Epilogue: Awake

The Bio-Ship wouldn't stop humming into her head, like a nervous puppy that hadn't seen her in forever. There was still a sore edge to its presence, telling her that it hadn't fully healed from the attack, but was at least on the mend. M'gann found herself having to constantly assure the Bio-Ship that she was back, and that she didn't plan on leaving it again. And working in an occasional "I'm sorry" when the fretting really increased. When M'gann placed her bags inside the ship cabin, the worried buzz toned down a little; maybe the ship was just reassured now that something of hers was back in close contact with it. But that didn't keep M'gann from resting her hand on the wall and gave it a gentle psychic nudge. "It's okay; I promise I'm back." It still gave a worried pulse, not fully convinced...But it at least let her step back outside, content with holding the bags.

M'gann blinked up at the sky as she stepped back onto the dorm's deck, her eyes feeling heavy. She hadn't really slept over the night, instead catching a few short catnaps between events; twenty minutes after the police arrived, then another handful of minutes as Karen filled out the reports and not so subtly kept her and Conner shoo'd off to the side. Most of that sleep had been spent on Conner's shoulder, though he didn't seem to mind that much. M'gann also had the suspicion that he'd rested his eyes and his head against her, as well. Those naps at least gave her enough rest to not feel completely muddled, and leave her to appreciate the morning. She could feel the sun light starting to warm up her skin...Which she noticed couldn't seem to decide on what color it wanted to be, now that she'd rediscovered how to change it.

"You're really leaving?" Wendy's voice was thick with fatigue, and when M'gann turned to look at her, she could pick out dark circles under the other girl's eyes. But she was still standing tall, meeting M'gann eye to eye...Although she did blink in surprise as M'gann tried to hold onto a Caucasian color instead of green.

"Maybe not forever; I want to keep up with my major. And maybe I'm not...Completely Megan Morse all the time, but I want to have a normal life sometimes." She glanced over the dormitory again, frowning at the damage, while her fingers switched back to green. "But it's going to take time to fix the dorms, and I'm going to need somewhere else to live." Wendy gave a slow nod, glancing at the chunks missing from the deck.

"You know...You could come with us?" M'gann offered, drawing her friend's eyes back up. "You're in on the secret now, and it wouldn't be too hard to zeta back to classes. Besides, I know you need a place to stay as well." Even with the fatigue on her face, Wendy managed to push it out long enough to give her a smile.

"I might consider it...It's going to be hard to find a roommate that can bake as well as you can. And I'm still technically your upperclassman; I wouldn't be setting a good example if I let you off that easy." M'gann had to remind herself not to grow extra arms when she wrapped Wendy up in a hug. "Though I hope things aren't going to always end up wrecked."

"Actually, this is a lot better off then what usually happens during our missions. Nothing really exploded this time."

"...M'gann," She could hear how Wendy tested her real name, pausing a little over how it was pronounced. "You really need to work on your sales pitch when it comes to living arrangements. And how good the lifestyle is."

"Well...It's harsh, sometimes." M'gann admitted. "But now that I remember it...I'm not sure why I wanted to trade it out." The fib came easier then she wanted to admit. But Wendy didn't need to know that, just then. When she let Wendy go, M'gann was already hovering a few inches off the ground, while her telekinesis itched to go higher. "I'll be back soon enough, okay? Just wanted to take one last look around."

Wendy didn't do more then nod when M'gann pushed herself into the sky. Her arms and legs stung for a moment as her weight shifted around, not used to being off the ground for so long.

'At least in the real world.' She reminded herself, letting those memories of flight and how to move through the air and sky flow back into her mind. Her powers began to take over, and within seconds she was winding through the sky and watching it change from pink tinged to a soft blue.

Looking down, she could pick out a familiar green field against the buildings. Feeling her heart trying to climb up into her throat, M'gann sent herself down towards it. When her feet touched the grass of the football field, they'd shifted into her cheerleader shoes, while the rest of her outfit followed. Her skin blushed back to peach, though the green lurked underneath her fingernails.

"Saying goodbye?" She started a good foot into the air, before turning to find Conner watching her.

"Sort of...And reminding myself." She eased down one inch, then a second as her outfit started to shiver again. It took more concentration then she had to keep it in a cheerleader costume, so as she spoke it started to settle into something between that and a pink cardigan and shirt. "I...You know this is where I blanked out my memories, right?"

He gave a nod, glancing around. "I had a hunch...Figured that I might find you here, too." Every time Conner blinked, her skin gave a quick ripple, flickering and changing; Caucasian, then green, then back when he looked at her again.

"How you feeling?"

"...Different." M'gann admitted, and then added as he continued to watch and her color flickered between green on her hands and peach on her arms, "A little strange. Kind of unsure...And nervous." He didn't say anything; just raised his eyebrows in a way that asked her to continue.

"Am I doing the right thing with going back? There's still so much I've got to make up for...I'm not sure how to handle it. Or if this is even the right thing to do."

"...When you make a lot of mistakes," Conner's voice was low and heavy. "It's easy to think you can't do anything right again. But you shouldn't just give up." He let his breath out in a low sigh. "Trust me...I know that."

"You said you never stopped loving me, even after what happened..."

"...Did you stop feeling the same? Even when you traded out everything for this?" He glanced up at the buildings, then back at her.

"No. I-I ran away because I couldn't stop feeling that. I know...Stupid mistake-" She could feel how harsh even the weakened sunlight felt on her skin, and without looking already knew that it had shifted to white. Her breath caught in her throat as she glanced away, and before it had time to leave as a sob Conner's arms were around her.

With one arm squeezing at her shoulders, his other hand was on the back of her head, fingers tracing through her hair and over her neck. He kept running them over her head, in a steady motion that combed her bangs and any loose strands back. M'gann felt her breathing starting to synchronize with the touch, until finally her heart began to slow down, and she could inhale and exhale without feeling like her lungs were trying to shake themselves apart. Focusing on his touch felt more important then feeling shaky or worried, at least.

"Don't think like that. It didn't stop you from saving me when it counted." Conner's hands shook against her for a moment, and she could feel something in him hesitate. "Didn't keep you from doing the right thing." He sighed into her ear. He kept one hand against her neck, while the other moved from her shoulders to her face as M'gann sighed into his neck. She traced her own fingers along the red S on his shirt, before wrapping them underneath his arms and around his back.

"You also didn't wreck an entire school while learning, so you're doing better then me." She KNEW that she wasn't imagining that wryness in his voice, or the humor in his eyes when she lifted her face to stare up at him.

"...Conner Kent. Did you really just make a joke?"

"Yeah...First time for everything, though." And maybe a first time for recovering, M'gann couldn't help but think.

"Right...I guess there is, isn't there?" She managed a laugh as she spoke. When Conner let go of her face to hold her arms and draw his hands down them, she felt her black costume come back, wrapping around her body. "So, you're ready to face a few more things?" Somehow, she also got the impression of 'with me?' in his words. Maybe because he wrapped his fingers around hers as he said that.

"I think I am. And if you don't mind...I'd like to go back with you..." Conner let go of her hand long enough to trace his fingers over her side, before resting his head against hers. "I'd like nothing else." Conner murmured into her thoughts, eyes shut while M'gann let hers slide shut and brush her thumb across his cheek. When they both opened their eyes again, M'gann saw her hand cupping his face, and that her skin had remained green.

"I'm ready," M'gann whispered again as she rested against his chest. When she turned back towards where the Bio-Ship was waiting, she kept her fingers in his hand. "To be myself again."

The End