Chapter One

Cherry Lane

Cherry Lane is a quaint street with seventeen houses on one side and a park on the other. In the middle, right in-front of each of the houses, stands a cherry tree. Seventeen Cherry Tree Lane was the smallest and last house on the lane. Inside lived Mr and Mrs. Banks. Mr. Bank works at the Bank and leaves early in the morning and comes home later and later each night. They have four kids Jane, Michael and the twins - Barbara and John. Normally they have a nanny but today they did not.

The kids were bored. Their mother was busy down stairs writing her advertisement for a new Nanny. Since father was due to come home soon the kids sat in the nursery looking out the window. Waiting. Then the wind started. A strong eastern wind rustled the leaves of the cherry trees. As the wind picked up the trees began to sway and in the distance, if you where looking, a traveling bag appeared in the sky carrying this wind.

"Look! The trees are dancing!" cried Jane.

From the tree, in the distance, emerged a lady. She stepped out of her bag making sure not to fall, took out her umbrella (the a parrot handle) and picked up the bag she just walked out of. Carefully she opened her umbrella and took flight and landed in front of the gate of Seventeen Cherry Lane.

"That's Daddy over there!" said Michael.

"That's not Daddy," she said "It's somebody else."

Opening the gate the wind lifted her up and transported her to the front door.

"Wrong time, wrong place. Better be important." Said the Nanny.

"Let's go and see who it is!" said Jane.

The children scurried downstairs as fast as they could. On the other side of the door was a slightly particular woman. She was thin with black hair and blue eyes. She wore a red scarf with two yellow stripes, a primly ironed white shirt, a bright red bow-tie, a pair of white gloves, a top hat with flowers, a long riding coat in black, a A-line skirt in black that goes to her ankles and lace up granny boots. She took a deep breath, adjusted her bow-tie and straightened her shirt. Instead of knocking she undid her umbrella and started using it to examine the door. Before she could their mother, Mrs. Banks, opened the door.

"Oh are you the new nurse?" said Mrs. Banks. "Come on in."

Mrs. Banks ushered in the prospective nurse as the children lined up next to the stairwell.

"They are very nice and very quiet children' said Mrs. Banks. "Come see the Nursery upstairs."

Leading Mrs. Banks lead the new nurse upstairs and the children watched. Instead of following this Nanny waited a moment and then proceeded to slid up the banister. The children watched in amazement though Mrs. Banks didn't even seem to notice. Micheal could have sworn he even caught a wink and a slight for a split second come from Nanny.

"And what's your name?" Asked Mrs. Banks as she showed the Nanny the nursery.

"Mary" She replied.

"Mary who?"

"Just call me the Nanny."

"Well, children," said Mrs. Banks. "This is your new Nanny. Call her Nanny!"

The Nanny looked at them carefully. At last the woman gave a long loud sniff and said "All right. I'll stay."

With that Mrs. Banks took her leave. Everyone watched until she was clear and then the children turned their eyes to their new Nanny.

"How did you come?" Jane asked. "Did the wind blow you here?"

"That's one was of seeing it. It's really more complicated. Timey wimey stuff comes to play but trust me it's all very boring indeed. Let's see... I'm you're Nanny right? I guess that means I need to unpack."

At that the Nanny began to go through her things looking for something. She took out a white apron, a large cake of soap, a tooth-brush, a packet of hairpins, a bottle of perfume and a small armchair. Jane and Michael stood there shocked.

"That's better," said the Nanny as she redecorated the room to be a bit more like home. "I'm still missing something."

Leaning over and putting her upper torso into the bag Poppins looked for awhile and pulled out a small flask.

"Is that your medicine?" asked Michael.

"No, it's yours," said the Nanny.

"I don't want it! I won't!"

She took out her spoon and poured the medicine in handing it to Micheal. With a stare Micheal looked at the medicine and decided to take it.

"Strawberry ice," he said. "More, more, more!"

Instead she poured more and handed it to Jane.

"Sweet lemon-juice. I love it," Jane said. The the nanny walked over to the twins who where still infants.

"They're too young for medicine" Said Jane but the Nanny didn't look at her. She brought the spoon to John's mouth. He drank it and Jane saw there was milk in the spoon!

"How did you do that?" Said Jane

"Special formula. Comes in handy specially with children. Well it's time for bed children," Said the Nanny as she reached around her bag and brought out her own bed, pajamas, a set of dominoes and a book.

Jane and Michael were very surprised but they where getting used to it. You do with this Nanny. Michael and Jane turned to go get ready for bed but before they left Micheal ran over to the Nannytugging on her skirt.

"Nanny," said Michael, "will you never leave us? Not like our last Nanny."

At this she took out her umbrella which let out a soft humming noise. After listening too it closely she said "What happened to your last Nanny?"

"We don't know," said Jane.

"Interesting. I'll be here for you children until the wind changes." Said the Nanny and went to bed.