"The power of Voldemort is so great that it will take more than one wizard to defeat him. One year ago, a young baby lived and broke Voldemort's control, and in doing so forced him into hiding. But the Dark One will rise again...and the boy alone will not be enough... he will need help. Twin girls, born six months before the downfall of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named under the sign of Capricorn, have the potential to be great wizards. They are destined to help him...... The Death Eaters must not find them both... a bind must be put on the powers of the older and she must be raised as a Muggle until we are in need of her... the other must begin at Hogwarts to help young Potter through his first trials... Even they must not know of the other's existence until the time is right...."

Trelawney slumped into her chair. Before her eyes opened Dumbledore sprang up and grabbed his cloak, calling back, "Minerva, when Sibyll wakes up be sure to give her a raise." then He Disapparated....

Part 1: The Unknown Twin: Present time

"I'm really surprised you aren't a Prefect this year, Hermione," said Harry as they trudged up to the Castle on their first day back.

"Well, in a way I'm glad I'm not. Think of what example I would set for the first years if I keep going on adventures with you two?"

They laughed as they entered the Great Hall, passing through a horde of nervous first years.

"Were WE ever that nervous?" asked Ron incredulously, shaking his head.

The Sorting passed by in a blur, and soon Dumbledore stood, clearing his throat. "Ahem...we also have a new 5th year student this year. She arrived late last night from New York City, America. She has been sorted into Gryffindor." He waited for the applause (and assorted boos from the Slytherin table) to die down, and said, gesturing, "Our new 5th year girl, Persephone...Granger." Hermione's head shot up at the last name. Gasps rang through the Hall as the girl, who had been standing behind Hagrid, stepped forward. She could not have looked more like Hermione if it had been someone using a Polyjuice Potion. Hermione's head began to spin, and as she lost consciousness she could have sworn she heard Ron and Harry calling her name.

"Will she be all right?" asked an unfamiliar voice.

"Er...yes, Hermie's been through worse, right, Harry?"


Hermione bolted up straight in the bed. The other girl...Persephone... came running over, her forehead creased. "Are you all right?" she asked.

"I'd be fine... if I didn't feel like I was talking to a mirror," she croaked.

"Yes... I believe I owe both of you an explanation," said Professor Dumbledore, entering the wing.


"And I'll venture to guess that Ron and Harry wish an explanation, too. .. After all, you three are... What is that Muggle saying?.... Ah, yes, attached at the hip." They grinned, and Dumbledore conjured himself a chair, making sure the door was locked before he began. "As most of you know, Sibyll Trelawney has made a total of about two true predictions in the time she has been in my employ."

"The old fraud," muttered Hermie, interrupting.

"Hermione," warned Dumbledore.

"Sorry, Professor."

"Well, her first prediction involved you two and Harry."


"Yes... you see, obviously, you are twins. After Voldemort was repelled, the Death Eaters immediately started planning for his return by taking powerful wizard babies... That, Harry, in addition to the fact that you would have been idealized here, is the reason you were... er... raised by the Dursleys."

Harry rolled his eyes, but said nothing. Dumbledore paused for a few moments, then continued, "Persephone, being the oldest, was sent to America to stay with a distant cousin of mine. As suggested, she was kept unaware of her witch status... that is, until need of her power broke the spell. Her adoptive parents immediately wrote me, and I sent her the information she would need to catch up to you. In that, Hermione, you and your twin are also identical."

Ron groaned. "Another bookworm?"

The girls shot glares at him, and Dumbledore laughed. "Oh, Ron, I am sure you will not be disappointed... I believe your brothers will find a kindred spirit in Persephone." With that, he left the room.

Persephone looked confused. "What did he mean by that?"

"You aren't a trouble maker by any chance, are you?"

She grinned, pushing a strand of hair away from her face. "You're talking to the biggest prankster ever to grace the Eastern Seaboard."

There was silence for a moment, then Ron blurted out, "Now I'm really going to be confused! How am I going to tell you two apart?"

"That's easy," said Harry, getting up to take a closer look at the faces of the girls. "Hermie has blue eyes, and Per..."

"Please. Sephie. It's so much faster."

"All right. Sephie has green eyes.... wait, I could have sworn they were brown when we were sitting over there..."

She sighed and closed her eyes. "Not again...."

"Excuse me?"

She opened her eyes again, and Harry took a step back. "Whoa!"

"What, Harry?"

"Your eyes... they're violet!"

"I was afraid of that.... it started when I was 11... when my mood changes, so does my eye color. It's a side effect of the binding spell, from restraining the power. After they were released, my eyes stayed green... I guess it wasn't gone for good, huh?"

