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Falling, Quite Literally Chapter 3: Help me?

The following Saturday and Sunday after their scheduled tutorial went by agonizingly slow for both Double D and Kevin. The weekend passed by in a blur of mundane activities and daily routines that neither had found earth-shatteringly interesting, except of course, for one particular moment.

Double D spent his Saturday with Eddy and Ed, who were known in the cul-de-sac to wreak havoc on unsuspecting prey, but instead of their usual antics led by the scatter-brained Eddy, the three varied friends chose to watch movies instead. It was nothing grand or elaborate, the plot holding no special twists and turns, a movie Double D chose to shut out and use as an opportunity to think quietly about Kevin.

For the entire hour and 45 minutes of the B rated movie, Double D's thoughts wandered to the red-headed jock of Peach Creek High. 'I wonder what activities Kevin chose to participate in today.' The nerd asked to no one but himself and chose to think about scenarios of Kevin riding his bike or polishing it to a gleaming perfection, sweat glistening as it rolled off an impressive jawline, he thought about Kevin playing catch or laughing and joking around with Nat, and tried to supress the nagging bite of jealousy at the idea of Kevin enjoying time with other people.

After the movie and a few hours of hearing Eddy rant about his problems and Ed's nonsensical rambles, Edd packed up his stuff and left his two bestfriends to follow up on his homework due in two weeks' time, relieved that none of Eddy's schemes or Ed's rough affection landed him any injuries for today.

On the other side of the cul-de-sac, Kevin was particularly focused on bouncing a beanbag on his knee while Nat sat on the sidewalk beside him, watching the other with mild interest. It was a boring afternoon for the two, Nazz was busy with babysitting for one of the adults that constantly had somewhere to be.

"So I heard you and sockhead spent the evening together yesterday at his house. Did anything of the steamy variety happen? I'm sure it must've been real good." The teal-haired jock said to Kevin, eyebrows waggling up and down suggestively.

"Tsk. In your dreams, dude. The only steamy variety that happened was some weird green kind of pasta he microwaved. I think it was called pesto or some shit. It was pretty good too, yeah. " Kevin replied with a laugh, choosing to stop playing with the beanbag and flopping down on the sidewalk beside Nathan.

"Whatever, bro. You're totally holding out on some details. I'm like, your best bud, you shouldn't keep things from me." Nat said and punched the redhead's shoulder playfully in retort.

"Seriously dude, if anything happened, you'd be the first to know. Not like I want anything to happen, but if it does, you'll know about it." Kevin added with a laugh.

The two boys quieted down and got lost in their own thoughts, both choosing to stay quiet and enjoying the warm, setting afternoon sun. Kevin soon found his train of thought focusing on Double D again, remembering the wrinkle in his forehead with his tongue slightly peeking out when he was concentrating on solving answers in their shared Geometry class, his endearing gap-toothed smile that sent his heart into a flurry, the way his bright blue eyes shone in the dim fluorescent lights even if they were obscured by thick goggles, and gosh his laugh, that weird mix of breathy laughter and small snorts was just so utterly adorable, he couldn't help but love the sound of it. Everything about the nerd attracted Kevin in a primal and deeper sense and the jock didn't know how to deal with it at all. With those thoughts still stuck in his head, Kevin said his goodbyes to Nat and went home, straight to bed with troubled and confused feelings swarming his being.

The next day started off ordinarily, Double D cleaned up the entire house, scrubbed the windows, polished the porcelains and tabletops, vacuumed the carpeted floors before sweeping it, and vacuuming it once more afterwards just to be thorough. Cleaning exhilarated him, filled his being with joy and purpose, the best part was that it distracted him from thinking about Kevin. He could think of no better way to spend a Sunday, well, other than being pressed against the lean body of a certain redheaded jock, but he quickly pushed those thoughts outside of his head. 'Curse my infuriating teenage hormones!' Well, it could mostly distract his thoughts.

A loud crash and a string of profanities alerted Double D to something happening outside and he quickly exited his house still clad in his "cleaning clothes" (which was basically a bright yellow old, worn out one-piece sleepwear that had faded in color and softened after multiple washings) and neon pink rubber gloves in favor of checking what all the fuss was about.

He was met with the scene of Kevin sitting down on the pavement inspecting his scrapes and scratches, messy cropped hair glinting a bright reddish hue in the sun, cap a far off distance from where he sat. Double D immediately went to where he was.

"Oh my! Kevin, are you alright?" Double D exclaimed, choosing to ignore the millions of germs present on the floor to sit beside the fuming jock.

"Yeah, Double Dork, I'm fine. Some ass just decided it would be funny to throw a rag at me while I was biking. It got snagged on the freaking spokes of my bike and I fucking crashed. If I ever find the dweeb who had the guts to do that, I swear I'll-" Kevin's speech was cut-off when he saw how ridiculously adorable Double D was in that moment. Edd was gazing down at him, a worried frown marring his features, clad in an outfit Kevin thought only infants, not grown teenaged boys wore with neon pink gloves that reached up to his elbows. He was snapped out of his dazed surprise by Double D's voice.

