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Realidades Torcidas

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Prologue: But Only Almost
(Jasper's POV)

He made us leave her, he made us stay away. He didn't understand that it would destroy her world and he never truly would.

Only she, Bella Swan, would ever be able to show Edward just how destroyed she was over the months that had passed in his absence, but her mind was blocked. She was blocked off, from everybody. Well, almost everybody.

He would never know just how ruined she had been. Her emotions had been in complete turmoil the entire time he was gone, of that I am sure.

Then seeing him again, in Volterra, Italy, about to make sure his life ended was almost enough to make her snap, but only almost.

When we came back home, she had allowed everything to go back to the way it was. Right down to his controlling actions over her.

I am the one who has to deal with the consequences of that. Her irritation sparks, and a low flame of rage begins to burn just under the surface. And the heat from that slowly growing fire is enough to force me to leave my own home. To leave and run out into the woods to get away from that unstable emotional atmosphere.

It's almost funny, really. Bella shields herself from everyone around her, except for the very vampire who had tried to drain her on her eighteenth birthday. Hell, even Alice can't see her anymore.

The power she harvests, it grows within her and she will indeed make an amazing vampire one day. That is, if Eddie Boy ever swallows his "moral values"-bullshit and allows the change to happen.

I hear a low growl building in the back of his throat and I can't help but to smirk. He truly is the kitten who thinks he is a lion. Well, he is when compared to the others of our world.

The growl rumbles slightly deeper and my smirk grows even larger. I know that there is abso-fuckin'-lutely nothing to ever make me fear him, while he has everything to fear from me.

He must have heard that thought because his growling is suddenly cut off and silence ensues.

The only thing funnier than Eddie trying to scare me, is the jealousy I can feel emanating off of him whenever I think about Bella, and how I am the only one who has a connection to her. When it comes to the use of a gift, anyway.

Neither Edward nor Aro could read her thoughts. Neither Witch Twin could cause her any harm. Now Alice can't even see her future and yet, her emotions shine through to me more pronounced and brightly than any other human or vampire I have ever come in contact with. They are so pure, so… so staggering.

Most of the time the purity of her emotions are like a breath of fresh air and that's because most of the time, her emotions are positive. They are almost always positive, but only almost.

It has already become a pattern that Edward would go hunting, leaving some of us behind to watch after her. I dread when I am left on Bella-sitting duty, no matter who else it is that is stuck with her along with me.

Her emotions of pure anxiety and the feeling of abandonment almost make me a puddle of dry sobbing vampire mess on the floor, but only almost.

However, lately her emotions have been changing. That small flame of rage is starting to become a blazing inferno of disgust, frustration, and annoyance. That pure feeling of anxiety and abandonment is waning.

Something is going to happen. Something big and I don't know if it's going to be great or terrible. Only time will tell when it comes to that little human.

Luckily, time is something we have plenty of…

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