A late night

Ring Ring RING!

"WHAT" Dean snapped into the phone

"Sorry, did I do something wrong?" replied Castiel calmly

"Cas it's 3 in the morning"

"Sorry its just lilth has broken another seal and we can't clean up without your help."

"Where are you?"


"WHAT, why didn't you just come in?"

"Because you . . ."

"Never mind, just come in" Dean said exasperatedly. 3 second later he heard a rustle of wings and Castiel was inside the crappy motel

"Where's Sam?"Castiel asked

"In Montana working in a case with bobby."

"So we have the room all to our selves"

"It would appear so" Dean whispered suggestively

(insert magical time skip to morning)

Dean woke up and glanced over at the sexy angel next to him and sighed on content

"Hello" Cas said sleepily*

"G'morning" Dean replied "want some pie?"

*I don't think angels sleep but I don't care