Dean snapped his eyes open, warm and gooey sweat ran down his spine as he was breathing heavily, feeling the fear rumbling in his chest. He sat straight up in the bed and moved his gaze down to the floor where he supposed Cas was lying. Cas was there, sleeping soundly, he had a satisfied smile on his face. Dean relaxed and sunk back into the bed, it was just a dream, just a nightmare. He closed his eyes, shivered slightly and swallowed, trying to get the last fragments of the nightmare out of his head. Rustling was heard from the floor and suddenly, Cas were at his side, looking at him with worried eyes. The black, pointy dog ears were twitching worriedly on top of his head. The Angel put his fake paw on Dean's leg and whined softly, wanting to know what had happened with his Master. Dean let out a chuckle when he saw the Angel's worried face, he started stroking Castiel's head, in response to that, Cas nudged Dean's hand softly with his head and crawled closer to Dean.

"No need to worry Cas, it was just a bad dream, nothing more", Dean answered quietly while stroking Cas' head. Castiel looked up at Dean, his eyes still worried as if Dean's answer hadn't been enough.

Dean smiled slightly again and pulled Cas' body closer, feeling the warmth of his Angel's skin.

"I dreamed about my", he quieted down, feeling a bit embarrassed. Castiel shoved his head slightly into Dean's stomach.
"Do not be like that, tell me", his deep voice murmured before he lifted his head to look straightly into Dean's eyes. Dean sighed, closed his eyes for a moment before opening then again, looking back at Castiel.

"I dreamed about my visit in hell. Nothing new. I tend to do that from time to time", he confessed, embarrassed while tugging at Castiel's left dog ear. Castiel's big blue orbs stared at him before nodding and nipping lovingly at Dean's neck.

"Was not so dangerous now, was it?" the Angel murmured and put his paw on the place where he had left his hand print some years ago. Dean shivered from the sudden touch and looked at Castiel's face.

"But I saved you Dean. I raised you from perdition", Castiel whispered, now looking straight into Dean's eyes.

Dean leaned forward to Castiel's face, putting his hands softly on each side of Castiel's cheeks and kissed him gently. Castiel's eyes fluttered, his heart skipping a beat in his chest, he returned the kiss, digging his fingers into Dean's hair and pulling the human beneath him. Dean let out a soft moan when their crotches touched, Castiel answered the moan by grinding himself softly which made Dean moan even louder. Cas rocked back and forth over Dean's growing bulge, pinning his hands against the wall.

"Take off your clothes", Dean suddenly demanded, his voice hoarse from arousal. Castiel immediately took the command, pulling all of his clothes off then sitting down beside Dean, waiting for another command. Dean had already put his clothes aside, sitting wide-legged on the bed, his manhood twitching longingly against his abdomen. Castiel savoured the view and licking his lips, his dog ears twitching in excitement.

Dean put his finger under Castiel's chin, pulling his face closer and kissing him harshly. Castiel gasped, gripped his own erection and stroking it while kissing Dean fiercely. Dean pulled Castiel closer, putting his hand on Cas' buttocks, making the Angel grinding him again. Castiel started rocking back and forth again, moaning loudly when their hard erections touched each other.

"You're so fucking hot", Dean hissed, the words turning into a slur when he felt a sudden hotness around his shaft. Castiel was sucking him off and oh it felt so good! Dean moaned uncontrollably, swaying back and forth into Cas' mouth, hissing when the top of his dick got a lick from Cas' tongue.

"Oh fuck me", Dean moaned loudly when he felt the well-known hotness stirring in the pit of his stomach. Castiel took it as a command, eagerly searching the bedside table for lube, finding it and smearing all over his throbbing dick. Dean put two fingers into his own mouth, licking them until they were slick enough and carefully pressing them inside him. He moaned when he felt Castiel's soft but firm hand around his cock, almost losing himself then and there. He slowly pulled out his fingers, thinking he was prepared enough. Castiel leaned over his face and placed a gentle kiss on Dean's lips before adjusting himself to Dean's hole. Dean could slowly feel himself getting filled with Castiel's length, enjoying every second of it. Castiel hit that sensetive spot inside him briefly, Dean arched and moved forward the next thrust.

Castiel picked up the pace, their moans filling the air as Castiel slided deeper into Dean and brushing the spot over and over. The flare of pleasure drowned Dean's senses, made him cry out and raise his hips to ask for more. Dean sat up as much as he could to wrap his arms around his Angel's back, fingertips raking across the soft skin there. Castiel moaned when he felt the burning sensation over his back, his speed increased in a leap, striking the spot inside Dean repeatedly until Dean was moaning incoherently, attempting to meet the thrusts that crashed pleasure through him until he was insensible. Dean stiffened as his orgasm began to approach, burying his face in Castiel's neck, his breaths coming out in warm puffs. Castiel thrust hard, suddenly, a hoarse yell escaped him as Dean felt hot wetness fill him. That was enough for Dean and he came with an extended moan, the hot wetness staining his stomach. Castiel collapsed over Dean for a moment, catching his breath. He slid carefully out of Dean, cleaning himself and Dean with a tissue from the bedside table before tiredly laying down beside Dean, snuggling close to Dean's neck.

Dean put an arm around Castiel's shoulders, whispering an almost inaudible "I love you" before drifting off to sleep.

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