"I guess not... hey, Sephie, are there a lot of people in New York City?"

"Oh... let's see... on one island I'd say 10 million Muggles.... and 3 million wizards."


Sephie giggled at the expression on Ron's face. Just then, though, Madame Pompfrey came in and made Hermione take a dose of a foul smelling liquid. As she left and Hermie was gulping a large glass of water, Harry asked Sephie,

"You don't happen to play Quidditch, do you?"

"Are you kidding? Keeper three years in a row."

"That's great! We need a new Keeper."

"Let me guess. You're a...Seeker."

"How'd you know?"

Sephie just cocked an eyebrow as if to say, 'Please.'

Harry grinned and said to Hermie, " Well, at least your sister knows the difference between a Bludger and a Quaffle."

Hermie grimaced. "You're just lucky Madame Pompfrey confiscated my wand...." She shook her fist at him. He laughed.

Sephie turned to Hermie and said in a whisper, "You teach me exactly who to trick in this school and I'll teach you everything you need to know about tricking... including how to talk like me. That could come in handy. Deal?"

A slow smile spread across Hermie's face and she stuck out her hand. "We'll definitely have to start with that jerk Draco Malfoy. Pale, ugly git. It's a deal."

As Sephie shook it, pain lashed out at them both from their clasped hands. Harry let out a cry and clapped his hand to his forehead... or more precisely, his scar. The girls quickly let go of each other, and stared at their palms, fascinated. A small white scar started to trace its way down their palms, as if drawn by an invisible quill. When it completed itself, Hermie had a small heart shaped scar and Sephie had a small star shaped scar. And centered in the middle of each scar was ...a tiny lightning bolt.

They looked at Harry, whose hand was clapped over his own scar, emerald eyes blazing.

"What was that?" croaked out Sephie, both eyes and face drained of color. Her wide silvery eyes met Hermie's equally startled blue ones. Suddenly Dumbledore was there, solemn faced.

"What happened?" he asked, eyeing the pale twins, the equally pale Harry, and the bewildered Ron.

Silently the twins stuck out their palms, and Harry removed his hand from his forehead to show his scar, burning white. Dumbledore quickly crossed the room and took their hands, examining them. His eyes widened imperceptibly. Before he could say anything, though, Professor Trelawney burst into the room. That alone was odd... she glided everywhere. The dreamy look she usually wore was non-existent. Dumbledore looked up in surprise.

"Why, hello, Sibyll."

"Albus, what's going on?" she asked sharply, not sounding all that different from Professor McGonagall. In fact, without the glasses and outside her misty classroom, she looked downright normal. "I felt a rush of positive energy in this room," she stated.

"Well, we've had a slight incident. I was just about to call for you. I need your opinion."

She came over and took the hands of the girls, closing her eyes. Soon she went limp, dropping their hands. When she spoke, it was in the deeper voice of a true prediction: "As surely as love conquers hate and light conquers darkness, so shall the Heart, Star, and Light combined conquer the Evil that is Lord Voldemort."

Sephie had taken advantage of their preoccupation to slip out of the room. Dumbledore watched her go, a small smile playing at the corner of his mouth. He let her leave.

"Hey, Hermie!"

Sephie kept walking. Suddenly a boy that had the same red hair and freckles as Ron tapped her on the shoulder.

"You ok, Hermie?"

She quickly affected her sister's predictable accent. "Yes, of course. Not enough air in the Great Hall, you know."

"Where's that new girl?"

"Talking to Dumbledore. Ron and Harry stayed. Come on, I'm starved."

They took a seat at the Gryffindor table. Sephie started to eat, when a pale boy with two large cronies stopped in front of her. "Yes?" she asked, without looking up. "Look at me when I'm speaking to you, Mudblood." She lazily raised her eyes. 'Ah,' she thought, ' this must be Mister Malfoy. I must say, their description of him was accurate, to say the least.' She quite suddenly stood up.

"What did you just call me?"

The whole Hall fell silent. Malfoy hissed, "You heard me, Granger." He was quite sore over the attention Hermione had gotten last year, even though most of it was bad.

"I was hoping I had heard wrong, you pompous little..." She let loose a string of foul words that made Malfoy take a step back in shock. He blinked. For a second it seemed her eyes had flashed red. Fred stood up and said coldly,

"Shove off, Malfoy."

