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Chapter One: Retrieval

"Laxus, go and bring Natsu back by force if you have to! That's an order!"

Laxus scoffed at the authoritative shouting of his grandfather. He opted to stay seated where he was, his feet propped up on the table and head leaned back a bit with his soundpod covering his ears.

"Why bother when they'll probably be dead by the time I even get there?" The lightning mage retorted casually, a smug smirk on his face. He was perfectly aware that the job Natsu took was way out of his and that new girl's league, and it was their own fault. Gray even went to go get them some time ago, though they still hadn't come back.

"There is no need Master," Erza called having just stepped into the guild hall from her latest mission. "Mira has informed me of what's happened. Therefore I shall be the one to bring Natsu and the others back for punishment"

"There you have it, send the redhead!" Laxus exclaimed, folding his arms behind his head. Little did he know that Makorov was having none of that.

"No ,Erza! I told Laxus to do it, and unless he wants to be stripped of his S-class rank, he WILL do as he's told!" Makorov screeched angrily

Now that particular threat caught the blonde's attention, making him give a slightly annoyed 'tch' . Nonetheless he removed his feet from the table standing up to take his leave. It was times like these that he really wished he had taken his own father up on his offer to join his guild instead...

"Fine! Just don't blame me when you find out they're dead though!" he called out using his lightning to zap himself away and leaving behind a frazzled Makorov and Titania. The remainder of the guild let out a heavy breath they hadn't realized they were holding from the tension in the air

Lucy panted heavily having just defeated one of the cold Emperor's servants, Sherry. It proved to be no easy feat after the said girl showed her ability to manipulate Lucy's spirits and turned them against her. She even summoned some giant rock doll to squash her!

Thankfully, she thought to summon Aquarius to turn the tide in her favor. Literally!The water spirit's temper was as bad as ever, but Lucy had used the collateral damage Aquarius caused to finish Sherry off resulting in her victory.

"Angelica, avenge me..." Sherry muttered, slipping into unconsciousness.

"Huh?"Lucy mumbled confusedly when a familiar high-pitched shriek filled her ears.

The blonde celestial wizard whipped her head around just in time to see the giant rat from before plummeting towards her. She yelped quickly, moving to get out of the way only to take a step and stumble down onto her knees from exhaustion.

'My legs...I can't move...!'


Lucy shrieked in utter terror as the giant rat was suddenly engulfed by a violent burst of electricity, shocking it to a crisp before it fell face first into the sandy beach.

"Wh-what on earth...?" Lucy began looking around for the source of her incredible luck.

"Oi, Blondie" a voice called out from in front of her, immediately snapping her attention towards its owner. Lucy felt her body tremble as nervous beads of sweat cascaded down her face while recoiling in slight fear of the man standing before her. A deadly aura surrounded him as he uttered the next sentence in a slow, commanding tone.

" Where. Is. Natsu?"

"*Gulp* Uhh,L-l-l-l-Laxus w-w-w-what are y-you doing here, hehe?" Lucy stammered uncontrollably as lightning crackled around the obvious peeved off lightning mage, making him appear even more menacing, if possible...

"Lucy, what a relief! Are you all-" Happy spoke, flying towards the blonde girl a short distance away after following after her to make sure she was okay. However, he came to a screeching halt seeing the all too familiar pair of frightening amber colored eyes that fixed on her. They slowly shifted to him, surrounded by that terrifyingly powerful high level of magic energy.

"Well, well if it isn't the cat," Laxus spat. "Perfect timing. Where's your little fire breathing buddy?"

Happy sped away as fast as his wings could carry him leaving not even the smallest trail of dust behind. Unfortunately, it wasn't anywhere near as fast to escape Laxus. He felt a strong hand grab hold of his tail, giving a harsh tug backwards while zapping him with a few good hundred watts of electricity for trying to flee.

"Now then," Laxus slurred, holding a burnt Happy upside down whilst standing in front of a cowering Lucy who was now spouting giant tears as she shuddered in fear of his violent temper. "Tell me where Natsu is, or I'll roast you two alive, got it?"

"H-hai!" The two members of team Natsu shrieked in unison.

Gray blinked, opening his eyes to see the inside of a white tent with numerous amounts of barrels and crates stacked inside. He slowly moved to sit up and went outside in search of his teammates, Natsu and Lucy.

"Where am I?" he mumbled under his breath, pushing aside the curtain and stepping outside.

He looked around, noticing it was now daytime. He didn't recognize exactly where he was though, only seeing many of the same looking tents scattered about. One of the village girls noticed him from afar and walked up beside him with a friendly smile on her face.

"Thank goodness, you're finally awake!"

"Um, where exactly are we?" Gray asked

"Oh this is a storage area we use; it's just a short distance from the village," she explained. "The village was destroyed last night you see, so everyone took refuge here."

Gray's eyes widened in disbelief. "The village...was destroyed?" he said recalling how Lyon had ordered his goons to eradicate it. He felt his fists clench in frustration at his former fellow disciple.

'Damn that Lyon, he actually went ahead and did it!?'

His thoughts were interrupted by a sudden pain. He winced and clutched onto his shoulder for a moment.

"It's a relief though that no one was hurt," the girl continued with a small smile. "Thanks to Natsu and Lucy, that is."

"Are they here as well?"

"Yes, I was told to tell you to go over to the tent once you woke up," she informed, pointing towards one of the larger tents. "They said to tell you as soon as you woke up."

"I see."

"It's about time, Fullbuster," Laxus said in a dark tone as he uncrossed his legs form where he sat. A bound Lucy and Happy were off to the side. Gray felt shock overtake him as he stepped through the entrance of the tent and came face to face with Laxus of all people. He didn't look too happy to be there either.

"L-Laxus, why are you here!?" he puzzled with a hint of fear in his voice.

"That's what I wanna know too, actually," Laxus began to stand and stalked over to stand directly in front of the ice make wizard. This causing the boy to take a step back out of fear. "Weren't you supposed to bring Natsu and the blondie back to the guild? Not stay around and play, dammit!"

"Ummm..." Lucy said in a low voice trying to correct him by saying he was technically blonde as well.

"You be quiet!" Laxus snapped, effectively silencing her as he fired off a shot of lightning that burnt a hole in the tent a mere few inches from her head. A small 'eep!' escaped from her lips.

"Alright, here's how things are going to go. First, we're going to find that little flamehead friend of yours," Laxus stated with electricity still crackling around him. "Then, maybe if I can hold myself back from possibly shocking her to death for pulling such an idiotic stunt, we're going to leave and you all will stay as far away from me as humanly possible, understand!?"

The other three in the room nodded their heads simultaneously, seeing the enraged look in the Laxus' eyes and coming to the conclusion he was in no mood to be taken lightly.

"Tch!" Laxus scoffed, walking by Gray to exit the tent.

That was when the ice wizard found some shred of courage and forced himself to speak. "No...I'm afraid I can't do that Laxus."

"G-gray!" Happy and Lucy cried, now fearful of their friend's safety as Laxus stopped turning to look over his shoulder.

"Excuse me? What was that just now, Fullbuster?" Lightning crackled around the blonde male once more, this time more fiercely a he now turned to face Gray fully.

"You really want to push my buttons, don't you?"

Gray said nothing, he merely held the lightning user's gaze with his own determined one.

"Fine then, I'll drag you back even if you are half-dead!"