With the taste of your lips I'm on a ride~ You're toxic, I'm slipping under~ With the taste of the poison paradise, I'm addicted to you, don't you know that you're toxic!

I can't believe Rin-Rin's password on this site still hasn't changed! I was even fucking surprised! Daaaaaaaamn that gurl. Imma shoot myself.

This is just a moffing quickie so I'll cut to the chase.

(Holy testes, did I just type quickie?)

I'm sssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo glad my baby's back in school! Didn't you know what I've FUCKING been through without her? Rapists are shitting hideous nowadays and she's the only one with comebacks badass enough to turn the bitches off! And I had to sit ALONE under the tree to eat LUNCH. ALONE. And it's hard to face detention without my number one whore. The sluts who run the school're starting to pick on ME since Rinniekinns was gone!

Ahem. They're all terms of endearment.

I'm so freaking bored here. Being sixteen's too overrated. The upside is you can brag about this in the future, and of course to your orangey friend who's two grades below you.

You're probably wondering where in Satan's whorehouse I am now.

In computer class.

And my classmates are too moffing busy listening to the douche in front to notice what I'm even UP to here. Just here to remind you that Rin's already crushing on someone~

And I'M the only one who knows. Well, you too, I guess, now that you'd read THIS. . . Rinny-Rin-Rin won't admit it, but she's got the hots for a CERTAIN guy in her class (WINK) The issue is, the strumpet just won't admit it. Hell, she's so cocky to prove that she didn't like the dude she even dared me to post this in her new story chapter. Asswipe.

How did I know she likes him? (I'm not gonna just kiss and tell, honey, but I'm being a GOOD FRIEND, YOU JERK OFFS.) Puh-lease. I've got my women's intuition. (Or that Sharingan eye Rin always wanted to tell me about. Pfft. Ninja geek. MY adorable ninja geek.)

Plus, whenever I pass by Rin's last period's classroom there's always this CERTAIN guy who'd help her with her books — EVERY CUMMING TIME — but she'd always blush and be all like, "Ah, no thanks, I can handle this myself —" but in the end, she'd just give in to the guy.

Call me a crappy friend for spying on her like that, but I'm just concerned for her. Ohoho, her brother's not gonna like this when he finds out OwO DRAMA BOOOOOOMB, BABEH~!

Huh the class just got quiet all of a suddeno23uerwofidjklm,99090890


Dammit. 'Nother detention. I hope Rin gets one too. And I should post this already~

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ME: SO ENDS THE FIRST CHAPTER! It's so fun writing in Miku's POV. She's so energetic. Yes, everyone! This is how the sequel of Rin's Fanfiction begins! Can you guess the guy she won't admit — even to herself — she's crushing on? :3 Any suggestions? I thought Piko and maybe Oliver're around her age, so they'd be classmates : D WARNING, though: THIS ISN'T RATED 'T' FOR NOTHING (Aside from the crude humour and the language.) You know what ELSE starts with 'T?' It'd be quite OBVIOUS once you read the last chapter of Rin's Fanfiction. Rin's POV next chapter. Remember; the more reviews, the faster the update! I recommend a cover song of Toxic. It's good. PS: Try and check out my other story, The Mistress : ) You MIGHT like it. . . I'm not holding my breath though.