Fuck you, cats are awesome

The crew of Bebop was in for a surprise that day, a bounty for a woman that seemed to have a thing for spells. Of course, Spike, one to not believe in those things, had no fear when he went after her alone. What surprised them was that Spike actually succeeded in turning her in and getting a decent pay. Was that she threw one of her many potions at him as a last resort, hoping it was some sort of paralysis potion. No, it was far from that, instead, when Spike came home, Ed was the first to see Spike because she always waited for him.

Spike had ears, cat eats, sticking from his fro, and sticking uncomfortably from the back of his pants was a long, green tail with a white tip. Ed squealed, hopping on Spike's head and began to play with his ears, well, till Spike threw her off his head.

"Wonderful." Jet said when he saw the change; Spike was sitting like a cat on the couch, looking at Jet with his tail wagging slowly back and forth, "How the hell did this happen."

Spike just stared at him, tail still wagging back and forth, Jet sighed.

"Well, he acts like a cat, are you even sure he can talk?" Faye asked, not taking her eyes off Spike's cat ears, mostly for the reason he was pretty cute with cat ears. Jet shrugged, looking back at Spike. Spike had a look on his face as if he knew they were gonna see if he could talk, "So, cat ears, can you talk?" Faye asked, reaching in her pocket for a cigarette. She looked back at Spike, seeing that his cat like gaze went to the cigarette she had in her hand and she smiled at this, "So you want the cigarette, huh?"

Spike looked at her, not saying anything, just an expression that said, 'give me the cigarette' Faye chuckled.

"Well, you aren't saying yes or no, but cats don't smoke, so no cigarette for you, kitty cat." She smiled, wagging the cigarette in his direction before placing it between her lips, Spike hunched his head down and made an angry sound, Faye looked at him and smiled, "Oh, does kitty have something to say?" Faye teased, Spike said nothing.

"Alright Faye, stop teasing, for all we know, Spike will be a kitten when we wake up." Jet chuckled.

"Kitten! Mitten! Riften!" Ed sang as she danced around the couch. "Edward would like Spike as a kitten." She jumped on Spike's back and Spike hissed, jumping off the couch and down the living room until Jet caught his collar, Spike hissed when he felt himself get jerked back.

"Well, he hisses like one, next thing we know he's fighting with Ein." Jet said, bring Spike up so he could meet his face, Spike was purring to his surprise. Jet groaned, and began to pet Spike, Spike smiled and nuzzled Jet's hand and gave it a lick with surprisingly rough tongue. Jet growled, pushing Spike away. Spike was on all fours when he hit the ground, and he began to nuzzle Jet's leg while purring loudly. Jet looked at Faye, "Can you take him?"

"I thought you would enjoy Spike nuzzling you like that." Faye said sarcastically, Jet growled and smiled at Spike, "Go on Spike, go play with Faye." He said, pushing Spike towards Faye, Spike ran towards the couch instead, jumping on it and circling around the cushions before lying down. Jet looked back at Faye and nudged his head towards Spike. Faye sighed and walked over towards the couch and made her way to the couch, sitting next to Spike, not sure of what to do now. Faye let her hands wander towards one of Spike's cat ears and ran her hand on the tip, Spike's ear twitched at the touch; Faye moved her hand down to his soft hair and patted it. Spike stirred from the sudden content and his head bumped on Faye's lap, Faye blushed at this, and felt a weird satisfaction when she heard Spike purr in his sleep. Jet chucked at the site, which was strongly heartwarming

"I'll go get dinner, I minus well pick up something for Spike as well." Jet said, Spike picked his head up and he ran for Jet on all fours, Faye frowned, she liked that.

Jet noticed Spike was running after him, and he looked at him. And gave him a pet on the head, "Go along, Spike, I'll pick you up tuna." Jet frowned, "That's what cats like, right? I know you're still there Spike, and you wouldn't like cat food." Jet's eyes were almost sad and he turned and left. Something told Jet this won't end happy.

Spike sat down, his tail wagging.

'I'm bored' He though, he tried to speak, but all that came out was 'meow', he looked around, 'I liked it when Faye was petting me, she is really nice all of a sudden' Spike smiled, 'Faye!' He thought happily.

"Meow, meow, meow." Spike spoke, only saying meow as he ran on all fours back to Faye, he wanted her to stroke his head again, without hesitation he ran and jumped on Faye, Faye gasped, the wind being knocked out of her when the still grown-fucking-man jumped on her. She looked at him angrily, growling while Spike looked at her with his head tilted and his ears perked, he looked so innocent, Faye relaxed a bit, but she was still mad at him, "You might be innocent looking, but you're still Spike, you should at least have common sense."
Spike looked at her clueless like, his ear twitched and out of nowhere he began to purr and dipped down to rub his face on Faye's cheek. Faye blushed, "Wha?" She did nothing as Spike nuzzled her and purred, Faye could only rub his back in return, it felt puffy underneath his shirt, but she thought nothing of it as Spike nuzzled her.

'Faye…' Spike thought happily as he nuzzled her longingly, 'Pet me Faye!' "Meow!" He yelled.

"Whoa, calm down, Spike, you fat kitty cat." She said as her hands wandered up towards Spike's ears and she began to rub them between her fingers, Spike purred louder, nuzzling back, Faye thought Spike was so cute like this. "Do you like it when I pet your ears, you fat cat?" Faye laughed as she continued to stroke Spike's ears.

Spike meowed, 'You treat me so well, Faye!' Spike said before his nuzzling went a bit out of hand and he began to nuzzle Faye's breasts, 'These are soft pillows' Spike thought, Faye blushed and pushed Spike away.

"Oh no! Just because you probably have the mindset of a damn cat doesn't mean you can nuzzle these."

'But they're such soft pillows, Faye!' Spike said, looking confused and his ear twitched, he looked at Faye, smiled and meowed again. Faye growled, "Still a damn pervert, go play with Ed or something." Faye got up and walked away.

'But I don't want to play with her and the damn dog' Spike jumped off the couch and began to fallow Faye around.

Faye turned around to see Spike was fallowing her around, she sighed, "Fine, but no nuzzling, you can stay in my room." Spike smiled, and meowed in response. 'You're so good to me Faye!'