Chapter III


The raven thrashed in his sleep, calling out to Shizuo.

"Shizu-chan. Please! I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'M SORRY!" he bolted upright screaming frantically.

He sat there, unaware of the other's presence, sobbing his eyes out. He hugged his knees and hiccupped, trying to subdue the cries that escaped like a broken dam.

Shizuo, unsure of what to do, stayed there, poised in his upright position.

Haltingly, he paced himself over to the crying brunette's side and sat on the bed. The bed dipped indicating added weight and the raven literally flew out of the fancy red sheets. Noticing it was none other than Shizuo Heiwajima himself, he broke eye contact, his scarlet eyes tearing away from Shizuo's mocha ones.

"What the fuck was that about flea?"


"I came to finish you off. I hate you." This seemed to crush the raven more and he spun, trying to cover his face the best he could with his hands.

Almost feeling sorry for the guy, he asked, "What was the dream about?" he had asked it gently. A little too gently for Shizuo's liking but he wondered how he could speak this softly to the raven.

"Why do you care…?" he asked, coughing because of the nonstop crying.

Sighing, Shizuo found his way to the kitchen and took out a glass, filling it with water. He reached the room again to find Izaya sitting on the mattress once more. He handed him the water. He looked up at Shizuo with tired, drowsy eyes.

"Thanks…" he said, taking the cup from the brute's hands. Sipping the clear liquid, he cleared his throat.

"Now," Shizuo commanded, squatting in front of Izaya so he would look at him. "What did you dream about?"

"You'll just laugh at me and say I deserve it," he whispered.

Holding the bridge of his nose to calm just a bit of his temper he looked at Izaya with hard eyes. "Okay flea. I promise this time I won't laugh at you, say you deserve it, or hurt you. Just this time, though."

Shizuo felt awkward saying 'just this time.' He didn't really feel like bashing him up in this state anyway. He never even once considered that Izaya Orihara, the great informant could look like this. Frail and broken…it hurt a little and Shizuo didn't even realize why.

"Well..." he began, "Shinra, you, me, Dotach-Kyouhei-" Izaya changed the name immediately. Shizuo noticed the change of nickname to real name. "Masaomi, Mikado, Celty and Erika were invited to a pool party and you all were having a great time. I was at the shallow end and asked if anyone wanted to play. Everyone looked at me with…these eyes and all of a sudden I was being dragged underwater even though I wasn't in the deep end. I screamed and shouted and all of you were watching me from the surface, laughing at me and saying I deserved to die and disappear and you listed things you hated about me….believe it or not…it hurt…" he said, choking on the last part.

Shizuo looked at Izaya with considerate eyes. That must have been a harsh dream to have broken Izaya this far. He did what he could.

Grabbing the informant by his waist, he hoisted him up in the air and put him in a more comfortable spot on the bed. Slipping in the covers with the brunette, he put a hand reassuringly on his back, leaning on the other for support.


"Izaya. I may want to want to chase you down and 'kill' you as you put it, but the thing is…I actually don't mind you. I chase you in the fear of losing you. When you don't know it, I follow you to the Yakuza meetings so I can protect you in case someone ever injures you and I don't take it lightly when someone insults you. Have you ever seen one of the Yakuza lackeys after they said something nasty of suggesting to you?"

Thinking back, he hadn't.

"Truth is Izaya…I love you. I say those things because if I went soft, you would lose interest in me and not want me around. I love it when you come after me because I feel your attention…"

"Stay…?" Izaya asked.

"I'll be here in the morning. Promise."

Shizuo pulled the covers up to the raven's neck and patted his back over and over, creating a steady rhythm that lulled Izaya. He snuggled closer to his savior and said something so softly, it was almost inaudible. But Shizuo heard it. Just before he slipped into a land of peace, he said six things. These six things made Shizuo smile and kiss the raven on the head.

"I love you too…Shizu-chan…"