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Chapter Fifty-Seven

The man called Laxus

"We beat it," Lucy yelled happily.

I smirked to her and raised my hand into the air thought I was covered in the monster`s blood. I glanced down at myself and I knew I was going to be in the need of a shower soon. I walked toward where the blonde was and noticed the man in the Horse suit gave a salute before he disappeared in a light puff noise.

"You know," she said glancing at me, "I was really worried there for a few seconds but it seems that we managed to pull it off."

"I told you, all we need was the confidence to do it," I told her, "Then the rest will fall into place."

Lucy glanced at the dead monster on the ground not too far away from us.

"It`s kind of big you know," she said.

"Yeah I know," I told her, "Well, let`s head back into town and tell the Mayor that we took care of the monster problem."

"Yes," the blonde said with a light smirk.

We made our way back toward the small town at the foot of the mountain. The villagers were happy when they hear that the monster that was living in the mountain had been defeated and they were all cheering and merry making at its defeat.

"We can finally start the preparation of the Day of Saint Maria tonight," one of them said.

I was happy that I was able to help them and after freshen up I placed my bloodied clothes back into my backpack and knew that I will have to wash them when I return back to my apartment in Oak town…and I probably should invite Sakura and Miyu to the Harvest Festival and they would probably enjoy the Festivities.

Smiling happily I joined Lucy back in our room and she was seating upon her bed.

"You`re going to watch the Day of Saint Maria event Eve?" she asked.

"I`m curious as to what it is to be honest," I told her, "It`s not every day you run into a religious community within Earth Land. Although, it`s not as wide spread as I would have expected."

"I am curious about what it could be also," Lucy told me with a thinking expression upon her face.

"Well it`s going to take place tonight so we might have a glimpse of what it could be," I told the blonde.

That night, we left the Inn behind and made our way toward the center of the town where the entire people of the small town was situated all of them wearing robes and I recognize the small form of the Town`s chief, Mabu as he walked through the group and in his hand was a small light floating lantern with a strange symbol that had been drawn upon it.

He made his way toward the front of the crowd standing in front of the large tree, holding the lantern.

"Tonight we celebrate another year given to us," he said, his voice carrying out through the silence around them, "While we have faced hardship and many trials, we continue to persevere through the thought times with the protection of Maria blessing us with her graces. My fellows, we will persevere once more with the defeat of the large terrible creature that had shadowed our villages for the past months and it`s thanks to our friends from the Fairy Tail guild…and now let`s begin the Day of the Saint Maria."

He slowly raised the glowing lantern he was holding toward the sky above him and then the people around him started to do the same as a number of lanterns started to float above aiming toward the sky, floating high above.

At the same time, a number of musicians started to play music with flutes, drums and a woman had started to vocalize a song as the villagers started to pull out large plate of foods and we joined the chief on the large table as he started to serve us food.

"So this celebration is a banquet," I said noticing the amount of food they have.

"It`s only the first day," Mabu said, "It`s one of the way to pay thanks for the harvest of this year and that way is to consume what we have sown from the earth and with a prayer to Maria we are able to move forward without any regrets."

"An interesting way to look at things," I commented.

The night continued as many couples and young kids were starting to fill up the large open space in the middle of the tables. The song which had been slow and gentle at first had become quite lively as everyone was clapping and singing along with the singer.

A few boys who had impressed me with their courage, had approached us as the night progressed to ask us for a dance but Lucy was the one who went with one of them to enjoy the festivities while I politely declined their request….thought I found myself enjoying the sight of Lucy dancing with one of the young men…

I turned my attention toward the chief and noticed that he was searching the crowds, a look similar to concern and light worrying crossed his features.

"Something wrong?" I asked.

"No…it`s just I had expected that young woman to be here but I guess she had already left," he said.

I blinked at him in confusion.

"What young woman?"

"A young girl probably about your age," he said, "She was attacked by the Monster you`ve defeated today. It`s how we became aware of the large creature in the first place. She had some serious wounds and I thought that she was going to die but as incredible as it sounds, she had managed to heal up quite nicely."

"Did you get a name?" I asked.

He shook his head.

"The young lass didn`t speak much I am afraid," he said, "But her little companion was very polite and did most of the speaking…thought I didn`t expect the yellow bird to talk."

He laughed softly at that.

"The wonders of this world never cease amaze me," he continued.

I blinked as a memory came to me. I remember seeing a yellow bird earlier today with that strange woman that was smiling at it.

