Title: Princess of Mirkwood

Author: Zannna

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I don't own Lord of The Rings, or Harry Potter.

Summary: LOTR crossover with Harry Potter. Very Different. Lithariel is an elf and the last of her kind. She decides to go to Hogwarts. Will she be able to defeat Lucious Malfoy when he finds a Palantiri seeing stone? Lithariel/Oliver Wood.


12,000 years have gone by since the passing away of Middle Earth. Lithariel Greenleaf is the only remaining elf. She is the daughter of Aragorn Greenleaf, and Galadrien Greenleaf of Mirkwood. Aragorn Greenleaf was Legolas' only son. Her parents, and grandparents, as well as the rest of the elves sailed west at the end of the 3rd age. She was left with instructions to keep an eye on Middle Earth, and make sure it was reconstructed. To make sure that the land did not pass away as all of the people, and creatures of Middle Earth were prophesied to. And pass away they did. Every living creature faded, and eventually passed away, dwindling into nothingness. Middle Earth itself faded away to practically nothing. What was not foreseen was that a colony of the race of men would survive, and replenish the Earth. And that is what they ended up calling it in the end Earth. All the old ways were forgotten. Elves were merely legends now, their language, their magic, their very way of life, gone.

Lithariel had been living in the isolation of Mirkwood. Before her family and kindred left they warded off the Palace, and some of the surrounding grounds. No creature living, or otherwise could get into, let alone see the warded off area. Lithariel, however, could see through the barrier, and also she could cross it at will. She had been watching the earth come alive again, it now was inhabited by many, many men. Lithariel did not know how many, she stayed mainly in the Forest of Mirkwood near the warded area.

There were many creatures living here now. The Giant Spiders never left, and there were many different creatures like Centars, and Unicorns. The Centars were actually very friendly. Lithariel was friends with some of them, and they gave her news of the outside world.

That is how she found out about Hogwarts. One of her closest Centar friends was a mare named Hyra. She told Lithariel all about Hogwarts. One day Lithariel and Hyra were talking, and Hyra said something about wizards and magic. That immediately caught Lithariel's attention. She asked Hyra to explain everything she knew, and Hyra did.

Lithariel contemplated all she had learned about this "Hogwarts" for quite some time (20 years to be exact) before finally coming to a decision. She had learned about a large man named Hagrid, who came into the forest very often. He would come to make sure all was well, and to sometimes protect the creatures within the wood. Hyra told Lithariel that Hagrid was a "good, and trustworthy man." Well, Lithariel trusted Hyra and decided to talk to this Hagrid herself.

Chapter 1

Lithariel was sitting on her balcony reading one of her favorite books for the hundredth time. She looked up to see the beautiful green trees across the courtyard. It was the middle of summer and the trees were happily singing in the bright sun . Lithariel's immortal wolf Mithelena, [A.N. who by the way was also enchanted so that she could come, and go through the barrier as she wished,] came bounding into her bedroom howling.

"What?" said Lithariel, putting down the book she was reading. Mithelena, Lena for short, spun around in a circle then bounded towards the door, then stopped, turned around and waited.

"Alright Lena, you want me to follow you, but why?" said Lithariel. She sat there thinking for a moment then stood up and walked towards her pet wolf, and bent down to Lena's level.

"Is that man Hagrid in our wood?" she said. Lena spun around again, and then jumped in the air. "I shall take that as a 'yes' then. Alright Milady you may lead on, as soon as I get Vialnen." Lena bounded out the door, down the hall, around the corner, and out of site.

'She must be going to tell Vialnen that we are going for a ride', thought Lithariel. Then she started thinking about her wonderful horse Vialnen. Vialnen was a gorgeous snow white mare that had been given to her by her father before he sailed west. She was enchanted with the gift of immortality by Lady Galadriel herself. She and Lena were given to Lithariel to be her eternal companions. Lena was a gift from her grandfather Legolas.

