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Chapter 7


As soon as Tony and Eliot had left the office, Gibbs turned towards McGee and Ziva.

"McGee, go down to Abby and see if she has something new and Ziva, you go and see, if you can finally reach Petty Officer Nichol's family," he instructed and both agents hastened to obey at the tone of Gibbs's voice, even though Ziva was still sulking a little that she hadn't been allowed to accompany the Commander. Spencer had a certain danger and mystique around him that Ziva had always found intriguing. And she had wanted to find out if Spencer had seen the same danger in her and might be interested in her as she was interested in him, not for anything long-term, but who knew. So they reluctantly left the office and Gibbs watched them go with mixed feelings and decided to keep an eye on his two team members.


After they were gone, Gibbs turned back towards Fornell and the two Vances.

"So, where is the rest of the team?" he questioned, looking straight at the not NCIS-Vance. The Colonel simply shrugged.

"He is the team, or better, we are the team, even though I'm more of a liaison," he stated and Fornell snorted in disbelief.

"You're kidding, right?" the FBI agent asked, not sure what he should think of that. Colonel Vance shrugged again.

"I'm not. If anyone can get this job done then it's Commander Spencer. He's the best there is, believe me. And if he really lets go, he best works alone with no one getting in his way. The back-up of your team will be more than enough on this case." Vance had expected the disbelief from the NCIS and the FBI, so he had more or less practiced the little speech.

Gibbs only snorted.

"If he really is as good as you say he is, then you won't mind me testing him, will you?"

Colonel Vance shrugged a third time, a motion he was used to when dealing with officials, no matter where.

"Knock yourself out, but be prepared for the backlash, when Spencer realizes what you've been doing." He sounded a little too eager at the prospect and that raised an alarm in Gibbs's gut, but he wasn't ready to back down.


He narrowed his eyes and crossed his arms again.

"Well, with that cleared up, can we get to the actual briefing, so that we can get this over with and I can then brief my own team on what we have to do," he demanded. He hated those official meetings, because that kept him from actually doing useful work, so Gibbs liked to keep them short. And at least that seemed to be something he and Colonel Vance agreed on, because he immediately pulled out a file he had kept in his leather bag and threw it onto the desk.

"That's all the intel we have and we're pretty sure that we know who exactly is behind this, but I need Commander Spencer to confirm it," he explained, the "we" a little lie, because so far only the Colonel knew what was in that file. He hadn't told Eliot about it yet, because he knew the other wouldn't have come if he had.


He threw a short glance at his watch and then looked towards the door.

"And he should be back soon to confirm our suspicions..."

He didn't get further, because suddenly the door to Vance's office swung open and revealed a very furious looking Eliot Spencer, who immediately and before anyone could react he had punched Colonel Vance so hard that the man went tumbling to the ground.

"You bastard, you knew it was him, didn't you?" Eliot growled low in his throat, anger radiating off him in waves and Gibbs couldn't even fault Tony for having lost the other and arriving a few seconds too late, only now appearing in the doorway. And even Vance and Fornell looked a little shell-shocked at what had just happened. On the other hand, Colonel Vance didn't seem to be angry at all. He simply nodded at Eliot's accusations.

suspected. That's why I called you. No one knows him better than you do," he simply stated and then extended his hand. Eliot took it without hesitation and hauled the other man to his feet again.

"You could at least have warned me and not let me see his work," he told the other man, now calm as if nothing had happened, so the other people in the room concluded that something like this had probably happened before between the two of them. And Tony was intrigued at the exact relationship between Vance and Eliot and he made a mental note to ask his lover about it when they had some time alone.


Vance meanwhile looked at Eliot.

"Would you have come if I had?" he questioned and Eliot's following silence was answer enough. And Gibbs also had had enough. He hated not being in the loop and he also still wanted to test how good Eliot actually was and he had a plan how to do that. So he decided to finally butt into the conversation between the two men.

"Care to tell us what's going on here?" he questioned, arms crossed in front of his chest. And Eliot and Vance really seemed to just now become aware of the other people in the room again. Eliot turned and looked at all of them, shooting Tony an apologetic look that DiNozzo returned with a small smile, signaling that explanations for him could wait until later.

Eliot then looked at Gibbs, Fornell and the two Vances in turn, before going to the folder that was resting unopened on the desk, quickly threw it open and pulled out a photograph. He held it up for all to see and by the sharp intake of breath from Fornell, Gibbs and Vance Eliot's next question was a little pointless.


"Have you ever heard about this man?" Eliot questioned and Tony detected an undertone in his lover's voice that made him shift uneasily from foot to foot. He studied the picture in Eliot's hand and the man was distinctly familiar, but only when Fornell finally said a name to the picture, Tony realized who this was.

"Damien Moreau."

For a moment the name of one of FBI's most wanted hung in the room, before Eliot crumbled the picture between his hands.