"I think I saw her this morning," I told him, "She was by the large tree when I went to fight the monster."

"Oh really?" Mabu said surprised.

I stood up, "Why don't I check if she is still there? Maybe I could convince her to join the Festivities?"

Mabu shoot me a grateful look.

"That will be much appreciated if you could," he said, "But if you don't…well, I will appreciate the effort."

I smiles at him before making my way toward where I had seen the young woman. The location was a little way away from the celebrations and when I found the location I had seen the woman, it was empty.

Then I heard footsteps walking away from where I was and I made my way toward it and I caught sight of a young woman with a long red skirt upon her form and a floating bird beside her. Knowing that it was my target, I quickly ran toward her.

"Hey, wait up," I called.

The woman came to a stop before turning to face me. She was standing beside a large rock and with the shadow of the rock upon her form, I couldn`t actually see her face but I can see the glinting eyes that were looking at me from the darkness.

"You`re leaving the town?" I asked.

The woman stayed silent for a few seconds then she turned away from me.

"Hey, I am talking you unless you are deaf," I called to her.

"I don`t understand why would I answer when your eyes can already give you your answer," she answered.

Her voice was soft, but also it carries a strange accent within it.

"The Chief wanted you to stay for the Celebration," I told her.

"I already told him that I wouldn`t stay," the woman answered me, "And I have given him my thanks for healing me…despite having not needed it."

"Not needed it," I repeated, "He said you were attacked by that monster…and I have seen the damn thing. You should consider yourself lucky that you`re still alive."

A soft scoff came from her almost as if she was insulted.

"I won`t consider it luck not being able to die," she said.

That shocked me.

The scorn in her voice, and the light melancholy tone it had taken had caused me to freeze in shock. How can someone be so…so…cold at being able to live? The mysterious woman didn`t seem to have been waiting for my answer for she continued to walk away and I heard her footsteps slowly dying in the night`s silence.

"Please Forgive her."

The voice was different and sounded higher than the woman meaning it must be the bird. He was also flying in the darkness but I could still see his larger than normal head as he floated in the air before flying away from me and I could hear him calling after the woman and I swore I heard the name "Claire" calling out.

I stood there watching the darkness in front of me for a few more seconds, wanting to go after the young woman so that she could explain herself but I couldn't find the strength to do so. How can someone not be happy that they are alive? What could have happened to that girl for her to curse her life like this?

Shaking my head, I returned toward where the celebration were being held, not knowing that one day, in the in oncoming future, that I would cross path with that woman again.

The following day, we said goodbye to the town and soon enough we were on the train heading back to Magnolia. My mind was still on what that woman told me last night and I couldn't get it out of my head, no matter how much I tried to forget it…I knew that they were times when I wished to died because time were tough and it would seems that everything was going against you but…to be dead set against living?

"Eve, you`re okay?"

I glanced up at the blonde across me.

"Yeah, I am fine," I told her, "I was just thinking about something that happened last night."

"Oh," Lucy said, "Man that night was quite the celebration. I`m still feeling tired from the dancing."

I smirked at her.

"I`m sure you were enjoying the attention from the boys of the village."

She blushed.

"Some of them were cute," she said, "and don't blame me for my weakness to cute boys."

"I`m not saying anything," I told her chuckling.

"Why didn`t you dance?" Lucy asked me.

"Just didn`t want to," I answered her, "None of the guys drew my interest long enough for me to dance with them. I know that some of them were cute and all but…I guess I`m just not into these type of guys."

"Then what type of guys are you into?" Lucy asked.

I thought about it.

"That`s a tough question, considering that I never dated before."

"Seriously?" Lucy said shocked, "I would have thought as a famous wizard you would have dated at least once."

I put a hand on my chin as I observed the girl across me.

"Lucy, the only reason I am famous is because I always hide half of my face," I told her, "Who is going to be interested in a girl who hide her face from the world?"

Lucy look at me as if a just grew a second head. I was confused at the reaction to tell you the truth.


"Do you ever read Sorcerer Weekly?" she asked me.

"Once or twice," I told her, "I`m not really an avid reader of the magazine."

Lucy shook her head, saying, "Of course she doesn`t know."

Okay, now I was curious.

"What doesn`t I know Lucy?"

The blonde sighed to herself before she started to speak, "There is a column about you in almost every issue of the magazine about a 500,000 Jewels reward to the photographer that will get a picture of your entire face…You`re said to be one of the most mysterious wizard in Fiore apart from Mystogan…considering that there is almost no information about him…heck, no one knows how he even look like."