Lithariel caught up with Lena in the stables trying to wake up Vialnen. Vialnen snorted angrily at Lena. Lena backed up , sat down, and looked over her shoulder to their master, and friend. They were certainly a sight to behold. Both of them had snow white coats, and shining light blue eyes. All three of them were the best of friends. When Vialnen saw Lithariel she got up and shook the sleep out of her head.

"How do you feel about taking me for a ride Vialnen?" Lithariel asked her beloved horse. Vialnen whinnied happily. Lithariel opened her stall and said, " We are going to find someone that I have been wanting to speak with. He is in our wood, and Lena knows where." Lithariel turned and walked outside with her animals following.

She suddenly remembered that she didn't have her weapons with her. She turned to Lena, and Vialnen, and said, "I forgot my bow, and sword. I will go and get them. I shall return shortly."

She gracefully ran to her room, of course for an elf it's hard to run any way other than gracefully, and went to her weapons chest. She opened it and took out her bow and quiver. She set them on the bed and looked back into her trunk. "Hmmm. Should I take my sword, or my daggers?" she thought. Her sword was of the most intricate elven design, and was given to her by her mother. Her daggers had actually belonged to her grandfather Legolas. She decided on her sword she named Anduin after the great river. She went back into her trunk to get the straps she needed to strap her weapons to her horse, then she picked up her selected weapons, and ran back outside to meet Vialnen and Lena.

"Alright Vialnen let me put these on you," she said to her horse. Vialnen stood patiently waiting while Lithariel, with quick and practiced movements, strapped her quiver and bow to Vialnen's right shoulder, and Anduin to her left side. Lithariel then jumped gracefully onto Vialnen's back and said. "Alright Lena, lead on."

Lena bounded through the lands around the castle towards the barrier, then she slowed down and trotted through it with Vialnen on her heels. It's not that they couldn't run through the barrier, it's just that it was more comfortable not to. You see, going through the barrier is a very strange experience. From the inside, the barrier looks like a thick fog, or mist. When you go through it you get a chill up your spine. If you go through it too fast that chill grips you, and holds you for several moments, which is a very unpleasant feeling.

From the outside, if you are not enchanted to see the barrier, then you can't. If you go towards it then you just automatically skirt around the edges till your around it without even noticing. It's kind of like the "Holodeck" on "Star Track: The Next Generation". Your surroundings are altered so that you go in a certain direction without even noticing the difference. Thus the effect of thinking that you are in a larger area on the "Holodeck", or in this case the effect that you are walking in the same direction you were before encountering the barrier. And therefore, you have no idea that it is even there.

They emerged on the other side, and broke into a run. Lena wove in and out of trees, with Vialnen easily following. When they were approaching the edge of the wood, farther towards the school than Lithariel had ever been before, they saw a very large man. He had long hair and a bushy beard, and was wearing a long overcoat. Lithariel slowed Vialnen, and approached slowly, and cautiously.

* * *

Hagrid was heading back to the school, when he heard Fang whimper. He turned around, and Fang ducked behind him. He looked back at Fang and said, "What's the matter boy", and the dog just looked up at him from his position crouched on the forest floor. "Cowardly dog" said Hagrid as he turned around to see what had petrified his dog so. The first thing he saw was a grey wolf, almost silver, with eyes the most amazing shade of blue he had ever seen. That was until, of course, he looked up.

There atop a white mare, that had eyes of the same brilliant blue as the wolf, was the most beautiful creature Hagrid had ever seen. She was wearing a flowing white gown, and seemed to almost glow with an inner light. Her long blond hair looked like spun moonlight cascading around her past her waist in waves of silken beauty. Her eyes were a shimmering dark blue, almost navy. Her face was that of an angel. It looked like a magnificent sculpture, carved out of the smoothest marble. Her skin was very fair, and absolutely flawless. It looked to be as soft as silk. And, to Hagrids great surprise, her ears came to a delicate point. She was very thin and lithe looking, and didn't have any shoes on. Hagrid's attention was suddenly drawn to the bow and quiver strapped to the horses right shoulder, at the same time he noticed that the woman was riding bareback.

