~*~ 2 years later ~*~

"Rhapsody Jessica Malfoy!" yelled Lexi. Trying to chase a two year old while 6 months pregnant was not fun.

"Dadydaddydaddydaddy," the small girl yelled as her father entered the room. She high-tailed it for Draco, who scooped her up.

"My little girl isn't in trouble, is she?" he asked indulgently.

"Draco Edward Malfoy, you spoil that child!" Lexi said heatedly as Draco set Rhapsody down and she ran out of the room.

"Oh, well, you can spoil this one," Draco said as he kissed her, not even bothering to deny the accusation.

Lexi sighed. "Defeated again. Shouldn't you be getting ready for the wedding?" She gestured to her own fancy indigo dress.

"I'm getting around to it," he informed her. 

"Uh HUH," she hummed. "Get dressed."

"But LEXI-" he mock whined with a laugh.

"Honest to God, Draco, sometimes I think Rhapsody's more mature than you are!" she sighed in frustration and pushed him into the bathroom to change.


The Weasley grandchildren were quite numerous now. Thank God Bill and Charlie were still bachelors or there'd be even more. Those two were the largest players in the world, and no girl had been able to nail them… yet.  Percy and Penelope had Arthur, Fred and Angelina had Chastity, Byron, Bonnie, and Charlie, Ron and Hermione had their one-year-old Alison, and Ginny was pregnant. From the way Sephie and George were acting, there were sure to be more on the way soon after the wedding.

The Burrow was literally overrun. If you added in Rhapsody and Harry and Mariah's newborn son James, it was an honest to God circus.

Mrs. Weasley was as thrilled about it was ever, keeping them all in line somehow as they got ready for a wedding 9 years later than it should have been.


The wedding was beautiful. Together, the bridesmaids were in a literal rainbow of dresses, their escorts with matching ties and cummerbunds. Draco set an outcry at the fact that he had to wear a purple set, but when he saw his father was wearing pink… to match his girlfriend Janelle's dress… he shut up quickly enough.

Janelle and Lucius were content to date, and Draco was ecstatic that his father was so happy. Between those two, Jessi and Sirius, Severus, and himself, Draco reflected, Rhapsody WAS becoming spoiled. Good thing another one's on the way, he thought, shooting a look at his wife's protruding stomach. Split the attention.

Professor Dumbledore was marrying those two, as he married all the others. He pondered as he watched the bridesmaids and, ultimately, the bride, come up the aisle.   

They made it. They survived Hell and came out scathed, but they healed. They bounced back, and the lives of their children will be all the better for it.

Lily, James, Gabrielle, Ella… be proud of them. They did their duty and they lived to tell the tale. And yours. You will never truly be gone… yet you are sorely missed, just the same. The days of trial are over; a new age is beginning. I will soon be free to watch them in less tangible ways, and more than ready to go will I be. 215 years old… a little less than half your life span, Nicolas, old friend. 

The prophecy is fulfilled…the evil is gone…

"And they all lived happily ever after," Albus Dumbledore murmured to himself as George Weasley and Persephone Lupin came to be married.  

And they did.

~*~­­The End ~*~