I stared at her completely baffled.

"500,000 Jewels…for a picture of my face? Are you freaking serious?"

"Dead serious," Lucy told me and from the look on her face she was dead serious.

Am I really that popular?

I chuckled to myself.

"Wow, glad I took a leaf about out of Kakashi`s notebook," I said out loud.

"Who`se Kakashi?" Lucy asked, curious.

"A ninja who hide his face," I told her, "He is a pretty cool guy…thought the only thing that is strange with him is that he read adult stories."

"Sounds like a pervert," Lucy said.

"So do many say," I told her laughing.

We arrived in Magnolia a few hours later and we were now walking through the familiar city and I was carrying my backpack upon my back and Lucy was dragging her things with her. We walked together for a few minutes before Lucy said.

"Well, I`m going to head home and get some rest," she said.

"I`m heading to the guild to give Mira the head`s up that the Request had been completed," I told her, "Well I`ll see you around Lucy."

The blonde waved at me.

"See ya Eve," she said, "And thanks for the money, I own you one."

"Don't worry about it," I waved at her.

When she was gone, I shook my head and headed back toward Fairy Tail when a sudden explosion drew my attention. I glanced toward where it was coming from and knew that it was near the park, so I made my way there to see what was happening and I came across a strange sight.

Gajeel was on the ground and his entire body was smoking as short and around him was a young man with a large hat upon his head and another with a strange hairstyle but he had a white shirt, and I saw the small form of Levy standing by the tree with a hand upon her mouth but the one who drew my attention was the blond with the fur coat upon his form. He had small lightning running through his form and from how he was standing and how his magic was pulsing through his body, he was the one who just caused that explosion I heard earlier….

"Stop it Laxus," the man with the large hat was saying, "That`s taking it too far."

"There is no question on how strong Laxus is…," the other was saying, "But this guy should be able to put up a fight."

A shocked look crossed the man`s face.

"Could it be…this whole time…Gajeel had been…?"

"He wanted us to realize that he was a friend to us," Levy spoke out, "So he didn`t fight back at all."

I placed my backpack on the ground and walked forward.

"Don't tell me you guys are bullying Gajeel now," I spoke, not holding back the trace of anger from my voice.

The entire group turned toward me and I got a first look at Laxus`s face. His face was completely contorted in rage as he met my eyes. He was wearing a purple shirt and had headphones in his ear. He was wearing a leather pant with boots on his foot.

"It`s Eve," Levy said.

"Another one eh," Laxus said, not even bothering to mask his disgust.

"I thought I told you guys if you mess with Gajeel," I continued meeting the taller man`s eyes, "You mess with me."

Lightning flashed across Laxus`s headphones and I placed my hand upon RuneSave`s handle.

"You think you can handle me girly?"

"Try it," I answered him, as golden feathers started to appear around my form with my anger growing higher.

The tension in the air was so thick that I could taste it. While I hadn't actually drew on the power that Nova had left me yet I can taste it bubbling just beneath the surface. Laxus`s magical energy was crackling around his form and my own was growing too daring him to make a move…


He blew up.

"JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP CANNON FODDERS," he yelled throwing a blast straight toward them.

The attack flew toward the group and I picked Gajeel`s magical energy spiking up suddenly, and then he was standing right in front of Levy, taking the blast for the smaller girl. I had my hand on RuneSave as I glanced at where Gajeel was standing noticing the nasty wound that he now had on his arms.

"Are you done now?" he asked.

Laxus`s only answer was the lower his hand and it seems he had calmed down too but I was still holding my sword`s handle at the young man across me.

"I`ve got work to do," Gajeel said.

He then walked away passing toward where I was and I placed a hand upon his shoulder. He gave me a glance but he wordlessly continued to walk away leaving me staring at his back. Levy had tried to call him but Gajeel`s only answer was to leave him be.

Then Laxus simply turned away from me and the rest making way toward another direction. I continued to stare at his back, knowing that this guy is going to be a nuisance in the future…and it seems anger and rage was the key to the power Nova`s left behind for me.

"I`m sorry about this."

I glanced at Levy and the two guys looked a little remorseful too at what had just occurred.

"I`m not mad at any of you," I told them and I can see the surprise on their face at my words, "I`m heading back to the guild so I`ll see you guys there."

I walked away from them and made my way toward my bag and picked it up.

So this was Laxus, I thought to myself, I had forgotten what kind of a jerk he was…

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