Hello Everybody! Btr100 over here with a new story: Ben 10: Albedo Returns!

So, I decided to write a Fanfiction Story that is not about Pokemon, because i want to try out the other story, and Ben 10 is one of my favorite Cartoons and I HAVE to write a story about Ben 10!

I saw the new series: Omniverse, and it was..okay..but a lot of things i liked in the previous series were removed.

1. They removed the evolutionary function! Why?! I liked that function, and it helped Ben..A LOT more than his standard aliens. Ultimate Way Big made his only appearance..where he is defeated!
2. The True Omnitrix never mistransforms, and if it does: it's Ben's fault. He seems to be mistransforming a LOT more than the Original Series, with almost every episode having atleast 1 accidental transformation. In UA, he only sometimes mistransforms and the Ultimatrix had a much longer Time Limit than the True Omnitrix: 80 minutes to 15!?
3. The new alien designs, some of them were...Meh...seriously why can't they just add only minor changes to the aliens? Like Swampfire and Heatblast: they never changed in appearance at all. Just some minors...except for Swampfire's Omnitrix from chest to stomach. Really? Well in my story, it's still on the chest!

(Shocksquatch's new design was much better in his 1st appearance in Heroes United, BTW.)

Well, The Ben 10 Omniverse has also lost its complex story, unlike AF and UA, and that's good, because I am bad in Complex stories...


Chapter 1: A Recap...

Benjamin "Ben" Kirby Tennyson, is a 21 year old man, who had one strange life, that all started when he found a strange watch-like device, the creator: Azmuth (an alien named Galvan) names the "Omnimatrix", but Ben and his friends call it Omnitrix. And it all started 11 years ago.

When he was only 10 years old, a comet fell out of the sky, and crashed near the site they were going to have a fire. Ben went to check it out. He then found in the meteor a pod, and inside the pod was a strange Watch-like device that attached itself to Ben's wrist and never came off.

That's where his life changed.

With Ben being equipped with the Omnitrix, Gwen with her magic powers and their Grandfather: Max Tennyson having an inconsiderable knowledge in Alien and Human Technology as well as being an expert Plumber, they made lots of enemies, superpowered, and human. They made lots of weird allies as well, from space and earth.

Ben now had the ability to change to over a million aliens, although it does have a time limit, with Ben having to wait until it recharges again and having to resort in his human abilities. The aliens were actually DNA samples of true Alien species of the Omnitrix from real planets across the Milky Way Galaxy, and Ben being himself, gave all of the aliens he had currently unlocked names.

Ben, Gwen and Granpa Max had also saved the world dozens of times, and even defeated their main enemy, Vilgax, who wants the power of the Omnitrix for his conquest to rule the universe.

He still used the Omnitrix when he was 11 years old, and after being of great service to the Plumbers along with Gwen, he started to live a normal life, after majority of their enemies have been defeated or arrested.

After 4 years, Granpa Max is missing, and a new group of enemies with the name of the DNAliens and the Highbreed on the loose, Ben put the Omnitrix back on, therefore once again ending his normal life as a high school student. And during a fight with their old enemy, Kevin Ethan Levin and a group of DNAliens, the Omnitrix Re-calibrated, giving it a new shape, form and giving Ben another set of 10 aliens.

With the newly formed Omnitrix, and a new team consisting of him, his cousin Gwen, and their new friend Kevin, Ben's Team has saved the world multiple times, met old and new enemies, and bringing them down once again. Then, after ending the Highbreed attack, Ben Tennyson has saved the entire universe itself, but this also made him cocky and overconfident.

After that, Vilgax returned, more powerful than ever, now know as "Conqueror of 10 worlds" and also gaining new powers from the heroes he had defeated. Despite the new powers, Ben was able to match him closer than ever before, and defeated him in a Conqueror's Challenge, therefore bringing the Earth to safety, although this cost him Azmuth's trust as he broke the Omnitrix before the fight.

Ben and his team continued their duty as official and honorary Plumbers, they defeated much more powerful enemies, as well as meeting their old friends, allies and enemies. Then Vilgax teamed up with Albedo, who was armed with Azmuth's second creation: The Ultimatrix. Together, they managed to get the Omnitrix, but Ben managed to destroy the Omnitrix with the Self-Destruct mode using the Voice Command and get the Ultimatrix from Albedo, but freeing him from his bonds as a result.