"Oh gosh, Kevin! How can you say you're alright? You have scrapes and scratches littered all over your knees and hands! Do you know how many infections you can receive due to a small cut!? This place is littered with dirt and grime, who knows how many millions of germs and bacteria infests this area! It's not appropriate for you to be thinking about getting to even more trouble without consulting the ones you already have! Come, quick, I will assist you into my house where I can take a closer look at your injuries and properly sanitize it!" Double D said to him in a rush, worry embedded in his every fiber.

"Um? Okay. Yeah. Sure, I guess. You don't hav'ta give me crutches or something. I can walk just fine." Kevin responded with a short laugh at being bossed around by one of the dorks, the irony was more than a bit amusing. He stood up, dusted himself off, wincing a bit at the sting on his palms from the scratches, picked up his hat and bike and followed Double D into his house after setting his bike somewhere on the nerd's lawn.

Once inside the sparkling clean house and escorting Kevin into the living room's plush sofa, Double D excused himself to fetch the first aid kit he kept tucked in one of his shelves and changed into a clean set of clothes. Once he was done, he returned to Kevin's side and went about cleaning and wrapping his cuts in bandages.

"Ouch! Be more careful, dweeb!" Kevin said, voice gruff from the harsh sting of disinfectant being patted down on his wounds. Double D flinched from his harsh tone but set about doing his business gentler than he did.

While Double D was concentrating on treating his injured patient, Kevin chose to distract himself from the uncomfortable sensation of his cuts being doused with disinfectant by watching the nerd work. He admired the way Double D's hands were soft and gentle on his skin, feather-light and trying to make his discomfort lessen as much as possible, imagined the way it would glide over his skin for another reason, would they still be light and gentle or rough and forceful? The jock quickly brushed away that thought.

After a few minutes, Double D was finished with disinfecting and bandaging Kevin's cuts and scrapes. "There you go. All done. You don't have to worry about infections but please try to change the bandages when you can, or when they get wet. And I implore you do not pick any scabs that may form in due time!" Double D told him, gap-toothed smile present on his face.

Trying to supress the butterflies that resided in his stomach, Kevin thanked the dork and walked out of the house to fetch his bicycle.

"Is it fun?" Double D asked him with a quiet voice, eyes downcast. "You mean biking? Yeah, it's hella fun. Wait, don't tell me you've never ridden a bike before? Didn't your parents ever give you a bike or something?" Kevin said, surprised, remembering that at least one point in time, all his friends had learned how to bike.

"Well, my parents believed that bicycles and other play-related items could lead to acquiring injuries and so they chose to give me books and chemistry sets instead since they said that it's better to expand my knowledge than spend my time playing, oh but I do hope that doesn't offend you! I'm not implying your efforts are all for naught!" Double D said in a rush, cheeks bright red.

"It's fine, dude, don't worry so much. If you want, I can teach you? As thanks for helping me with the cuts and stuff. You can even borrow my baby here in the meantime if you want. "Kevin told him, a small smile playing on his lips at how cute Edd was when he was flustered.

"Oh but that would be unnecessary, I do not wish to cause such trouble to you, Kevin." Edd told him, fingers twiddling together in nervousness.

"Dude, it's fine. Just try it! Get on the bike." Kevin told him, bright green eyes levelled at the blushing nerd in front of him. After a minute passed with Double D not making a single move to follow what he said, Kevin glared at him and said; "Seriously, Get. On. The. Bike. If I tell you I'll help you and that it ain't any trouble, you get on the bike and let me."

Double D mildly scared for his life immediately straddled the loved Schwinn bicycle, feet planted firm on the ground to stop himself from falling.

"Put your feet on the pedals. Don't worry. I'll push you and all you have to do is keep your feet on the pedals and follow it's movements." Following Kevin's soothing words, Double D did what he was told and tried to calm his erratic heart when he felt Kevin's body near his, pushing the bike as he said encouraging things to the flustered nerd.

After a few minutes of this, he relaxed and tried to balance his body on the bike, focusing on keeping his weight evenly distributed. Without realizing it, Kevin had let go of the bike and was watching Double D as he rode, a bit wonky at first, but eventually evened out to smooth movements.

"Kevin! Look! I did it! I did it!" Double D said to him, laughing and feeling more thrilled than he had in awhile. He threw a blinding smile at Kevin and the jock felt the Earth finally shift into place at that very moment. It hit him then, while looking at his precious Edd on his treasured bicycle, eyes bright and lips curved into a happy smile, his name a caress on the tip of Double D's tongue.

'Oh shit, I think I'm in love.'

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