Ranma Loses!
By:Joey Meyers

Note: I don't own any of these characters!

Ranma just stood there, frozen, completely in denial, as he spoke a little
mantra over and over again "This is impossible, I'm Ranma Saotome, I cannot

Next to him Ryoga Hibiki just stood there bored, " Geez Ranma just get over
it and accept it." he snarled.

That snapped Ranma out of it. "I refuse to except this! Come on Ryoga! One
more time I will beat you this time!"

Ryoga just rolled his eyes and replied " Look Ranma, I already beat you fifty
times already, give it a rest!"

Ukyo (who was also there) blew some hair out of her eyes and said "Look
Ranchan, just calm down and maybe you'll get a chance another time all right?
Ryoga come on I need your help at the resturant, we got some new equipment
that Kontasu can't move. Hey if you do a good enough job I'll pay you double what
Konatsu usually gets!"

"Alright" Ryoga replied he then said sarcastically "Really? Wow a whole 20
twenty yen!" Afer all he knew what Ukyo usually paid Konatsu.

Ukyo laughed abit then said "Hey I don't pay Konatsu ten yen!" (You now very
well he gets five.)

She then took his hand and led him to the restaurant. Ranma just continued his
pouting, Akane walked up to him and said "Look Ranma, if it'll cheer you up,
I'll take you to the theater to see that new Jackie Chan movie, my treat."

Ranma just started ranting " This is impossible, I'm Ranma Saotome, the
greatest martial artist around! I can't lose, I'm the best! I've defeated
monsters, demigods, a 300 year old martial artist, amazons, and a super
pervert! I'm unbeatable, this is all a nightmare, I'll wake up and still be

Akane just slumped abit and said "Look Ranma, just accept it, Ryoga is just a
much better video game player than you are." She then walked off thinking
(Geez Ranma you overreact to everything, it's just Tetris for crying out
loud!), as Ranma continues to rant.

The end