Right Side of Love



I guess it's useless for me to ask this to you.

You have left me, damn you!

You never told me.

Why Sasuke? Was I too difficult to approach?

Was I too complex for you to understand?

I have loved you, dammit!

I worshiped you.

The ground you trod upon were precious to me.

Were you too blind to see?

I took care of you, not because of obligation...

I did it to be with you. To make sure that you will be mine.

Everytime you looked at me, I saw a glimpse of heaven in your eyes.

I have loved you from the moment you were born.

The heavens answered my prayers and gave me you.

You were my happiness Sasuke.

If you have never noticed it, I smiled only for you.

My laughter were fueled by your delightful chortle.

I always wanted to be with you.

I watched you sleep, God knows I did... every night.

I loved watching you breathe... hearing your heart beat...

It was magical for me, Sasuke.

I could never explain the feeling...

How I fought my urges to touch you... kiss you... and call you mine.

I have so many plans in life and all of them included you.

You could have given me a hint Sasuke.

I may be smart in many things...

But in love, I am a novice,,,

Probably because I loved no one but you...

I too was afraid of rejection, Sasuke.

I was afraid that you might not want me.

I didn't know how you would react if I confessed.

Maybe I have no one to blame too but myself.

I was probably to blind to see that you wanted me too.

I thought I was that transparent.

So many what ifs... but all so very useless now...

But I believe I too can make a difference.

I can be strong for you.

If our destiny was not in this world, then it may be there.

There where the skies won't cease to smile and gray never exists.

Where you and I can be together.

I will follow you.

I love you Sasuke...

... please wait for me...

Itachi folded the ivory paper and placed it in an envelope and pocketed it.

He adjusted his tie as he looked at himself on the mirror.

His eyes were red from crying, there were deep circles around his eyes. Anyone who knew him could tell that he was grieving for his brother.

Itachi silently walked towards his car and made his way to the cemetery.

He reached his destination and saw Sasuke's bronze coffin up front. They were going to cremate the body after the final blessings. Sasuke always informed him that he wanted that.

Each step was so heavy that he wondered if he can ever make it beside Sasuke's casket.

All eyes were on him as he moved to the front. He followed through the ceremony like he was expected to - robotic... cold... silent.

When the ceremony was over. Itachi took the paper out of his breast pocket... the one he carried heavily on his chest all this time...

He slipped it in Sasuke's casket before he was carried off to the furnace. Tears started to flow from Itachi's eyes.

But little did they know the true reason behind those tears.

He just didn't loose his brother... He lost his everything... he lost his only chance of love.

As Itachi watched the box disappear and flames started to engulf everything.

Sasuke will soon get his message...

He placed his hand in his pocket and felt the hard metal brush his fingertips.

He smiled inwardly...

... I am coming Sasuke...