Chapter I

"Ugh I'm beeeeat~!" Izaya exclaimed, twirling around in his swivel chair.

The informant had a very long day. Seven meeting at two in the morning and then to three clients all scattered around town and one was even in Ikebukuro. While there, he had to watch out for Shizuo Heiwajima, also known as Shizu-chan, so he wouldn't skewer the raven with a stop sign. After that, lunch at twelve with two clients, and paperwork at home. This lasted until five in the afternoon. Finally, it was off to Celty and Shinra's place for the usual checkup every month and then to an early dinner with nine other clients. After that, it was time for more paperwork at home, and the usual attempt to poison him courtesy of Namie.

Currently, it was midnight.

Snaking his way into bed, he sighed, weary crimson eyes ready to take a well-earned rest. Hitting his pillow, he slipped into the beckoning hands of slumber.


That bastard! That louse, that flea, that crimson eyed idiot jerk! Shizuo had spotted him earlier in Ikebukuro and tried to impale him with the usual 'I'll-kill-you' thing.

"Fucking bastard," the ex-bartender muttered. Izaya had said the stupidest, most unbelievable thing to him today which was really pissing him off. The words echoed in his head, bouncing off the barriers of his brain and hitting another side.

'Not today Shizu-chan~! I'm too tired to deal with you right now. I'm very busy at the moment, so if you don't mind...Jya ne!'

Tired? What an excuse!

The blonde headed monster trudged through the city, on his way to Shinjuku to finish what they had started. Why was he going so late at night? Because he wanted to catch the flea off guard.

Reaching Shinjuku, he made his way to the raven's apartment and quietly clicked the door open. The place was quite big for only one person to be living in it. In the bedroom, he poised to attack when the informant mumbled in his sleep…"Shizu-chan. I'm sorry. Save me…please…"