Malfoy turned abruptly and started back to the Slytherin table. He stopped suddenly, sneering and looking too much like Snape for comfort. He picked a piece of steak up off the table, dripping. He chucked it as hard as he could at the back of Sephie's head. As everyone gasped, she calmly pointed her wand over her shoulder and said, "Impedimenta!" The steak froze in mid air. Malfoy's eyes were wide with shock. She turned around casually and said,

"No thank you, Draco, I have some right here. You, on the other hand, look quite hungry." She made a circular motion with her wand, and the piece of steak turned around and hit Malfoy square in the face. The Hall exploded in laughter as Sephie sat back down. Even McGonagall was laughing, tears streaming down her face.

Afterward, no one was quite sure who started it. All the Gryffindors insisted it was Pansy Parkinson. All the Slytherins swore that it was George Weasley. (Even though the whole staff knew that the word of a Slytherin was worth less than .... well, you know.) But the resulting food fight left the teachers running for their lives.

Just as it was in full swing, a magically enhanced voice boomed, "Impedimenta!"

All the food froze, and the people, too, although not by magic. Dumbledore, Hermie, Ron, and Harry stood at the entrance to the Hall. Hermie's hands were over her mouth, and Ron and Harry were laughing. Dumbledore was trying (unsuccessfully) to hide a smile. His eyes swept the room and alighted on Sephie, who was near the Slytherin table. She was humming merrily, standing behind a very frozen Draco. She was in the process of pouring a bowl of gravy over his head, rubbing it into his hair.

"Ahem... Miss Granger?"

"Yes, Professor Dumbledore?" she asked sweetly, moving on to a bowl of mashed potatoes.

Dumbledore raised his eyebrows, and the three friends next to him couldn't help it anymore... they burst out laughing. The whole Great Hall followed suit.

When the Hall finally quieted, Dumbledore said, "What exactly happened here, Miss Granger?"

"Well, Professor, sir, but Draco," she batted her eyelashes at Malfoy so he could see it, "insulted me, thinking I was Hermie. And no one, NO ONE, insults my family."

Dumbledore nodded, and Sephie continued, "Especially since he called me... us... Mudbloods, which is a lie in the first place."

A loud gasp caused heads to turn toward Hermie, who was being supported by Ron. She was so pale she was almost translucent.


She looked at her twin, whose eyes had turned pale blue, and at Dumbledore, whose eyes were full of pity.

"I .. I think we need to talk," she managed shakily.

Dumbledore nodded and said, "Mister Weasley, Mister Potter, please escort the ladies to Gryffindor common room and report back directly to me."

The boys nodded, and each took the arm of one of the girls, quickly ushering them from the staring eyes of the rest of the school. As they reached the portrait, though, they belatedly realized that they didn't know the new password. They argued with the Fat Lady for fifteen minutes before Hermie came up with an idea. She told the Fat Lady the password form the last year, and the portrait reluctantly swung open. As the twins stepped inside, Harry leaned forward and said quietly, "We'll see you two later, ok?"

Sephie nodded, and Hermie added in a high voice, "Sure, Harry, later." Ron gave them each a compassionate look, and then the boys were gone.

Sephie sat Hermie in a chair and then began to pace. "Sephie, would you kindly explain to me what the hell is going on?" The accusation and hurt in Hermione's voice cause Persephone to freeze. She sat abruptly.

"Hermione, I'm not sure if I'm the one to tell you this..."

"Just get it out, god damn it!"

"Whoa, Hermie, where did you acquire that vocabulary?" asked Ron as he, Harry, and Professor Dumbledore stepped through the hole.

Sephie shot a pleading look at Professor Dumbledore, who sighed and sat down. Hermione was crying now, and Harry went over to put his arm around her, as did Ron. Sephie felt her own eyes fill, and turned away. Dumbledore said gently,

"Hermione, I know that this might not be the best time, but you are owed the truth, and I shall give it....Your parents were wizards, Aurors. They were working with the Ministry to capture Voldemort. Things had gotten to the point where, when your mother went into labor, she was back out in a matter of two days. They left you both with me, to ensure your safety. I was told that if anything was to happen to them, to use my judgment. Their first choice was Daniel Granger.... your father's cousin. After Professor Trelawney made her prediction, I sent a letter to my distant cousin, who agreed to take in Persephone. Daniel and Samantha had always known your parents were wizards, and swore they would raise Hermione to be a witch, and allow her to go to Hogwarts when the time came. I told them, though, to raise you as their own."

Dumbledore sat back, and Hermione looked up. Her sister was sitting by the fire, also crying. Hermione got up and sat back down next to her, putting her arms around her. The girls cried together, and Dumbledore motioned both boys from the room, leaving the twins to grieve.