Flash looked at the three moons that hung in the sky of Mongo. Of all the different things that Flash had been forced to become accustom to, he was still unable to get use to seeing three moons instead of one. Every time Flash looked into the sky, he always expected to find only one moon, and Flash always was unhappy when he saw three. True, it had only been a few months, but Flash still had trouble dealing with the fact that he had found his long lost father only to be separated from both his parents hours later.

Since the day that the rift generator had been destroyed, Mongo had been far from a safe place. That's not to say that Mongo was ever a safe place, but since Ming's escape from execution, the cantons were constantly on guard against those of his patriots which were still loyal. Plus, with Azura still in control of her tribe, the Zurn were hostile to everyone except when water was transported to them.

Flash now found himself in an odd situation in life. Before coming to Mongo, he had always tried to do the right thing, but he had never been placed in a position of authority. Here on Mongo, Flash was seen not only as a hero to the cantons that had rebelled against Ming but a friend to at least one member of each tribe. The obvious exception being the Zurn. Because of this status and the fact that he was not a member of any canton, Flash was now seen as the emissary between the different groups.

It was because of his emissary status that Flash now found himself traveling the lands of the Turin. He had never been to the Turin's lands before, so Flash was not sure what he should expect. While the Dactyls were nomadic and the lands they claimed, while desolate, were sacred, the Turin lived in an area similar to the plains in Africa. The dens, their form of village, were stationary, but built so the Turin were able to be moved at a moments notice. Dissimilar to the Omadrian and the Verden, the Turin created villages that blended in with the surrounding area. Flash found this odd since it was in total opposition to the personalities of most Turin.

"That's Mongo for you." Flash said to no one in particular as he continued down the path which would lead him the Turin den. Because the den blended in with the environment, Flash was not sure if he was close, but he had been having a feeling of being watched for the past hour; therefore, Flash assumed he was close.

Feeling a presence approaching from behind him, Flash spun around while drawing an ion pistol that he had been given for the trip. Flash had not brought the pistol to defend himself against the Turin, but the many other dangers that he may have had to face on his way to the safety of the Turin den. What Flash found, though, was a Turin showing his teeth.

Two months earlier

Flash looked out over Nascent City from were he stood on the balcony of the great hall. A far cry from the last time he was in the hall, Flash was present as an honored guest of the cantons, and many of the representatives who had come from each canton wished him in attendance. Hearing a gong sound, Flash headed back into the hall where Ming had once rule Mongo with an iron fist.

In place of the judges bench which had stood at the end of the room, a long rectangular table lined with chairs filled the space. With four chairs along each side and two at the head and foot of the table, Flash watched as leaders of the different cantons in their respective seats. At the head of the table representing Nascent City and those who had once been under Ming's direct rule, sat Aura. With Prince Barin, Queen Freya, Queen Brinica and Vestra seated on one side of the table and King Vultan, Bolgar and Terek seated on the other, Flash went to the seat he had been assigned at the foot. The seat where the Zurn representative was to sit was a glaring example of the problems which Mongo still faced.

Once everyone had taken their designated chairs, Aura stood to address the assembled canton leaders. "Thank you all for coming." She began trying to find herself. "Today, I am speaking to you from my heart, and didn't have a speech prepared. Therefore, I would like to begin by apologizing for the suffering each canton has suffered under my father's rule and to say I wish only for peace. My first act to try to rectify my father's many wrongs was to bring Barin back from the Dark Isles." Gesturing toward Barin, Aura was rewarded by a smile and a nod of gratitude from the Verden prince. "I have also ordered all the patriot soldiers to leave Frigia, though I have been informed not all have listened." With this, Aura gave the Frigian queen an apologetic smile. "It has only been a month and many in the military do not see me as the true ruler since Ming is still alive."

"Something which will be corrected in time," Freya spoke. "Nobody, not even Ming, could control the actions of all."

"Yes." Aura said as Flash watched a flicker of sadness cross her face. "That is why I called this gathering. Mongo cannot be ruled anymore by a single person. There is too great an opportunity for someone like my father to come to power again. Therefore, with some advice from out friend Flash Gordon, the form of governing the planet is going to change."

Turning their attention to the opposite end of the table, the canton leaders looked at the man from another world who had helped to bring down Ming. Coughing into his hand, "Right." Flash began. "So, I'm not one for speeches and when it comes to governing anything, I have as much knowledge as a Turin does of flying." This brought a few chuckles to the group giving Flash a few moments to think.

Continuing, "Like Aura said, having a single ruler of Mongo is dangerous. So, I thought that having each canton involved in the governing of the planet a better idea." This caused whispers from the many observers in the room to erupt. Plowing ahead, "Each canton will have a vote on decisions which affect all of Mongo. This means internal canton issues will be left to the canton and the rest of Mongo will have no say. If a problem arrises between to cantons, like the Turin and the Dactyls for example, this council must intervene.

"To prevent any one canton from having too much influence, the council's leadership will rotate through the different cantons once a year. This means that every year a different canton will be in control of the council and may choose where the members meet. Since Nascent City has been seen as the capital of Mongo for some years, I thought Aura should be in charge to begin."

"Why should she lead?" Bolgar demanded bringing his fist down on the table. "Aura is the daughter of Ming. How do we know she will not take the opportunity to seize power?"

"Simple," Aura replied standing. "I'm going to tell you a secret my father kept hidden. Source water production is decreasing."

Audible gasps could be heard throughout the room followed by extreme and extended silence.

"W-what did you just say?" Vultan asked finally finding his voice.