Annabeth's Pov AU=Bold Sentences

I was resting under a tree until I heard a very familiar voice. "Hey Annie wanna play Truth or Dare."

I always hated that name. "Don't calm me that." I said almost yelling "Sure I'll play with you guys." The anger retreated really quick probably because I like him, and I mean like like him.

We headed of to Percy's Cabin, and I found Travis, Connor, Thalia, Nico, Leo, Piper, and the new Apollo kid, Robert.

"Hi." I greeted them "Hey" they greeted back.

I sat down between Thalia and Connor "I'll go first." Travis said "Piper, truth or dare?"

"Dare" She said

"I dare you to go to your cabin and ask the others to give you a makeup." He said with and evil grin. For most Aphrodite girls, this would be no problem, but piper really hates makeup.

"What, NO!" She practically yelled

"It's either getting a makeup or wearing a pretty princess dress from a magazine for a week."

"Fine." She mumbled and went out the door. We followed her and waited outside of cabin 10. When she was done, she had sooooooo much makeup on that she could've been a clown.

We went back to Percy's cabin "I'll get you for this Travis." Piper said on our way their

When we got back and sat down Connor immediately said "Leo, truth or dare?"

"Dare" he said

Connor smiled but not an evil one, more like happy "I dare you to make me the most comfortable chair in the world with massages, seat warmers, a game console, and a security system that would only allow me to sit in it, and you have to be done with it in a week." He said still smiling

"Is that all you got? I could finish it in two days!" The Son of Hephaestus said

"That's not a very threatening dare." Percy said

"Who cares" Connor replied "Im gonna get a brand new awesome chair in two days!"

"Alright my turn" Thalia said" Annabeth truth or dare.

"Dare" I said without thinking

"I dare you kiss whoever you have a crush on for one minute." She said with a grin. I blushed furiously and sighed.

"Fine." I got up, sat between Percy and Robert. Apparently Robert thought I was gonna kiss him, because he shifted uncomfortably. He sighed in relief, because I pulled Percy in towards me and kissed him. He had a surprised look at first but he closed his eyes and kissed back.

It felt like fireworks were going around me, after a minute later I heard Thalia calling "Ok Annabeth, your one minutes up." I didn't want to stop but I'm pretty sure Seaweed Brain felt embarrassed. I pulled away while my cheeks burned, and everyone was smiling at me and Percy. I headed back to my seat still blushing.

"My turn." Leo said excitedly

"Percy truth or dare."

"Truth" He said

"I want to tell me if you liked the kiss with Annabeth or not."

"Well…uh…maybe um…yes." He said