Chapter 6

Here's a short chapter...

Its a mindfuck just putting that out there as a warning!



I stood in front of my panzer devision waiting. All my men where at attention waiting for orders. Everyone get to your tanks immediately! I yelled. The men all mounted their tanks and we set off for Stalingrad. Soviet tanks fired on us right away! Then my tank was hit and everything went black! I woke up on what looked like stone tinted red. I was confused then I realized once i saw him...the devil. He told me I was to stay here in hell. I said I needed to leave and I had a deal with him. I returned...the year was 2013...1942 was long over. My skin was now pale and my left hand was a sickle. I still had my golden P-38. I had the urge to kill and I did. More and more then I saw something strange. I seemed to be in another world after walking through a door! I was in an underground city! There where large bugs! But they made perfect prey. They never expected me no one did. I then found what they said was there queen. I heard her talking about the situation I caused. I laughed to myself. I shot the first guard then ripped apart the second easily. I told her to tell me what was going on or I would kill her. She told me where I was and who I was killing. The strange world was called "perim" Anne the bugs where known as Danians . I escaped by jumping out the top window. I ran into the dark night...

Sorry for the short chapter