Chapter V

'Where are we going?' Izaya questioned, flashing the blonde the notepad.

"You like Sushi, right? Well I'm taking you to Russia Sushi. They have good Otoroo there."

Izaya jumped up and down excitedly, his coat bouncing with him.

"Shizuo! Eat Sushi! It good for you!" a large man with a thick accent walked up to the bodyguard.

"Your friend eat too!" he said looking at Izaya. He asked, "What your name boy? You new? Eat sushi!"

Glancing at Shizuo for help, the blonde spoke up. "His name is Izaya. He can't talk, but he would love to try your Otoroo. Can you set us up?"

"Yes, yes. Sit here. I bring sushi for you." He said enthusiastically, walking away to retrieve the food.

'This place is huge.'

"Yeah. It's the most famous sushi place in Ikebukuro." The meal arrived.

Taking a bite of the Otoroo, Izaya quickly slapped something onto the notepad.

'It's great! This is the best Otoroo I've ever eaten! Thanks Shizuo!'

"You're welcome. Have as much as you want." He replied, amused at the ecstatic teen.

'That's ok, I'm good with this. It's enough for me. That and I don't want to feel like I'm robbing you of money.'

"No problem. I don't really care." Eating the rest of the sushi, they left for the next place.

Izaya had met so many people. There was Kyouhei, Masaomi, Mikado, Erika, Tom, and many more friends of Shizuo still to meet.

Soon, it was dark. The chirping of the day birds ceased and the crickets and cicadas sounded. Overhead city lights turned on, making the city glow in a pale peach color. The air was cool and pedestrians were making their way home.

"We have one more place to go before heading home." He said, unconsciously grabbing the smaller man's hand. Izaya didn't complain. He…liked it?

Dragging him to the tallest building in Ikebukuro, they made their way up to the roof. Seventy stories later, they were at the top.

"Wait a minute. It should start in about five minutes."

Staring at the city below was a dream. Lights blinked and humans walked the land. It was peaceful and Izaya never wanted it to end. Suddenly, here was a whistle and a loud 'pop.' Glancing up, the smaller man saw a burst of color. Fireworks! He loved fireworks! The lights of the continuous bursts of color illuminated the night sky.

They waited there, Izaya's hand in Shizuo's, and they enjoyed the show which lasted almost ten minutes. Shizuo's deep mocha eyes wandered to where the raven stood. He was concentrating on the smoke in the air left by the fireworks. When Izaya broke away from the ex-bartender's grip, Shizuo wanted to clutch his hand again and was surprised that he was holding his hand in the first place.

'That was great! Arigato, ne! This has been the best day ever!'

"So…you're not mad at me for hitting you like that? I mean I guess it was uncalled for…"

'Don't be stupid, dummy! I already told you its ok.' He scribbled.

Not being able to restrict himself any longer, he let the urge drown him. Spinning the brunette around, he took the thin chin between his thumb and pointer finger lifting his face so the scarlet eyes pierced through him, reading him like a book. Shizuo kissed him.

The world slowed to a complete stop around them and they were only aware of one another. The smaller man's eyes widened a bit and then closed completely. Begging the smaller man for entrance, he complied, parting his lips just enough for the blonde's tongue to get in. Heat exploded around them, enveloping them in their embrace, and they deepened the kiss. Izaya grasped Shizuo's fluffy hair with his right hand and pulled them closer together as their other fingers locked together like an unbreakable chain.

They tore apart, gasping for air, and Izaya's eyes sparkled with the slightest bit of amusement and he wrote down, 'Do you…like me?"

"No, Izaya. I don't. I don't like you one bit. In fact, I wouldn't even put it into the word like."

What? Izaya was thunderstruck. His heart ached and he had a sudden urge to jump off the building when two well built arms circled around him.

"I don't like you Izaya. Not at all. But…I do love you," he whispered. "Stay with me?"

The raven beamed at his lover and nodded his head twice against Shizuo's ruffled outfit.