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"What can I get you?" The teenage waitress asked Clint.
"Nat? What are you gonna have?" Clint asked without paying any attention to the girl in her early 20s that was clearly smitten with him.
"Umm... I'll have a slice of apple pie and a vanilla milkshake." Natasha decided.
The waitress nodded but kept her focus on Clint. "And for you?" She asked sweetly.
"I'll have a cheeseburger with french fries, a chocolate milkshake, a slice of apple pie, and a vanilla milkshake." Clint said.
The waitress hurried to write everything down and collected the menus from Clint. She stood by their table for a few more minutes, but Clint didn't pay any attention to her. Finally, she left with a huff.
As soon as the waitress was out of earshot, Natasha allowed herself to laugh.
"God, I thought she was never going to leave!" Clint exclaimed in a whisper.
"Oh, please. You know you enjoyed it." Natasha teased.
Clint just shot her a look that had her working very hard not to blush. Clint noticed and stood up from the booth they were in. Natasha's smile slipped slightly, until Clint slid in next to her.
"Just so she doesn't get any ideas." Clint murmured in Natasha's ear as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder and kissed her temple.
"Whatever, Clint."
They sat in silence for a few minutes before Natasha spoke again.
"Did you seriously need to order all that food? I mean, two milkshakes, seriously?"
"One was for you. So was the pie."
"Clint, I don't need two." Natasha said.
"I know. But I also figured that she wasn't going to put your order in since she wasn't paying attention to you. This way you'll still get your food. And if by some miracle she did remember your order, well then I guess I get more food."
Clint's smile made Natasha elbow him playfully in his side, but she couldn't wipe the smile off her face, no matter how hard she tried.
As they slipped into silence again, Natasha allowed herself to lean into Clint's side. Their hands were intertwined and Clint was drawing patterns on the back of her hand. Natasha was was slowly relaxing into his embrace, happy that she'd given him this chance.
She was so relaxed that when Clint suddenly kissed her, she was taken mostly by surprise.
At first she considered pushing him away and saying something about being in public, but that thought quickly exited her mind. She was just about to end the kiss when she heard footsteps approaching, accompanied by a not so subtle 'humph' as the waitress deposited their food. Natasha smirked to herself before deepening the kiss, still managing to keep it modest enough for their location, but enough that the waitress was sure to get the message.
When she was sure the annoying lady was gone, Natasha allowed Clint to break away, and smiled shyly at the look he shot her.
"Shut up." She murmured as she grabbed the milkshake and pie Clint had ordered for her. He was right- the waitress had completely forgotten Natasha's order.
Clint shook his head but started eating as he smiled at his partner.

The entire time they ate, they found it difficult not to touch each other. It was nothing inappropriate, just little caresses here and there. But it made them both smile like little kids. When they were done, Clint managed to pay their bill with only a slight argument from Natasha and minimal flirting from the waitress. Although Natasha didn't miss the fact that she'd slipped her number in with the receipt. But Clint pretended not to notice and left it there when they exited the diner.

"Do we have to go back to base?" Natasha asked.
"Tasha, it's nearly 11pm." Clint said.
"We were at the diner for nearly 3 hours."
"We were?"
"Yeah. And we were in Central Park for about 5."
"Oh. Now I remember."
"Am I frying your brain cells, Widow?" Clint teased.
"Watch it, Hawkboy." Natasha warned.
"Come on. Let's go back to base."
Natasha sighed but nodded her agreement. They arrived at the SHILED base 30 minutes later and made their way through the nearly empty halls until they arrived at Natasha's room.
"I'll see you tomorrow, Tash." Clint said as he kissed her sweetly on the mouth.
"What, no lines?"
"You're not going to try to invite yourself in?"
"I told you, Tasha. You mean more than that to me."
"But you still haven't told me what that means."
"It means," Clint said as he brought his hand up to stroke her cheek. "That we're not doing any of that on the first date. Not until the 4th, at the earliest."
"What, concerned for my virtue, are you?"
"Of course not. But I love you, and I'm not going to go rushing into things. Especially things like this."
"Love is for children." Natasha said. Clint was about to say something when he noticed the smile on her face.
"But maybe we can be children. At least when we're together."
Clint smiled and kissed her again. When she opened the door and invited him inside, Clint followed. They were silent as they changed into their pajamas and got ready for bed.
"I can't believe you still kept some of my clothes." Clint said as he got situated under the covers. "I thought you were mad at me."
"I was." Natasha said from the bathroom. "But I couldn't get rid of all of them. And it looks like it's a good thing I didn't." She teased as she came into the bedroom to find Clint wearing just a pair of boxers he'd found in Natasha's hidden stash of his clothes.
Clint rolled his eyes but didn't comment. Natasha got under the covers and turned off the lights, plunging the room into darkness. Just as Clint was about to close his eyes, Natasha began tugging on his arm.
"You're gonna be a shitty pillow if you don't move where I want you." Natasha said with a smile in her voice.
Clint huffed a sigh, although Natasha could tell his exasperation was fake, and allowed Natasha to manhandle him to where she wanted him. A minute later, he was lying in the center of the bed with Natasha curled into his side and her head on his chest and his arms around her.
"So the Black Widow cuddles?" Clint teased.
"Shut up." Natasha mumbled. Clint laughed, but stopped immediately when he felt her nails digging into a very important piece of his anatomy.
"I'm not afraid to do it, you know." Natasha said, and Clint could hear her smiling.
"Evil, Tasha." He said.
She chuckled softly and released her grip, causing him to sigh in relief.
"You love me." She said.
Clint smiled and pressed a kiss to her head.
"I do. I love you Tasha."
"I love you too." She whispered as she kissed his chest.

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