Hagrid felt a tickle on his left knee and looked down to find that the silver wolf was snuffling at his pant leg. Fang started to whimper, and whine rather loudly, but stopped when the lady spoke. She spoke in a language that Hagrid had never before heard. He didn't understand it, but it was so beautiful. It sounded more like music than words to him. The wolf backed away, and he looked up.

* * *

"Lena leave him be, come here" said Lithariel. She always spoke to her animals in elvish, altough they understood common quite well, so she knew the man would not understand her. Lena backed away from the man, and he looked up. Lithariel saw his expression, and the corner of her mouth quirked up slightly. The expression on his face was one of wonder, astonishment, and awe. She also saw a hint of caution in his eyes, as he yet again looked towards her weapons. "Do not worry, I am not here to harm you, or the creatures of this wood that you protect." Lithariel said soothingly in the common tongue. "My name is Lithariel Greenleaf, and I only wish for you to lead me to Dumbledore, your master. I need to speak with him."

"Um... uh.." Hagrid stuttered, then he regained his composure and said, "My name is Hagrid, Milady.... How do you know about Dumbledore?"

"One of the Centars in this wood is a good friend of mine. Her name is Hyra. I believe you know her. Do you not?" said Lithariel.

"Well, yes I do know her" answered Hagrid.

"She told me that a great man named Dumbledore was the master of the land just outside this wood. And I simply wish to speak to him."

" 'bout what?" asked Hagrid

"My business is none of your concern, but I assure you that I mean him no harm." Lithariel answered.

Hagrid looked down at his feet while he pondered about the situation. 'She certainly didn't seem dangerous, and Dumbledore probably would want to see her' he thought.

He looked up at her and said, "Right well I will take you to see him only if you leave your weapons, and your wolf behind."

Lithariel nodded in agreement, and swung her left leg over Vialnen's head and leapt gracefully to the ground. She looked over to Hagrid, and noticed that he was eyeing her animals with interest.

She walked a couple of steps towards Hagrid and said in elvish, "Vialnen, Lena come meet this kind man that we have heard so much about."

She looked back to Hagrid and said in common, pointing to each of her animals in turn,

"This is Vialnen, and Mithelena. I call her Lena for short. Would you like to meet them?"

"Why yes, I would like that very much." said Hagrid stepping up to Vialnen and letting her sniff his hand. He then stroked the horse's long muscled neck.

"You are a beauty aren't you girl?" he told her.

He then turned around and walked up to Lena, and knelt beside her, really noticing for the first time how large she was for a wolf. She sniffed his beard fervently, and Hagrid chuckled softly. Then he looked up only to notice that Fang was hiding behind a tree, peeking around the trunk looking at him and the wolf.

"Come here Fang, this is Lena she is a very nice wolf." said Hagrid to his cowering dog.

Fang slowly crept out from behind his tree, and tiptoed towards Lena.

Hagrid stood up and turned to Lithariel while Fang and Lena sniffed each other. "Shall we go then?" he asked.

Lithariel said to her animals in elvish "Go home, and wait for me. I will call if I need you." At this Vialnen snorted and pawed at the earth angrily. "Do not worry Vialnen, I wont be in any danger, and if something happens I still have Aros." said Lithariel. Aros is a small dagger that she always has strapped to her right thigh, it was named after the river Aros that runs along the edge of the Forest of Region. Her animals turned and ran towards the palace.

Lithariel nodded to Hagrid, and he turned and started walking towards Hogwarts, with Lithariel close behind.

* * *

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Notes on pronunciation and meaning:

Lithariel: (Lyth-ar-iel) Made up myself please do not use without permission.

Mithelena: (Myth-el-ena)"Mith" Grey "Elena" Star

Vialnen: (Vi-all-nen) "Vial" Twilight "Nen" Water