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Falling, Quite Literally Chapter 1: Catch Me, My Hero

Edd found himself on a thick tree branch, precariously leaning over the edge to glance at the specimen and attempt to catch it in the small jar he held between shaky fingers.

Double D had been forced to climb a tree to get a glimpse of a particularly rare type of beetle that had flown into his backyard, muttering 'filthy filthy filthy' to himself the entire way, the only thing keeping him from rushing to the bathroom for a well-deserved sanitation routine was the intense desire to capture and examine the lovely creature.

Kevin saw it before the dweeb even realized it. The jock was biking around the cul-de-sac when he saw Double D high up on the tree beside their house, not really caring about where he was going, just a leisurely ride to keep his muscles stretched.

He pulled to a stop and wondered what the dork was doing so high up. 'If that dork isn't careful, he's gonna fall and break his head open.' And as if to jinx the situation, his thoughts were drawn to a stop when he saw that Double D had pushed himself farther from the support of the branch to grab something and shove it in his jar.

Right when Edd had said "Aha!", the sound of the tree branch snapping alerted him to his demise.

Before he knew what he was doing, Kevin ran and amazingly reached his destination before the worst happened. He fell to the ground with an 'oomph' as Double D barreled into him, avoiding any injuries due to him breaking his fall.

Trying to quell his heart from beating erratically from the frazzled nerves, Kevin decided to give the science nerd a tongue lashing he wouldn't forget.

"You freaking dork! What the hell were you doing up in a tree!? Do you know how seriously hurt you could've gotten hurt if I wasn't here to catch your stupid skinny ass!?" Kevin didn't know why he was so angry and terrified of the thought of his dork getting seriously injured.

Double D, silenced due to shock for a few minutes, ended up laughing after Kevin's outburst. He laughed harder than he ever thought, mostly due to the nerves and a small part of him that he chose to ignore due to the giddiness from being in the football star's arms.

"What the hell? Did you hit your head and break your brain? Why the fuck are you laughing? Nothing about this situation is funny! You could've cracked your stupid skull!" Kevin fumed at him and found himself deflating when Double D stifled his giggles and turned up to look at him, cerulean blue eyes surrounded by the longest ebony lashes Kevin had ever seen sparkling in the sunlight.

'I never noticed he had really pretty eyes wow.' The jock took a few seconds to admire the attractive features of the fit boy sitting on top of him. The nerd had grown out of his awkwardly stick-thin phase when they entered highschool with lovely sand-beige skin smooth and soft to the touch, shapely lips curved, showing an endearing gap between his two front teeth, adorable button nose and bright eyes set on a face still slightly round from the baby fat, wisps of black locks curling around his features under the ski cap he chose to don even after years of wear, his body not too thin or too fat, fit and lean enough due to years of being a health freak. Kevin was snapped out of his daze when Edd spoke.

"I apologize for that, Kevin. It is just rather humorous to fall right into your arms as Ed and I had watched a movie a few days ago with the protagonist and his leading lady themselves in a situation rather similar to this one. Would it be appropriate for me to call you my hero as that lady did? I am very grateful and very much in debt to you for saving my life, dearest hero." Edd said with another shaky laugh to follow.

"Well since you're okay enough to be making jokes and laughing, you're probably okay enough to get the fuck off of me." Kevin ignored the flips his heart made at Double D's words and decided to throw the geek unceremoniously to the ground.

Standing up and dusting himself off, Kevin turned and held his hand out to help Edd to his feet grudgingly, realizing that the boy was probably still a bit battered and bruised from his fall. After getting back on his feet, Double D turned and threw a blinding smile to his savior.

"I appreciate the help very much, Kevin. I'm afraid I wasn't thinking straight when I saw that lovely specimen fly into my tree. Is there anything I can do to return the favor? Would you like to come in for some homemade, healthy snacks or would you like something else?" Ignoring his desire to take a shower for now, Edd offered his thanks. Kevin had to brush off the thoughts of what he wanted for 'something else'

"Tss. Nah. I have to go and meet up with Nat and Nazz soon so whatever. But, ah, it'd be cool if you could help me with Chemistry. Coach said I'd get kicked off the team even if I am captain if I don't keep my grades up." Kevin asked with a puff, cheeks tinted with the faintest of reds. 'I can't believe I'm asking one of the dorks for help. Ugh. Way to stoop low, Kevin. Bravo.'

"That would be very much alright with me, Kevin! As a matter of fact, I quite enjoy helping others in their quest of seeking knowledge and maintaining their grades in our esteemed curriculum! Though I can only help you on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights from 5-7 as it is the only time in my schedule available for regular tutoring." Double D replied with a smile.

"Yeah, that, whatever's cool with me. But yeah, I gotta go. Don't be an idiot and use that big head of yours to be more careful, it'd suck to see scratches on a pretty face. See ya later Double Dork." Brushing off any leftover dust from his person, Kevin turned and mounted his motorbike, kicked off the ignition and drove off before Edd could give thank him again, leaving a sputtering, blushing mad nerd behind.

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