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Part One: Guns


Chapter One: The Beginning

"Seeking to forget makes exile all the longer; the secret of redemption lies in remembrance."- Richard Von Weizsaecker


"It is time, brother."

Loki didn't know if he should laugh at his own predicament or roll his eyes at Thor's choice of words. Whatever punishment he would be given, it was better than being chained up with Thor, whose face seemed to be permanently frozen with pity, in addition coming at all hours of the night to his 'cage' and reciting speeches to convince him that it was never too late to change his ways. Unfortunately, he was unable to speak at all thanks to the muzzle that he wore, keeping him from spitting out anything remarkably intelligent. Not that he would be given a chance to.

The cage that he was imprisoned in was his own room, which held a four poster bed with green silk sheets. Decorative gold vine trimmings upon the dark green walls complimented the dark bookshelves that were all neatly aligned with ancient books; but even this familiar setting could not fool Loki of the direness of his predicament. The room had been sealed off with magic by some of the eldest sorcerers and guards secured the doors: There was no escape for Loki. The sun streamed through the painted glass window of Loki's room as a new day dawned on Asgard, the day of his sentence by the All Father. Loki was just enjoying his supposed last view of his so- called home before he was abruptly interrupted by his idiotic brother, the Warriors Three and the Lady Sif.

Thor's comment seemed to make the air in Loki's room unbearably thick with tension and in response, Loki raised an eyebrow as he rebelliously sat on the window ledge, unmoving. He didn't have to wait long before Sif stormed up to him and forced him to stand by grabbing him roughly by the collar of his armor. Without another word from any of the Asgardian warriors, Loki was marched out of the room toward the royal chambers.

The footsteps on the marble floors were the only sounds that echoed through the corridors. Loki took in his surroundings. Thor's face was set in a grimace, the Warriors Three ranged from pensive to hunger and anticipation all the while Sif's was positively smug as if she knew all along since they were children that this was how Loki's life would end. Brilliant.

They finally approached the golden doors. Thor and Loki stood side by side as the doors groaned and slowly opened. Loki furtively stared at Thor from the corner of his eye and couldn't help the nostalgia as he vividly remembered that the last time they stood here together was Thor's coming of age.

"Never doubt that I love you."

A strange twist in Loki's stomach made him realize that it was his own words that bombarded his thoughts. Words that he had privately spoken to Thor, and sincerely as well (even if Thor claims that he is incapable of such a thing): Although he was also sincere when he'd told Thor that he would bring the Midgardian race to their knees. Thor finally felt Loki's gaze and met it with his own. The look in Thor's eyes was not pity alone but something else, something with depth that he didn't know his brother had in him. But whatever it was, Thor's gaze made Loki's skin bubble with rage and his green eyes narrowed and hardened in return. When the golden doors were fully opened, the company began to walk once again leaving Loki and Thor's memories behind. They were greeted with immediate cheering for Thor and his warrior friends while angry shouts and hateful glares were aimed at Loki. Past the huge audience that had gathered on two sides of the great hall, Loki could see Odin as well as Frigga, both of whom bore determined expressions. As if in a last attempt, Loki tried struggling against his bonds which were beginning to become painful for his thin wrists. Nothing.

The company walked up the throne room with purposeful strides except for Loki, who decided to use this time to glare at any Asgardian who dared to look down upon him. Odin sat perched on the throne with his eye watching them as they made their way to the front. When they approached the bottom steps of the throne, all the others bowed down. Sif kicked the back of Loki's knees and he fell into a forced bow.

The time had come, and as Odin stood from his throne, the hall immediately fell silent. "Today is a great and terrible day. The sons of Asgard have returned home. In this we can rejoice; however, we have a great crime that we must face and my son Loki is at the heart of this tragedy. Today we must decide his fate and the fate of two worlds. Loki Odinson, you have broken your vow to protect one of the nine realms by condemning it to slavery and destruction."

