Hey guys, here is the new Fairy Tail story i talked to you about at the end of The Crystal Mage, the one i was working on. It`s a self-insert but also an OC fic. You guys know i like my OC characters...like Rave was in Crystal Mage.

Anyway, enjoy the first chapter.

Child of Heaven

A Fairy Tail Self-Insert Story

Chapter One

My first years

If you ever ask anyone about me, they will tell you that this is Eve that you`re talking about. After all, this is what they know me by and it is by that name that they recognized me. The name Eve was the one that was given to me when I first became aware of the world around me. I was an orphan girl, with no knowledge of who my parents were. At least, in Fiore for there is a secret that I hold in my breast, a secret that most will consider strange and downright out of this world if you ever heard of it, but considering what I have witnessed in my years as I grew up, I am not sure if I would have believed it if I didn`t live it.

First of all, I wasn`t always Eve.

I was what you might call misfile in the reincarnation thing that happens when you died and reborn as someone else. In reincarnation, the memories of your past life get erased and you are a new slate when you get to live again, so to speak, and you start living in the location, world or country that you got reborn in.

Well not me.

I still remember the way I died quite clearly, so clearly in fact that I can still remember the man that killed me, the look in his eyes as he stared at me in horror from the gun that was in his hand and the screams that echoed around us.

In my past life, I was a college student, working in a part time job at Tims Horton, a popular Canadian café. I was just turning twenty three, getting off my shift one late Thursday night. I was in music, recording stuff so I was pretty good with a piano and a guitar which had been guilty pleasure of mine. Blame Linkin Park on that one, after all, it`s one of their songs that inspired me to play guitar.

At first, I didn`t even notices the man until I heard the quick footsteps and I turned around suddenly. The man`s attention wasn't on me, but looking behind him. Because I stopped walking abruptly and he slammed into me with quite a bit of force…


The gunshot was extremely loud in the silence of the night and both of us jumped apart. At first I couldn`t understand what caused the sound until I noticed the gun`s muzzle sticking out of his jacket out of a hole, probably made from the bullet. He stared at me in horror and I feel the pain burning in my chest as the feelings burned through my body and I fell down on the ground…

It was in that moment that I realized that I had gotten shot…I can hear the man saying something in French but I couldn`t actually hear anything except the rushing blood in my ears and something wet and warm pooling around my body…

Then I heard screams…

After that nothing else except darkness.

When I became aware again, I couldn`t neither see nor feel anything. But I can tell that my cocoon was moving and feel something big and spidery like touching my back as I swayed left and right. It caused me to become suddenly restless and I was now crying.

But I didn't understand why I was crying and why my eyes wouldn`t open. I was a full grown person and I didn`t cry like that ever since I was a small…child…

I can hear a voice talking probably a woman`s from the tone of it. A voice was hushing at me and rocking my body, the way someone does to a baby which was totally ludicrous since I was an adult. I didn`t need to be and someone put something in my mouth.

It was a plastic like feeling in my mouth, cutting off my crying and with the woman`s gentle sway I slowly start to fall asleep, but not before realizing that the large spidery like feeling on my back, was in fact a person`s hand.

But why were the people so large? What was going on?

I couldn`t think of anything else as sleep overtake me.

The next time I woke up, it was quite cold and I was lying upon a hard ground.

I still have the plastic like thing in my mouth and I opened my eyes softly. The sky was filled with stars, which had a building in it. That confused me greatly making me wonder what happened to the woman who was carrying me before. My body feel oddly small compared the ones that I was aware…

Then the brief flash of memory came into mind as the man`s horror stricken face as he watch me bleed to death on the pavement…the screams that I had heard. I frowned slightly wondering what happened to me to become so small and vulnerable.

The blanket that was wrapped around my body was filled with flowery petals, and it smelled like babies…

God no

Was I a baby?

But how did that happen? Why was I turned into a baby? Why is going on?

My confusion caused me to start crying again…something that I was really annoyed with. I couldn`t probably be more than two months old, lying in the middle of nowhere with no one around. Where was the woman that had me in her arms when I last woken up?

I didn't know for how long I cried but it drew some attention for I heard a door open and a voice gasping noticing me, wrapped in the blankets. Then I was taken in someone`s arm, the two large hands encircling my small form. I glanced toward the person who had picked me up.

It was a woman, probably in her late forties. She had soft brown eyes with long blue hair and I can see a mole on the side of her lips. She was shushing me and humming a lullaby to make me go to sleep again.

Her touch feels different than the first woman I was aware of, but it was still nice, in a homey kind of way, thought something in the back of my mind was wondering what kind of person had blue hair.

As the months grew by since my untimely arrival, the building of the elderly woman had picked me up, I realized was an orphanage. I was abandoned on the doorsteps of the orphanage at two and a half months old, the elderly woman, which I learn her name was Sasha Matlock.

I see her quite a few times in my infancy days. I was probably one of the youngest children in the orphanage considering I was a baby when I was brought in. The other kids in the orphanage took me in quite easily after all, babies were cute and they all wanted to play with me. It was quite a sight to see them all crowd around the table I was in when one of the Matron was giving me food.

The girls, one of the oldest being Samara, loved to play with my hair. She was always brushing my hair since it was quite long for a toddler of my age and she always spoiling over me. I had learned over the passing months that I was a girl thought I had no idea on how I physically look like.

Sad to say, my infancy days were quite boring.

When I first turned three years old, it was then I became aware that I was no longer in Canada. I had always suspected it but now I had some proof. Firstly it begins by that strange feeling I had in my body as I grew. At first I didn't know what it was, but it wasn't…bad or anything like that…I can`t really describe it, except that it was warm and that it was everywhere.

