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Chapter 2: I Have to Share 'My' Sky

It all started with a flyer. That's what made my world fall apart. That's what symbolized the beginning of my Nii-sans.

Staring suspiciously at the flyer in my mothers hands I questioned her sanity once again. But before I could question her about this 'tutor' the doorbell rang. Something felt wrong here. But, again, before I could stop my brother he had moved to open the door and in the next instant an infant was in our doorway proclaiming to be the supposed 'World Renowned Tutor Reborn'.

I was standing slightly off to the side and I inched forward unconsciously to get closer to my brother. That's when the infant, now dubbed Reborn, turned to get a look at me. He stared directly into my eyes and I stared back unflinchingly.

He was just like the others. He looked at my brother and I with calculating eyes, trying to see into our souls and judge our worth. It might have been his job as a tutor to see potential in students but the way he looked at us made me think of a person who was trying to choose which chicken to choose for dinner. (A/N Weird analogy, I know, but I'm not good with them and that's what I thought at the moment if you have a better one tell me and I'll switch it.)

That's when he smirked at me with a dangerous glint in his eyes and turned back to my brother... Who was floundering with his words to try and ask Reborn if he really was the tutor.

The next moment all I saw was a blur and an empty spot where Reborn was previously standing. Fearing the worst I snapped my head to check my brother when I saw that he was currently being kicked in the head by Reborn. Anger stemmed from inside me and I was prepared to attack Reborn in return when my brother just rubbed his head and asked what the kick was for.

That's when Reborn answered him while staring at me that it was for stuttering. If he was to be a recognizable person in the future he would not be allowed to stutter.

That's when he smirked at me again and added on that if Tsuna were to be a very important person he would also need to be prepared for attacks or have suitable bodyguards in case something like that were to happen.

I expected Tsuna to laugh, to shrug off what Reborn was saying and come back to my side, but he didn't. He considered what Reborn was saying. I knew that he was because I knew how he looked when considering something. He didn't notice that I was quietly seething at Reborn's intended insult towards me.

Until now I had kept Tsuna safe myself. From the idiot girls who didn't even know him to the men who came and sized Tsuna up. And now, now, an infant comes claiming to be his new tutor, kicks him in the head, and then clearly states that I'm not enough to protect my brother.

"You can't be-" I started but was interrupted by Tsuna.

"So... You're here to mold me into a good leader for the future. Where do we start?" Tsuna asked. And may I add that he was quite excited.

Reborn turned his stare away from me and back to Tsuna then replied with a squeaky voice that Tsuna and I should go upstairs to discuss 'tutoring things' with him. Tsuna offered Reborn some help up the stairs and while Reborn declined I could just tell he was enjoying that it made me uncomfortable for him to be near Tsuna.

Nii-san was next in line to inherit the position of tenth head of Vongola. Vongola Decimo.

When we reached Nii-sans room upstairs Reborn had explained to us the real reason he was here, gave us a basic overview on the mafia and Vongola, showed us our heritage, and told us in extreme detail what had happened to the heirs that came before Tsuna.

I could swear to every god that Reborn had immensely enjoyed showing us pictures of the deceased heirs and explaining in more details than necessary of what had happened to them. I can also guess that he was smirking at me the entire time daring me to try and refute him. To say that I would protect Tsuna from anything and everything. I wish I could.

I'd be lying if I said I could. They were mafia and trained assassins I wouldn't be able to win against them, naturally. But it still hurt that I couldn't at least proclaim that I would protect him just to show up Reborn, though I had a feeling it still wouldn't end well, and show Tsuna how dedicated I was to him.

It seemed that Reborn was a little perturbed at my silence but he kept on with his explanations going into how Tsuna would need to gather Guardians. When the subject came up I tensed slightly but otherwise didnt show any outward alarm.

Nii-san needed Guardians. People loyal to him and willing to do anything for his benefit.

I thought I fit that description really well but immediately corrected myself.

Tsuna needed friends, allies, people to rely on besides his brother.

It had always been an 'Us against the World' but now Tsuna would have to interact with other people his age. It was a bit scary for me to imagine him doing that, so it must have been doubly that to Tsuna. But, I had faith in Tsuna. He could get along with anybody without even trying. He could get friends easily.

I immediately felt a bit lonely at that but stopped that train of thought as Reborn seemed to be ending his explanation. He looked to me with a serious expression on his face, not his usual smirk he had been wearing this whole time or a glint in his eye, and I then understood why.

"Ienari, Tsunayoshi has been chosen as the next heir but as you two are twins you can contest to it and declare yourself as a contestor. You two would most likely have to battle for the position. If you do not do anything about Tsuna's new position you will soon be given defense lessons by a person other than myself." Reborn's squeaky voice sounded suspiciously like that of an older man at the moment but I shrugged it off immediately. I knew exactly what I needed to say right now.

"I'd be happy to give up my right as contestor and follow Nii-san as Vongola Decimo." My voice echo slightly in the silent room and I knew I had said the right thing when Reborns smirk surfaced on his face again.

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