"Damien Moreau," he confirmed, again an undertone in his voice that Tony didn't really like and he knew that he and Eliot needed to have a private conversation and soon, because Eliot needed someone he could tell everything and not try to play nice for politics.

"So we're after one of the most dangerous criminals we've ever encountered and you're our only backup? And how can you be so sure that it's him?" Fornell looked at Eliot and Tony wondered how the Hitter would react to the open hostility.


But to his credit Eliot kept calm and mimicked Vance's earlier shrug of one shoulder.

"I know it's him, because he has left his signature on the bodies," was all he said and the tone of his voice told everyone present to better not ask what exactly that signature was.

"And how do you know he has a signature, let alone what it is? We've never been able to detect anything like that and we've had the best work on it?" Fornell seemed angered that Eliot knew more than the FBI, who had been working on the case for years now. And for the first time Eliot's calm wavered a little and a pained expression crossed his face for a moment. It was such raw pain that Tony had a hard time resisting to just go forward and hug his lover to show his support. But the pain was gone as sudden as it had appeared. He was about to answer, when Colonel Vance suddenly stepped in.

"It's not important how Commander Spencer knows, it's only important that he knows and believe me, he is right." His voice was final and Director Vance noticed the look he shot Fornell and he decided to better step in before the situation escalated.

"I agree with the Colonel, we have bigger fish to fry than how anyone knows anything," he added. He saw Gibbs open his mouth, but for once he pulled the director card and made Gibbs keep his mouth shut with an order and for once Gibbs obeyed, even if grudgingly.

He turned to Eliot, who eyed him carefully.

"Maybe things would be a little easier if you proved how good you actually are," he suggested, trying not to sound as if he was putting Eliot down. The Hitter simply snorted, but he had already suspected that something like this might happen, so he simply shrugged.

"If you don't trust the Colonel's and my word then I will have to do just that," he agreed easily, a dangerous glint in his eyes.

"So what do you want me to do?" he questioned and there was certain glee in his eyes as if he was actually looking forward to that.


Vance shared a short look with Fornell and Gibbs and Tony, who saw the silent exchange, felt a little uneasy, but he hid it well when Director Vance looked at him.

"Agent DiNozzo, can you please escort Commander Spencer down to the gym. We can have that little demonstration down there," Vance instructed, once again giving Gibbs a subtle nod. He hoped that this little test would at least pacify Gibbs for the time being. Vance was very aware who was down at the gym having a little training session right now, so Gibbs would have some really good fighters to test Commander Spencer in hand to hand combat. And McGee would do the rest and find some more information on the Commander.

Gibbs couldn't help but smirk a little when he remembered the same thing, especially when he remembered that none other than Steve McGarrett was holding a course on hand to hand combat at this very moment as a favor to the SecNav, however that had worked, but apparently the SecNav and Steve's father had been old friends, so McGarrett had agreed.


Tony, who had no idea what Gibbs was planning now, because he had completely forgotten about that workshop, raised an eyebrow, surprised at the sudden willingness to let Eliot go down to the gym, apparently to test him. But DiNozzo wouldn't complain, because one look at his lover's face told Tony, that the other man needed a good workout after this briefing and conversation.

So he simply motioned for Eliot to follow him without another word to anyone else in the room. Gibbs, Fornell, the two Vances and Ziva followed them while McGee would do some hacking, so they rode the elevator in silence.

Tony stood beside Eliot, who tried his best to ignore everyone, except Tony, whom he gave a light smile. Well, he ignored everyone until they finally entered the gym and then a small smirk came to his lips as soon as he spotted what was going on in there.

/So that's the plan to test my abilities./ he thought and he was actually really looking forward to this now, before turning to Tony and the others, a small smile on his face when he saw the men, all navy, just packing their stuff, high-fiving each other after what apparently had been a satisfying training.

"Thanks for the chance for a good workout," was all he said, before he turned and walked away from the group. It took them all a moment to realize where he was going.


And Tony suddenly realized too what Vance and Gibbs had planned. A little away from the group stood two men, one broad shouldered, with black hair, dressed in training gear and a slightly smaller man, blonde hair slicked back, a little overdressed for a gym in his dress-pants and shirt and tie, even though it was loose around his neck. Tony knew who they were, well he had heard of Steve McGarrett and had met the man a few times because of Danny Williams. The man had been a friend of Tony for ages, even though they rarely saw each other, since Danny had transferred to Hawaii and Tony was working for NCIS. He made a move to follow his lover to greet Danny, when he stopped in his tracks, when Eliot suddenly came to stand directly behind Steve McGarrett, tipped him on the shoulder and said, loud enough for everybody to hear: "Hey Mac!"

And Steve McGarrett immediately turned around, a bright smile on his face, before pulling Eliot into a hug, exclaiming happily: "Spence! Damn, it's good to see you."


to be continued...


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