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How did this happen? She broke the promises she made. To herself. How could she now trust herself? In the end nothing mattered. How could it ? She didn't matter. She proved that the many times she had laid her life on the line had been futile. What was it all for? Elena? Oh the bitter irony. It tasted like freshy ripened lemons leaving a sour taste in her mouth. Done being pushed around? She had finally gotten the meaning of the statement, it was what made her snap. Her once bright emerald green eyes were filled with a dull explainable darkness. She had almost become the thing she hated most, a murderer.

She stood at the top of wickery bridge with the storm looming over her, blowing her long dark hair back. She could feel the strong currents of the wind. It made her feel insignificant, minor. There was something much bigger than her. This is what she needed to bring her back to reality. Put everything into perspective. At the end of it all she was nothing. Just a pawn in a long dangerous game and like with all pawns they can be replaced. She could still hear all his promises ringing in her head. Would it be worth it? To bring Jeremy back. Her first best friend. The only person who really cared about her. He was the only thing that had kept her grounded in this whirlwind she called life. Well him and Elena. The girl she once called sister. The girl she put her life on the line for. The girl that had tried to end her life merely hours ago.

She couldn't deny that it felt good. To finally make her stand, show them that they were all nothing. No life was more valuable than another but in the process she got lost. The power getting to her head. Her mind had been filled with thoughts about how she was the one. Yes her. Plain old Bonnie Bennett was the key to everything. She potentially had the power to beat death. It felt good. If only she was in control.

He watched her from not too far for a few moments. Upon first seeing her his were 'suicide attempt' but after much more observation he released a breath he hadn't realised he had been holding. She was captivating. Watching such a fragile small thing with so much power did something to him. Something he would never admit.

"You disappoint me Witchy. I thought you were more original than this. A bridge really?" he smirked getting closer. She heard his familiar voice ringing in her ear dragging her from the dark corners of her mind. She observed herself for a moment before realising how things may have looked. Being stood at the edge of a bridge with a tear stained face wasn't really an everyday activity.

"Because disappointing you is my biggest worry right now" she snapped sarcastically before turning to face him. She watched as his methane orbs danced with something she could only read as curiosity.

There was a long silence as their eyes met. One hoping the other would look away first. A clear fight for dominance

"What do you want Damon?" she cut the silence short upon realising the staring contest was going nowhere.

"I'm just checking in on my favourite crazy witch" he joked much to her displeasure she simply rolled her eyes at him. "No offence Emily" he continued looking up at the sky but nowhere in particular.

"Go away" she said monotonously before turning back to the relatively calm water.

"Is that any way to treat a friend? Where are your manners BonBon" he mocked. Damon's behaviour was something she had become accustomed to. It was now the normal. She could even say she had come to like their back and forth banter but never to his face. He didn't need a bigger head. But today she was in no mood for jokes.

"Friend isn't the word I would use Salvatore. If you don't want anything. Do me a favour and scram." she said without even sparing a look which is something that left him a little stirred. Things really had changed. After his witty remarks he expected a rise out of Bonnie. Maybe even one of her witchy migraines It was their thing. He could even go as far as to say they were known for this type of thing. Her behaviour was really showing him how things had changed.

To all around him change may have been evident but to Damon nothing else had garnered his attention apart from his girlfriend turning into Katherine 2.0 the most important thing to him was getting that girl the cure before things got really bad. Elena was being impulsive and that coming from Damon could never be a good thing. Until tonight Elena had been his only worry. He had seen her as the only real danger. Well there was Klaus but he was just becoming a Dog with a ferocious bark but no bite. And he couldn't forget Silas but really he was nothing without Bonnie and the cure which was safe in Elijah's hands.

To see the caramel beauty react the way she did tonight made him put everything into preceptive There was bigger fish to fry. But you cant fry a fish without oil. Regardless of this Elena was still his number 1 priority which brought him back to reality and an explanation for his visit.

"Its Elena" he started. He didn't miss the scoff that escaped Bonnie's lips. He didn't let this discourage him. "We need your help to get her humanity back" she turned to face him with amusement in her eyes. She looked at him like he'd told the funniest joke of the year. She wondered whether he was serious but after a few minutes she noticed his award winning Damon Salvatore smirk was nowhere to be seen. He was serious.

"I'd hoped you were joking" she said jumping down from the ledge putting herself at his level. She walked towards him her bare feet touching the ground as she clutched her midnight prom dress to stop it from trailing the ground. "No" she stated simply.

"Bonnie this is your best friend. This Elena. I know you can't loose her. Haven't you lost enough?"

"That's where you're wrong Damon. This isn't Elena. Its just a shell of her and I can't stand there and watch her terrorise the citizens of Mystic Falls in hopes one day she'll get her humanity back. I'm done."

"But Bonnie-" he began.

"What is it about her?" she shouted her voice raising a few octaves. "What is it about darling Elena that every guy she meets becomes forever whipped. What makes her life more important than anyone else because I'm damn sure that if this was Caroline you would have put her down like a rabid dog" He stared at her with what only be described as guilt. He knew she was right.

"I love her and I know you do too" she watched him with a look he couldn't read before walking closer. She now stood merely inches away from him. Her short stature was now apparent without the heels.

She watched him wondering what it would be like to be loved like that. Loved like you're the only girl in the world. Made to feel like the stars only shine for you. Knowing that someone in the world values your life over all other 7 billion people on the planet. Her small hand reached his cold alabaster cheek before stroking it in move so quick and surprising Damon was unsure whether his imagination had come to play.

She eyed his soft looking pink lips before licking her own subconsciously. She couldn't explain what came over her if you asked her but she found her lips covering his own moments later.

At first it was a chaste kiss but it wasn't long before she possessively took hold of his white button down shirt and pulling him closer. It was cold but otherwise nothing like she expected.

At first he wasn't sure if it was really happening Had Judgey little Bonnie really kissed him? Yeah they had come a long way from when she declared her hate for him but it was still a surprise It took moments before he reacted naturally without thinking. He licked her lips before she allowed him entry to her mouth. Their tongues duelled for dominance for a while just like two swordsman. This was do or die so he pulled her in closer by her waist whilst running his hand through her soft brown curls He couldn't explain the feeling he had inside him. Almost like his heart skipped a beat if possible. He felt overwhelmed with power yet so weak inside. He could feel his lips tingling with electricity until she pulled away.

She watched the look of shock on his face as she pulled away. He tucked a rogue strand of her hair behind her ear whilst looking at longingly and filled with hunger. She touched her lips with a finger She could still feel a light tingling. For a moment things had been clear in her mind but all those dark thoughts were back filling her mind with confusion. The longer she stood there in his presence the darker they got.

"I have to go" she mumbled lightly before taking of running without a second look back.

"Bonnie wait" was all he could come up with.

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