saiyan watched in the shade like a silent predator. The only thing that was moving was the light breeze that flitted past him, causing the branches and leaves around him to sway.

The old man lifted his sunglasses and squinted and, upon concluding that it was merely the quiet wind and meek sunlight that set his old heart uneasy, shrugged and went on his merry way. Kakarot waited with bated breath until the old man was, without a doubt, far from the place before he finally released that breath. He leaned against the tree trunk and slid down to sit, relieved that he had not been spotted. He rested his head, closed his eyes, and briefly wondered who that old man was and why had he felt a tinge of nostalgia when another sound snapped him out of his reverie.

He froze again but quickly relaxed as it was only the female from the day before. But after recalling why he was here in the first place, he tensed up once more and watched her, making no attempts to hide in the shadows this time.

The ebony-haired woman donned a similar dress from the day prior, only in a different colour this time. It was a dark blue sleeveless dress thrown over a peach-coloured long-sleeve blouse complete with the same orange scarf wrapped around her neck. Like yesterday, her hair was tied up loosely in a half bun and Kakarot silently delighted in the way the breeze made the rest of her strands dance across her face and shoulders.

Unbeknownst to her, someone was watching her with the intensity of a hungry prowler, and Kakarot would very well fit that title when he felt his stomach churn. He had not had a single bite since he left the underground lab, and that was nearly an hour ago. Down below, the woman seemed to be taking her time in hanging her laundry. And when she was finally done and making a move back into the house, Kakarot huffed out 'finally' under his breath. The second the girl disappeared through the door, the Saiyan free fell from his spot and landed softly on the ground, and as he moved towards the house, he regained his bearings and reconsidered his approach.

Soft humming travelled through the compact living space and into Kakarot's ears as he crossed the main hall. The sweet little tune led him through a small and dimly lit aisle, where timber walls were lined with frames containing black and white portraits of old people. The Saiyan walked past them, taking in each and every face and assumed they were a picture collection of ancestors who had passed on, but he had to do a double take when he reached the last frame. It was the old man he had seen moments ago.

Kakarot made a face as he took a closer look – bald old geezer with bushy white moustache and beard that reminded him of Santa Claus or worse, Dr. Gero. The last impression left little to be desired before Kakarot moved on to wonder about the sunglasses the old man seemed to be so fond of keeping on. After a moment's scrutiny, he finally made a move down the walkway, taking slow and careful steps as he neared what would seem to be the kitchen. He wasn't entirely sure where he was headed but if the tantalising aroma wasn't a dead give-away that he was about to enter a kitchen then perhaps he was about to enter a restaurant. It was a delicious thought and possibility that he did not discard entirely.

The soft illumination from the upcoming room lit his path and he stepped out into the light. As though he had just emerged from a tiny slit in the cave, Kakarot took in a deep breath, inhaling all drifting molecules of dust, sunlight, and breakfast. He let his eyes sweep over the threshold, taking in the position of the dining table and the large cookie jar that seemed strangely out of place, before resting them on the woman's figure by the sink. Her back was to him, with water running and plates clanking in the background as she washed the dishes. Kakarot took a hesitant step forward but stopped himself. He frowned as he came to a dead end.

'What am I going to say?' he thought. Somehow, he was worried that she might faint again, or worse, strike him successfully this time. A tiny smirk graced his lips as he thought how the latter wouldn't be a bad thing. After all, he kind of liked women who played rough. And so, with that lewd notion in mind, he finally took that step and closed the gap between them.

The dishes were soaked and scrubbed and cleaned, only rinsing left to do. Chi Chi was particularly exhausted this morning, and unusually jumpy. She had not had a good sleep or, if she dared say, any sleep at all. That man, that face; he had been on her mind ever since but not in the way she had always thought about him. This was not the man she promised herself to. This was not the man she loved, the man who loved her.

That man was dead. Goku was dead. Along with his brother, Gokan.

This man… he was an imposter. A fake. A ghost. A fake. A gho...

Chi Chi's eyes widened as a smudged silhouette caught her attention on the reflection of the hanging pot. She held her breath and swallowed a gasp, immediately stopping whatever she was doing. Somehow, she knew it was the same person from yesterday. The figure suddenly ceased his movements the second she did, stopping mere inches behind her and was practically breathing down her neck. Chi Chi's heart raced and she wondered if he could sense her fear. However, she decided to be inconspicuous, shaking her head, shrugging, and sighing and pretending as though nothing happened. She would strike him when he least expected it. She would not be weak this time.

Her hands gradually returned to rinsing the dishes, but unbeknownst to the intruder, her fingers slipped around the handle of a small-sized kitchen knife that was hidden amongst the cutleries. An attack strategy formed in her head – she would aim for his neck where the main artery was, and she only had one strike. Just one. Adrenaline began to pump within her as her survival instincts kicked in and she wondered what Goku would do if he was in her shoes. This was a sudden death match – kill or be killed. As she strategised, her eyes remained glued to the pot. For now it was her only aid in the situation.

Inch by inch, Kakarot shifted forward until he could hear even the slight ruffling of her hair. The fleeting hesitation in him had passed and he braved himself for the anticipated strike. Like her, the reflection on the pot was also his only assistance in gauging her movements. He saw the pressing of her lips and the slight shift in her eyes, her gestures were all poised to attack. Sticking a foot firmly onto the ground, Kakatot waited and, within that split second, Chi Chi whipped around and flung her arm, the tip of a sharpened blade sinking into the hardened flesh of his neck.