I was curious as to what it was, so I had stepped out toward the back of the Matlock Orphanage, since it was Sasha who founded it. They were a small backyard which was protected by a large fence which giving toward out the large forest that surrounded the building.

They were many kids playing around a game of tag with each other, so I decided to try to see if I could bring the strange energy like feeling out of myself. I wasn`t sure on how to do, making me decided to seat down on the ground and concentrate on bringing it out.

It wasn`t quite difficult to accomplish as I had expected. I can feel the warm power surging through my body and to my shock a small circle appeared in front of me. It appeared for a brief seconds, bright gold in color and filled with markings making me wonder what it was at first before I feel something push me on my back abruptly. I simply lied there in shock, wondering what exactly just happened.


I quickly turned my glance toward the voice, finding Samara there. The older girl, who couldn`t be any older than eleven, stood beside me. I can see concern in her eyes as she stared down at me as she kneeled there.

"A…Are you okay?"

Eve was the name that they gave me, probably a unique name compared to the rest of them.

"I…I`m fine," I answered her seating back up.

"What happened to you?" she asked me, "One minute you were seating there, and the next, you got pushed back. What exactly where you doing anyway?"

What could I tell her? That I somehow had a strange ability and that I could feel it in the world around us?

"It`s nothing," I told her.

She stared at me, and from the look of her face, I could tell that she didn't believe me.

"You can tell me you know," she said, pouting a little.

"I…," I started.

I started to think. Maybe it was time to finally clear out where in the world I am? In Canada, I could always hear the sound of motors like cars, airplanes and a lot of other mechanical things but in this place, I have never encounter the sounds of things like that, nor have I seen them.

"Samara, can I ask you a question?"

"Sure," the older girl said, smirking.

"What`s the date?" I asked.

She stared at me like I just grew a second head.

"Wow, I always thought you knew since you never asked," she said, "Well, the date is September 12 X770. To think it`s been three years since you arrived here."

I stared at her in shock. X770? Heck, wasn`t it 2013 when I well…had gotten shot. Don't tell me I have been thrown into the past…but how was that possible? Time travel is out of the question since it wasn`t scientifically possible…

Hang on…

X770? Why does that sound so familiar? I would have sworn that I had heard something like this before at least, something about those 7 numbers.

"What country are we in?"

"We are in the Kingdom of Fiore of course," Samara told me, chuckling, "Well since you are young…I won`t blames you if you didn`t know this…"

I drowned out the rest of what she was saying. I was shocked out of my mind as to why the number 7 was so familiar.

I was in the world of Fairy Tail.

I was in Earth Land.

I was so shocked that I couldn't speak. I used to watch the anime back a few months all because of my little brother was so obsessed with it. He was the one to converse me to the anime and I am glad he did. Since I was a fan of Harry Potter, everything that had magic in them was a guilty pleasure of mine…

It was then that I realized that I was born into this world; I am a three year old girl in the world of Fiore, a world that was filled with magic. But how could I have been born into a world of fiction? It was ludicrous, impossible…and yet…

I did not wake up nor did the area around me change in any way. I was really in Fiore…then the circle that had appeared in front of me…it had been me using magic?

I realized that I couldn`t breathe normally. I had put in my hand on my small chest shortly drawing breath. I can hear Samara yelling my name…

Then everything fades into darkness.

I groaned softly, blinking as the yellow light filled my vision. I glanced around the room I was in, instantly noticing that it was the Infirmary. From the window that I could see, the sun had set and the sky was already filled with stars.

I turned my head to my right, taking notice of the dark red hair. Samara`s head was lying on the side of my bed, her larger hand holding mine like a lifeline. I seated up from my bed, and moving seems to have woken Samara up as she woke up.

"W…Wha…Oh, my god, Eve are you okay?" she yelled taking me in a full hug.

"I…I I`m fine," I told her.

"You scared me half to death you know," Samara said, and to my surprise, "passing out like that out of nowhere. I thought you died."

"Sorry for scaring you like that," I told her, feeling sheepish, "But…what happened to me?"

"The nurse said you had a panic attack," Samara told me seriously, "You almost died…just don't do that to me again alright."

I gave her a smile and a nod which she returned before taking me into a hug again before letting me go.

"The Matron wants to talk to you tomorrow," Samara said.

I blinked.

"The Matron is back?" I asked.

Matron Sasha Matlock spend long months away from the orphanage sometimes. Thought I can feel slight fear at this. The only reason that the Matron will want to speak to any of us was when one of us was going to be adopted.

"I am not going to get adopted am I?" I said.

Samara shrugged.

"I don't know," she said, "But it`s what you would want right? I mean, that's what any of us would want…to have a family of our own."

I was feeling uneasy about it. The woman, who had abandoned me here, was probably my birth mother. Since I was family why did she leave me behind then?

The next day, I made my way up toward the Matron`s office. I was released from the Infirmary earlier and I couldn`t help but feel nervous. I was quite comfortable living here in the orphanage and I had even started to look up toward Samara as an elder sister…thought I spend most of my time with her, in the past three years. Some of the kids had gotten adopted even a girl that was once, Samara`s friend before me.

I reached the wooden door and swallowed thickly. I knocked upon the door and I heard the woman`s voice telling me to enter. I did so, and walked inside the room feeling as if I was walking into a courtroom.

How was it for a first chapter? As you can see the year is X770 right now at least so far...meaning we are pre-anime...anyway, i hope you have enjoyed the new story.

Next Time: Adopted

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