A/N: Best enjoyed with Of Monsters and Men - Dirty Paws playing in the background, seeing as I might have written this to fit the tune.

There once was a reigning queen
lived in a castle all alone
the queen had a lovely name
but no one knew it all the same
behind the queen's chamber door
a lonely knight sat on the floor
on mind the password she forgot
the lonely knight had run out of luck

The world around them was at war
more had fallen than ever before
they watched life flow through a pink lens
as they put swords in their children's hands
each night in the depths of blue
just a room and within moved those two
"One day we will have killed them all,"
so spoke the queen to a stain on the wall

In the distance howled the drums
nobody cared for crying daughters and sons
the wolves, they dyed all colors red
and chased the crickets off the grounds where they'd fled
queen and knight who stood as one
they'd hunt them down and think they've won
and that's how the story goes
the story of the good and the bad and their foes.