The move to Sunnydale was not what Jenny was expecting. To land a job teaching was a dream for her. Though it disturbed her how few questions the school board asked. It didn't take her long to figure out why. The place was crawling with demons and vampires.

She had stayed at the school late working on a project the alarm on her watch went off dragging her back to reality. "Damn." She muttered checking the time. It was almost sunset. She packed up her papers and checked to make sure all the computers were off. Then headed out to the car locking the door behind her. The sun had already set. "Damn" She muttered well it was quiet. She kept her eyes peeled checking the shadows for anything that seemed out of place.

Suddenly she found herself thrown against the wall. A hand wrapped around her throat. She looked into the eyes of the demon that had caught her trying to think of something that would buy her enough time to get away. "Don't you know it's dangerous to be out alone?" He laughed leaning in to sink the jagged fangs into her neck. She closed her eyes flinching away from the bite that never came.

"Good thing she isn't." the voice made her jump even as she felt the dust settling over her skin. She opened them to find herself face to face with the demon she'd been watching her entire life.

"Are you okay?' He asked picking up her bag for her.

"Yeah, Angel, thank you." She nodded not sure what to say "I just um..."

"Come on, I'll walk you to your car."

"Thank you." She said again more graciously. He stayed beside her a gesture meant to be comforting but she just found it unnerving. Being so close to him after so many years watching him from a distance. If he knew. She tried not to think of the stories they'd been told. He'd never know. She detoured through the grass making her way to her car he was silent and she was thankful.

He held the door keeping her from closing it. Her heart rate jumped up despite herself maybe she had miss judged his good intentions, maybe there was more of the demon in him than she had thought. He leaned closer handing her the bag "Be careful, next time I might not be around to save you."

"Thanks again." She said.

"Yep." He turned and walked away she started to close the door when he stopped and turned back to face her. "Tell your uncle I said hi." Then melted into the shadows. She watched him go in a daze before she remembered herself and started the car. There was no way this was going to end well.