The little boy wrapped in Superman bedsheets scoots his chair back from the breakfast table. Two soggy cheerios are left floating in his milk, somehow deemed unfit for duty.

"Done!" he announces.

"Good," Maura answers. "Now go put those sheets back on your bed like I said before, please, honey."

Danny unfurls his sheets like a cape and springs off his chair in pretend-flight. "But Mama does it!"

The accusing glare is redirected at Jane, who is standing in the middle of the kitchen, garbed in both pajamas and the sheets which she and her wife had slept in until just an hour ago.

"Superman, uh, does it, also," she tries. "And if my w-...our beloved wife and mother, is about to try to tell us that we are not Supermans, frankly we're going to be a little hurt, here."

"I don't understand the capes," Maura sighs, getting out two coffee cups.

"What about 'em?"

"Do they just magically make one able to fly? Are we to believe it functions as a pair of wings? If anything, it would only introduce additional weight and drag-"

"It's magic, yes," Jane says quickly. She could explain that Superman just flies and it has nothing to do with the cape, but Maura will ask about all the mechanics of it and she won't have all the answers, so this way is faster.

"But it makes no sense."

"That's why it's called magic. Magic doesn't have to make sense."

"So we're just to call anything that doesn't make sense, magic?"

"Yes. For instance, I think it's really magical the way you have a problem with us wearing our nice comfy sheets once in a while."

"'Magical' thinking has been very dangerous, historically."

"You fly too Mommy!" the boy urges, unable to fathom why anybody would want to just stand around boringly instead of fly.

"Oh, Mommy's not as good at flying as you, Danny," Maura smiles, politely declining. She's a wonderful mother, although she still gets nervous in the face of play-acting or anything else that relies completely on imagination instead of fact. All of that gets left primarily to Jane.

Jane smirks. Sometimes her wife gets way too into her role as 'The Logical One', but she doesn't push her.

Overcome with the urge to hug them both, Jane finds a way to work it into the conversation.

"Anyway," Jane remarks to their son, "There's something else we can do with our capes that's even better than flying. And it's for real, you don't have to pretend, and Mommy can do it just as good."

"What?" he asks, intrigued.

"This." She comes up close to Maura and wraps her blanketed arms around her. With a smile, Maura cooperatively conforms to the hug.

"What?" he repeats, a little more whiny.

"You get in here too, bud," Jane unwraps one arm to make a space and envelopes him into their warm little cocoon. And she just stands still for a few moments, happily hugging her whole little family.

"Wha-aat," a little muffled voice asks again. "Wa'dyou do?"

"Just this. You can just hug somebody real tight..." out of his sight, she kisses the side of Maura's neck, "..and-"

"An you both fly?"

"Uh. Not exactly, Dan. But snuggin' up all cozy, that's better than flying. If it's with somebody you realllly love."


"C'mon. Flying is really cool, sure, but what if you were Superman and you could fly, but you could never hug anybody? You'd be sad."

Maura pulls back slightly to squint, her wheels turning.

"Why would Superman not be abl-"

Jane presses her lips to her wife's, in order to still them just as much as kiss them.

The boy tilts upward to make a face at her, looking bitterly shortchanged.

"Fly ids better," he insists, pulling out of the confines of the blanket

"Well, I think it's better," Jane insists, focusing her attention back on kissing under her wife's ear.

"I do too," Maura murmurs, watching their son run in a few circles around the kitchen before setting a new flight path toward his bedroom.


"If he's simulating superhero flight, why does he make motor nois-"

"Don't overthink it," Jane advises, her lips brushing Maura's neck. "Just... it's complicated."

Maura's head tilts to the side to allow her wife better access. Their bodies press a little closer still inside the privacy of the blanket.

"Do you think that... um, Danny might like to go play superheroes at one of his friends' houses today," Maura wonders, her voice lower than normal. "And maybe during that time, you, uh, could show me some more of the benefits of wearing a cape. Only a cape."

"Start callin' parents while I spread some hype," Jane agrees, instantly separating in order to put the plan into action. "Hey, Superdan!" she calls, heading toward the hallway. "Gonna have a suuuper time today, bud."

Glancing backward, she catches her wife watching her, and she's unable to resist whipping her cape behind her as she breaks into a run across the living room. "Whhhhhsssssshhhhhh!"