Hello any and all Poptropica fans! Here is an epic tale of a Poptropican on a journey in which he screws a lot of things up. Hope you guys enjoy! Review! I'll update tomorrow!

I, Bony Bones, was a Poptropican from Time Tangled Island. I had just turned 12. When every Poptropican turns 12, they take their first journey to another island alone.

When my time came, I choose Early Poptropica. I mean, with pigs, balloons, vegetables, and flowers it is by far the most exciting and cool and adventurous and epic island ever….well, maybe not. But I chose it anyway. Don't judge me, I've barely even started the story! So….

My trip over there was pretty much uneventful. I was peering down at the island as the blimp manager steered us in. "Wait a second, was that just a purple giant I saw?" I asked.

"Who knows?" the blimp guy shrugged. We descended slowly and landed next to the art museum.

I hopped out of the blimp and headed to the Poptropica Towers Hotel. It was an impressive building, at least 10 stories tall. "Well, here we go, home sweet home for the next six months," I said. "It looks extremely peaceful- - -AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

I fell down a manhole.


I apologize for the shortness, but updates will be very quick. Please review!