AUTHOR: parisindy

TITLE: The Conduit

RATING: don't know yet. Spoilers up till the end of season two.

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SUMMARY: This is a reply to the Slipstream Fan Fic contest #1 "Trust Me" . must contain this quote "It's easy, all you have to do is trust yourself. And me. And the aliens."


The Conduit

He crawled a long one of the narrow conduits that ran through the Andromeda Ascendant like veins. Beka had commented once that she was amazed he never got lost. Harper never got lost on the Andromeda. It was like he had been born here. Yet his life on the magnificent ship was an alternate universe when compared to the life he had left behind on earth.

He raised his hand to stifle a yawn. He hadn't been sleeping much lately.

"Rommie?" He called out.

"Yes, Harper" Harper didn't blink twice when the Hologram flashed into existence beside him.

"Does it bother you when I'm crawling around in the conduits or when I'm jacked in to your central nexus?"

Andromeda gave him a puzzled look and shrugged her shoulders. "You've never asked that before. No, it doesn't bother me. Is something bothering you?"

"Well, I really hated it when the Magog Larvae were crawling around in my stomach and I hated it when Jaeger tried to use that probe to get information out of my head. I - I was just wondering if that. well maybe I was like that to you." He looked away from her for a moment almost afraid to hear the answer.

The Andromeda's face softened. "You are hardly like that. Seamus, you're my friend I trust you."

"It doesn't feel like I'm invading your personal space or anything?"

She smiled and shook her head. He smiled back and popped open a near by panel and began to work. Andromeda looked at him a moment more as if studying him before disappearing.

The moment she left Harper let out the breath of air he didn't realize he had been holding. He stopped working and rubbed his temple. He felt like crap. He nothing or no one to blame but him self and his psychosis's and he knew it. It had been a few months now since the larvae had been removed and he had hoped maybe for once he would be able to put one of his nightmares to rest and get some rest of his own.

For a while they had stopped. For nearly a month he had had blissful sleep. Then they came back. Every night this week he woke with the feeling that something crawling around in his stomach. What made these nightmares worse was that he couldn't shake the feeling when he was awake either. He felt nauseated and hadn't been able to eat a crumb for two days. Every time he tried to eat the food felt like a rock in his stomach. He thoughts would immediately race to how it had felt to have the magoglings in his stomach and he would find him self running to empty his stomach in a near by waste disposal unit. Beka had caught him once and had led him off to see Trance. There was nothing she could do though it was his imagination. He knew that there was nothing wrong with his stomach but he just couldn't help it. Trance had even done a scan to try to dispel his fears.

Finally he decided to do what always made him feel better and that was to put in a hard days work fixing the Andromeda's aches and pains. Plus being in the conduits would help him escape from the female members of the crew. He had never been one to run from any one of the opposite gender but he was tired of the looks of concerns that he could seen out of the corner of his eyes when ever he passed them. He took a deep breath and returned to his work ignoring the hunger pains that growled noisily.


"Have you seen him today?"

"Beka relax. Yes I've talked to him he's doing repairs in one of my conduits. He looks tired but other wise fine. I'm monitoring his vitals to be safe."

Beka growled to her self and paced back and forth on the command deck. She heard a loud yawn as Dylan walked in to the room. "Good morning." He smiled cheerfully. If she could have shot death rays from her eyes Dylan would have been a dead man. "Whoa..." he commented under his breath and he looked towards Andromeda who gazed back sheepishly. He had hoped she might give him a hint.

"Harper's sick." She mouthed silently. Dylan nodded and sighed. They had been through this many times over the past two years. But before he had a chance to worry about his first officer or his engineer emergency klaxons sounded and Andromeda was all business.

"Assault ships. In coming. Hard and fast." Dylan ran towards a consol and Beka dashed towards the helm.

"Numbers?" shouted Dylan

"Twenty two."

"Who ever they are they mean business." Shouted Beka as they ships came in close enough to start firing.

"Evasive maneuvers!" barked Dylan but it was to late. Explosions tore through the ship like a Chinese New Years celebration.


Harper felt the vibrations shudder through his beloved ship. "Rommie what's going on?" he asked but before he could get his reply an explosion fire balled through the conduit. Crumbling the walls and the supports struts like they were aluminum. He felt him self being lifted by the blasts power. He was falling. The darkness descended violently. It crashed against his brain while his body continued its descent.


Dylan struggled to push his aching body off the deck floor. "Rommie report!" He managed to gasp.

"We're being boarded."


Sorry this part is so short more will be coming soon