Trust Games

Gysa is a 13-year old boy from District 12, a dark and gloomy place. Miners are often killed in cave ins. Children under 10 work to get money to feed families. Tesseraes were a common topic. Why was life so hard? The answer is simple: an increase of people.

Gysa Waer was gathering all six of his sisters. He was the only one who could wach after them, his mother was ill and his father drowned. The Hunger Games tributes would be chosen tomorrow, and this time two boys and girls would be chosen from each district. He dreaded the thought of Ades, the youngest sister, going to the areana. He discarded the thought and gathered up all six. From oldest to youngest, he called Weria, Gissy, Kya, Hayty, Lisr, and Ades. All lined up in single file, he guided them home. After an unsecessful day of hunting, he retuned home with all he got: freash water.

"Mother, I'm home." He walked up to his mother's room, feeling the sickness in the air. His mother was deathly ill. She weakly looked up. In a faint and distant voice, she weakly antswered, "G...Gysa?" Gysa nodded, and gave his mother most of the freash water.

He walked to the kitchen and decided to give his sisters some bread. After all, it was going bad. "Is this all?" Kya asked. "Don't complain. It's all we got." Weria said with teary eyes. All the sisters ate their food graciously. Once they had eaten all the crumbs, Gysa turned to Weria and said, "Weria, could you please watch your siblings? I have some things to do in town." Weria answered with a swift nod. She was a very kind girl, all her sisters loved her.