Armed with the new Ultimatrix, Ben as Ultimate Swampfire defeated Vilgax and escaped the the exploding ship, with Vilgax at a close range. With the new evolutionary function of the Ultimatrix, Ben defeated more enemies than ever before, and unlocked more aliens.

After that, Ben's secret identity is revealed to the universe, greatly affecting them as they were supposed to be a secret organization. Ben then tried not too much fame to get on his head, so as to not affect him as much.

They then defeated a new formidable opponent named Aggregor, although this cost Kevin's sanity and went on a power hungry rampage as Ultimate Kevin.

With Granpa Max's, Cooper's and Darkstar's help, Ben managed to defeat Ultimate Kevin, nearly killing him with Ultimate Echo Echo, but Gwen persuading him not to and with Cooper's machine, restored Kevin's sanity and brought him back to normal as well as reviving the 5 Andromeda Aliens and the restored the powers of the Plumber's Helpers.

After that, they continued their Plumbers work, meeting Albedo, Darkstar and Charmcaster once again. Albedo made money off of Ben's Fame, and tried to defeat him after he ruined his show, but he was defeated by Ultimate Echo Echo. Darkstar tried everything to destroy Ben, Gwen and Kevin, but is defeated everytime. Charmcaster is revealed to only attempting to return her father back to her, even killing the team in the process, but eventually her father went back and revived the heroes.

Albedo even tried to reclaim the Ultimatrix from Ben in his own nightmare, only to fail miserably.

At the end, Ben and the gang with the help of Sir George, faced Diagon and Vilgax who is fused with the Lucubra. With Diagon killing Sir George and defeating Ben as Ultimate Way Big and also turning every human on Earth into an Esoterica, Gwen and Kevin were on their own, but Ben managed to survive and see Diagon being absorbed by Vilgax, and Vilgax being the Diagon. After defeating Gwen and Kevin, Vilgax and Ben were on their final showdown, and Ben, with the Power of the Ascalon, defeated Vilgax and Diagon, before turning every Esoterica back to human.

And after that, Ascalon and the Ultimatrix were given back to Azmuth, but Ben is now armed with the true Omnitrix as the 1st Omnitrix and the Ultimatrix were revealed to be just prototypes.

Now, with the True Omnitrix, Ben sets out to continue to give his service to the Plumbers, and he went solo after Gwen and Kevin left. But Ben now has a new by-the-book alien partner, Rook Blonko. With Ben as a mentor for Rook, he thought him the Earth expressions, customs, and culture and Rook provided Ben with information as they defeated villains old and new. At first, they had a rocky start, but then Ben and Rook agreed to be partners, but Rook still sometimes treats Ben as a superior.

But despite his intelligence, his lack of experience makes him somewhat naive, but with Ben's experience after saving the world and the universe multiple times, Ben helped him along the way. With Rook being brains and Ben being experience, they worked together pretty well, covering their weaknesses.

They met a new evil group, called The Faction, consisting of a Cerebrocrustacean named Dr. Psychobos, an old enemy named Malware, who Ben fought and defeated when he was 11, and a skilled huntsman named Khyber with his hunting dog, Zed.

The Faction created a knock-off version of the Omnitrix, the Nemetrix, and put it on Zed. Its aliens consists of the predatory species of the Omnitrix Aliens. But Ben along with Rook and with the help of the Plumbers, defeated the Faction, with Khyber the only member active and Zed, now belonging to Kevin with the Nemetrix removed.

After that, they also met Vilgax and The Incurseans once again. As Ben and Rook were transporting Vilgax into a maximum-security prison planet but escaped and the Incurseans managed to take over Earth, but Ben and the resistance managed to reclaim their planet. With Emperor Milleous and Dr. Psychobos taken into Plumber Custody, Attea is now the new leader of the Incurseans.

(A/N: The following events after the Incursean attack are my parts of the Flashback..)

After all that, Ben and Rook continued to fight evil from Earth and space, while Ben has now learned and has mastered the Omnitrix controls but Azmuth reveals that the Omnitrix has more forms and modes that Ben can learn in the future.

When Ben turned 17 years old, he and Rook had much more epic and awesome adventures and defeated Villains old and new, but Ben and Rook easily arrested the new supervillains , but met old enemies on the way that were much harder to defeat and arrest.

One of this villains were Attea, along with the 3 bounty hunters: Sixsix, Sevenseven and Eighteight. With the Incurseans attempting to take over Earth once again, Ben, Rook with the help from his cousin Gwen and Kevin (who are now in a relationship) along with Granpa Max, managed to fend off the army attacking with Ben and Rook defeating the 3 bounty hunters easily as Swampfire, before tying them up in Spidermonkey's webs while Rook took care of the Incursean Soldiers targeting Ben.