At this there was a great clamor throughout the halls, as those who had fought in the war against the frost giants screamed in memory of those who had been lost to protect the world and allow the mortals to flourish. The cries of outrage echoed through the halls and filled the air with agony.

"Enough! We all know the pain that this has caused. It is clear to me that I alone must decide the fate of my son, for he is my responsibility and I alone am responsible for him. He will be banished from this land with his powers stripped from him. He shall be placed on Earth so that he may learn the error of his ways. To ensure the safety of the Midgardians, this punishment shall last for one mortal year. If at the end of this period Loki has proven himself, then he shall be welcomed back, title and all. If he proves obstinate and doesn't change, he will be banished to the Isle of Silence."

As Odin raised his staff Thor stepped forward and begged his father; "Father, please consider this carefully! The people of Midgard will slaughter Loki on sight! He is my brother, please allow me to bring him to Midgard and choose the place where Loki is banished so that his trial is not tainted by the hatred of the mortals."

Loki should be touched at Thor's persistence to help him. But it seemed a little too much in Loki's opinion, and he would attribute it to the guilt that had been clawing at Thor lately. Loki knelt there wishing that he could speak on his own behalf, so that he could point out the differences of Thor's banishment and his own: Thor wouldn't have changed if it wasn't for Loki's lies and mischief, after all. He can't believe it; but his plan of showing Odin how incapable his idiotic brother was had ended up changing Thor for the better, at least in Odin's eyes. Loki knows his punishment will be nothing like that. Odin's single black eye bored down into Loki and Loki feels the pit of his stomach drop to the polished golden floor as a realization hit him. Loki's punishment would not be the same as Thor's. Or at least, the result won't be.

"Your brother makes a compelling argument, Loki," Odin admitted as he rose from the throne and took slow, calculated steps towards Loki. Sif grabbed Loki by the collar and roughly pulled him up, which resulted in Loki finding his balance ungracefully. If it wasn't for the muzzle over his mouth, he would have growled. Loki always prided himself of being scholarly, quick witted, and clever. Being reduced to nothing more than a speechless rag doll was not how he envisioned his last moments. Another reason he hated Thor, who deprived him of a warrior's death.

"Remove the muzzle." Odin commanded and the Warriors Three went to work on removing the muzzle. Within a minute, the muzzle fell limp to the floor with a soft clap. Loki massaged his cheeks with his bound hands.

"Do you oppose your brother's suggestion of redemption?" Odin inquired.

"I don't suppose I have a choice now, do I?"

"Do you wish to speak about the crimes you have committed?" Odin took only three steps to reach Loki's personal space.

"If you're asking for an apology, then I have nothing to say." Loki replied coldly.

"Very well. Thor, you will be Loki's charge, but you must not interfere with his banishment." Thor sighed in relief and bowed to his father in gratitude. Odin turned from Thor and faced Loki, who had a particular sour look upon his face.

"From this moment on, you are banished to Midgard." Similar to his brother's banishment, Odin gripped and tugged at Loki's armor. Fire spread and burned at his touch and Loki cried out in shock as the metal links of his armor fled from him. Odin's voice was broken but thundering, "You will be stripped of your rank and your powers." Another tear of his armor from the All Father and Loki couldn't help but look to Odin in desperation. And then he felt it, his father's power. It was as vast as the stars of space and yet so old that it made Loki feel like an insignificant child. Impossibly, the power grew tenfold and was now pulling at Loki's very being away. Loki fought it as hard as he could as he stared defiantly back at Odin with a snarl. And then he lost it, his grip. He was being flung backwards but he could still hear his father's voice whispering softly, "When a lesson of true sacrifice and compassion has been learned, only then can you regain what is truly yours."

The feeling could be described as draining, helpless and yet riveting, and it was certainly nothing like the time he had fallen off of the Bifrost. Instead, his own magic was escaping him like blood would escape from a body suffering from a wound. The darkness pressed against him everywhere and he began to fear that he was going to suffocate before he even landed on Midgard. Loki closed his eyes and prayed for a merciful death until everything ended with a crashing boom and he knew no more.