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400 years before Child of Heaven..

A young woman's form completely bathed in flames as she had her hand raised.

"Sorry to keep you waiting. You said you wanted to fight against a Dragon Slayer, did you not?"

A lost tale of magic begins…

"You are going to that Labyrinth place, aren't you?"

Shinji stilled in his movements.

"I have no choice," he said, without even turning around, "The longer she is in Minotaur's hand, the closer that bastard get to the secrets of the Salvatore Family. As a Dragonknight, it is my duty to fight and stop that from happening."

"That may be true," Aesyr said uncrossing her arms, and walking toward him, "But that's not the face you made when the old man told you not to go."

Shinji turned to face her, a curious expression upon his face.

"I was watching you back then when you were talking," she said, "Ellis may not have picked up on it, but you had the face of someone who had already made a decision the moment you heard that she was taken."

Shinji looked away for a moment.

"We were just kids when we first met, Yael and I," he said, "She was never much of a princess…no matter what blood flows in her veins. She was just a young girl that I knew from my childhood and a good friend. Which is why I am not going to just stay here when she needs my help."

Aesyr narrowed her gaze.

"From what I've heard, that Minotaur guy has a lot of men with him," she said, "And possibly two people that were as strong as that afro guy we've faced back at the Port and you still want to go in alone? What would be your plan exactly to get her out of there by yourself?"

Shinji tightened his hands into fists.

The land of Atlasia new age begins…

Aesyr launching a punch straight toward a man who blocked it with the back of his hand…

Shinji holding a blade of light as he was covered in blood and surrounded by shadows…

As Dragon's flame will shine...

The man let out a grin.

"With that power in my hand, not even they would be able to stand in my way," he laughed, "I will be able to control all of Atlasia as it's new King. The Minotaur Empire has a nice ring to it…"

The man raised is hand toward the sky, almost like he his going to grasp the crescent shaped moon in the sky.

"The Dragon Heart will soon be in my grasp," he grinned darkly.

Child of the Dragon

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