So seeing another story on this movie/book be posted and not be updated I decided to try my hand at it. I was watching the movie while starting this chapter while having the book in front of me so I could copy some of the quotes. This is a Stone/OC story. Enjoy~


Honolulu, 2006

Melody giggled as she and Sam stood in front of the Hideaway which happens to be a bar next to a flea infested hotel. Sam had a craving for a chicken burrito and apparently she thought that this place had the best at this time of night. Melody glanced at her friend which happened to be a knockout blonde with sculpted features and icy blue eyes. Melody wondered how she kept her body with all the carbs she ate. Melody was almost polar opposite in looks; she had darky wavy hair, a body of an athlete, and piercing green eyes.

"You're not going to get a burrito at this time of night besides do you even know how many carbs are in one of those," Melody looked at Sam as she opened the door to walk in.

"That's why you and I are working out tomorrow," Sam smirked. Melody sighed and decided tonight she need hot chocolate to relax after being dragged all the way here.

"What can I get for you," Akau a big Hawaiian asked them.

"I want a chicken burrito," Sam replied.

"Sorry kitchen closed," Akau replied as he grabbed a cup to dry.

"Well that solves this problem," Melody got up to leave.

Sam pointed at the sign hanging just behind the bartender's head. "Sign says 'food till close,' Sam smirked like a lawyer who had just won a case. Melody sighed and leaned back on the bar and looked around at all of the customers. Groups near the front were eyeing both her and Sam like they were a piece of meat. It seems that Sam seemed to attract men where ever she went and that meant Melody was noticed as well. She noticed two men sitting at a table together with a cupcake between them. She noticed the younger one with long black hair continued to glance at Sam while the blonde older one was trying to get him to focus on what he was saying. He looked familiar, but she couldn't remember why. Melody smirked when she heard Sam huff in announce.

"He won't give me a damn burrito," Sam stated when Melody glanced at her.

"I warned you when we left North Shore," Melody patted her shoulder as she glanced at the man who was glancing at Sam while she argued with the bartender. The guy slid into the seat on the other side of Sam and asked " how you doing?"

Melody had to cover her mouth to keep her from laughing at him. How much has this guy had to drink?

"Hungry. Starving." She wasn't addressing their new companion. Instead she was tossing the like a poison spear at the bartender. Melody shook her head and decided to join the blond man who was left alone as his companion joined Sam.

"That your brother," she asked as she sat down next to him. She had to admit that he was far more attractive than the other man.

"Unfortunately," he sighed.

"By the way I'm Melody Pride," Melody held out her hand.

"Stone Hopper," he shook her hand before glancing at his brother. Melody glanced at Sam who was glaring at her now. Stone's brother ran by them saying "Girl's hungry."

Stone moaned when he heard that and shook his head. "It's like a factory fire. You know you're witnessing a disaster, but you can't look away."

"It can't be that bad," Stone gave her a look. She remembers all the trouble her little brother and sister got into that she had to get them out of. That's why she was ecstatic that she was sent to Hawaii. They were planning coming out here with her with they scrambled enough money though.

"So it may be that bad," she grimaced looking at Sam who glanced at her phone and gave Melody a triumphant smirk. She was going to have her chicken burrito yet. "So how much trouble do you think he's going to cause," Melody asked him.

"Too much knowing him," Stone sighed and drank some of the beer in his cup. Melody patted his back before getting back and joining Sam at the bar.

"I bet you ten bucks he comes back here with the cops chasing him," Melody glanced at Sam.

"I'll take that bet. No one is stupid enough to steal a chicken burrito."

She heard cop sirens coming closer and she looked at Stone before glancing at Sam. They headed outside of the bar and saw a man was running toward them with what looked to be burrito shaped object in his hand. He was tazed just before handing Sam the burrito.

"Thank you," Sam whispered to him. They watched as he got dragged away before Sam pulled out ten and handed to Melody.

"You bet my brother would be tazed her looked over at Melody.

"No, I bet they he was going to be chased by cops He just like my brother when he was sixteen," Melody replied looking at him.

Stone sighed and headed back into the bar.

"Stone," Melody looked at him. Melody put her hand on his shoulder and he looked at her. She noticed the worry in his blue eyes and dropped her hand.

"What has Alex done now," he whispered himself. Melody wanted to comfort him in some way, but didn't know how.

"I guess I need to go bail my brother out of jail," Stone sighed after paying the bill.

"I guess I'll be seeing you around then," Melody knew that this was something that he had to do on his own to get Alex in line.

"Does someone have a crush on a Navy Commander," Sam asked as they headed back to her car.

"I have no idea what you're talking about," Melody wanted to be friends with Stone that's all.

"Uh huh sure," Sam wasn't convinced by her friends denial. She knew Melody liked the man even though she didn't know it yet. She liked Alex already and maybe he would be willing to help her get her friend and his brother together Melody needed someone to keep her in line and it looked like Stone need someone to get him to loosen up.


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