Or so she hoped that had happened. Instead, she found her offensive hand forcibly held against her will. The man's eyes were shadowed and a scowl played under its shaded depths. His fingers curled tightly around her slender forearm and Chi Chi swore her heart had ruptured into a thousand pieces. She waited for him to counterattack but much to her surprise, he remained still; his glare being the only dangerous part about him for now.

"Who are you?" She threw at him under her breath, finding the strength and courage to push against his force.

The man lifted his head, finally showing his eyes, and stared down at her. Chi chi gasped, eyes widening for a second before giving him a fierce glare.

"Who are you!? How dare you trespass on my property?" Shrieked Chi Chi as she struggled against him once more.

He overpowered her easily, reaching out for the knife and casually plucking it out from her fingers, then acting nonchalant as though her threat had never bothered him. It was a fact that Chi Chi learned to be true when he stared at the knife – eyes glinting against the steel – a second just before he flung it out the kitchen window.

Instead of a hardened neck, the tip of the blade met with the bark of an age-old tree trunk.

A minute felt like an eternity, especially more so when one was holding their breath like Chi Chi was now. She swallowed in large gulps of air and there were times when she wished she could also swallow her heart and drop dead. But that would mean losing to this man before even getting his name. At the very least, if she were to die at his hand, she would want a name to go down with. That alone mustered a different kind of courage she didn't know she had; one that displayed a sense of honour and sacrifice. A fight to the end.

Unfazed by her glare, Kakarot pushed her up against the sink counter – both hands gripping the edges and trapping her in between two hard places – to keep her from making any sudden movements.

"You shouldn't be playing with knives," he stated casually, the tip of his nose a mere inch from hers. Wide soft brown eyes held his gunmetal orbs, and in response to the familiar yet foreign gleam of her eyes, he smirked, "One of us will get hurt."

Big eyes squinted immediately after those words left his mouth and her delicate lips twisted into an ugly scowl, her hands pushing at his chest. "You have some nerve, trespassing on my land twice, harassing me twice. Keep doing what you're doing and the one who's going to get hurt is you."

"Okay, okay," Kakarot ceded and straightened up quickly, releasing her and taking a step back with hands in the air. "I didn't come here looking for trouble."

The second Kakarot let go, Chi Chi spun around and scrambled for an object to use as a shield or weapon. She settled for a frying pan and spatula, ignoring the light chuckle he gave as she realised how foolish she must have looked. But she didn't care. She shouldn't care.

"I'm not going to ask you again. Who are you?!" Chi Chi asserted the question exasperatedly, "What business do you have here?"

The man looked down and folded his arms, his face assuming a contemplative expression. A light pout played on his bottom lip before he glanced at her and gave, "I'm Kakarot," followed by a one-shoulder shrug as he swept his eyes around the kitchen, "Was hoping you could tell me. I stumbled upon this place yesterday…"

He trailed off, one hand now resting on his hip while the other rubbing his nape, and said sheepishly, "… and I became curious."

"Of what?!" snapped Chi Chi as her patience ran thin.

This caused Kakarot to drop the innocent boyish act and regain his tough appearance. He lowered his chin so that his glare deepened. Hands were lowered to the side and fingers clenched in tight fists. His face was hardened, lips tightly pressed, and jaw firmly squared. Chi Chi's initial fear for the man returned at full force as she stared at the stranger who now resembled a lion that was ready to pounce on its prey. He looked like a seasoned killer, body packed with muscles and eyes filled with detached emptiness. Truly a dangerous creature. She swallowed hard and prayed that he would be merciful enough to give her a quick death.

His mouth parted as he drew in a deep breath, and Chi Chi braved herself for both verbal and physical onslaughts.

"For years I have traversed the Earth," he started, his voice gruff and eyes piercing into hers, "Exploring, engaging, experiencing. Sometimes I create and sometimes… I destroy, but not once," he stressed and began to pace the floor, "Not once have I seen or felt anything remotely close to this –" a hand spread out and swept through the air to emphasise on his environment. His eyes found hers once more, and he continued, " – the very substance of life that I've tasted yesterday, a tiny glimpse of a distant memory or future, a nostalgic yet foreign moment that life had so graciously allowed me to relish in… do you understand?"

Kakarot finished, hands somehow ended up gripping both of Chi Chi's lowered arms and eyes filled with wistful hope as he waited for an answer. Chi Chi swallowed hard, lips parting and wide soft brown eyes staring worriedly into the eyes of the familiar-looking stranger. Her stomach clenched and churned as she battled between wanting to laugh and needing to cry. She shook her head and decided that this deluded person needed help, "What are you talking about?"

The man's eyes widened for a second as though the sudden revelation of him touching her had just hit him. He quickly removed his hands and looked away, rubbing his nape and returning to all seriousness, although his demeanour was sheepish at best, "Your soup. It was the best thing I've ever tasted and that got me wondering," he paused, pursed his lips a little, and threw her a hopeful glance, "Can you make chow mein?"

Well, they did say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. In case you guys have forgotten, Kakarot was complaining to Raditz about how the underground lab's cafeteria's chow mein sucks, and he swore that he had tasted better. Perhaps by the end of this, he can go back to Raditz and rub it in his face.

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