Cas looked at Dean, Dean looked back. They were in a standoff. Both knew that the other would not back down.

Just then Sam walked in and saw a very interesting sight. An angel and a hunter both with forks at the ready and a single piece of pie in between them.

"What are you two doing" Sam asked, but he didn't get a response are both man and angel where staring intently at each other. Sam knowing full well that this behavior would not end for quite a while went on a quick day hunt just a few miles up the road.

(Insert magical time skip to later that evening)

When Sam returned later that night he was Dean and Cas still having a silent standoff over who was going to eat the Pie.

"You know you to could split the pie" Sam said as a matter-of-factly. This did get their attention as the both looked away from each other long enough to give Sam a look of exasperation. "Whatever I'm going to bed" Sam said while walking away.

(Insert magical time skip to morning)

Sam walked in to get some breakfast a low and behold Dean and Cas where still at it. Frustrated with is behavior, Sam grabbed a fork and snatched the plate from in between the two grown children. But that still didn't stop the behavior. Just as Sam walked out of the room he heard a crash. He didn't need to look back to know that that the two of them were locked in a lovers embrace.