Then the duo defeated Attea, who tried to fend them off with some melee combat and a blaster that sent Rook and Ben as Spidermonkey flying, but with Chromastone, Ben defeated Attea, tying her up in Spidermonkey's webs. Raff merely surrendered as he didn't want to be a part of the empire anymore. With the Plumbers arresting their ruler and the 3 bounty hunters, the Incursean Empire ended.

Ben even met Michael Morningstar again, who had successfully managed to once again regain his handsome form by using his old technique: absorbing energy from innocent schoolgirls, boys and even civilians, turning them into zombies that hunted for him. Ben and Rook found him and with Ben as NRG, Chromastone, Humoungosaur and Rath managed to defeat Darkstar, with the zombified civilians doing their work in taking back their energy.

Darkstar was now taken into Plumber custody as he was now a very serious threat to the galaxy.

Then when he was 18 years old, Azmuth had unlocked the one Omnitrix feature that Ben was finally waiting for: The Master Control. With no more time limit and unlocking some new Alien forms in the process, Ben and Rook continued to be an even greater service to the Plumbers. But then after 5 months passed, Khyber returned, with the Nemetrix in his possession.

Khyber, using his sword, blaster and his Nemetrix, destroyed all of the Plumber ships and defeated all of the Plumbers attempting to take them into custody, forcing them to send Back-up troops, but it will take a while for them to come, so Ben and Rook must defeat him or atleast tire him out before the Backup Troops come. Rook used his ProtoTool as a lot of weapons, even being a missile launcher.

Ben using a lot of aliens: like Water Hazard, using his Hydrokinesis to blast Khyber back, only to be blasted by Khyber's blaster.
He then turned into Chromastone, countering his blasts with his beams, absorbing the blasts as well, but Khyber then used his sword to defeat Chromastone, prompting him to change into Armodrillo, using his enhanced strength and digging abilities to stop Khyber but was defeated by Slamworm.
He then turned into Shocksquach and fired an electric blast into Slamworm's mouth, changing Slamworm back to Khyber. Khyber then defeated Shocksquach with his blaster, blasting him and Rook that sent them flying into a building.

Rook then fought him. He fought well and proved to be a match for Khyber, but was defeated when Khyber threw him into a car. Ben had enough and used Way Big, punching and stomping him in rage, before ultimately defeating him with his cosmic ray, damaging a large part of the city as well leaving a large crater.

Khyber was then taken into Plumber custody and was never seen again. All of his equipment were destroyed by the Plumbers and Ben and Rook destroyed the Nemetrix.

After a month after Khyber's defeat, Rook was needed in his homeland and left Ben, but not before thanking him, being one of his greatest friends. Now, Ben is really a Solo Hero, but still gets some help from time to time.

Ben also met and defeated Vilgax three times, still after the New Omnitrix, and still planning to take over the Universe. Ben defeated him three times in a row, defeating him first as Heatblast, the 1st alien he had ever transformed. Then he defeated him as NRG, his most defensive Alien. Then, Ben finally defeated him as Way Big, one of his most Powerful Aliens. After his row of failures, Vilgax was finally sent to Plumber custody, keeping him in a pod where his powers are removed.

After all that, he continued to be of great service to the Plumbers.

Ben Tennyson is at his house currently checking out his new aliens, as his parents were out. It was summer, and he can get to see Gwen and Kevin, who were now married. He can't actually quite believe it, but Kevin is now part of the family.

He was thinking of going to their place (He got himself a new car. Apparently, he built it although using his smartest aliens.), when the Omnitrix beeped. The Omnitrix can also be used just like a telephone, and to answer it, he has to touch the glowing faceplate, and the Omnitrix will provide a hologram of the caller and they will talk about some things. When the call is over, the hologram will disappear and the call automatically ends.

So Ben touched the Omnitrix faceplate, and a hologram of his Grandfather, Max Tennyson appeared.

"Hello Ben." he greeted.

"Granpa. What's up?" Ben greeted casually, but Max looked serious. "What is it Granpa? Something wrong?" Ben asked.

"Albedo's back."

That's the first chapter of my story!

Because this is my 1st Ben 10 story, some parts might not be Good because most Ben 10 fanfics I red had complex plots, and I'm not good at that, but I'll try to think in my Brain some complex thoughts.